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working on a TV station, how much should they pay?!?

Samantha Yuri

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I have a cousin who's currently working to produce a programme (pitch an idea for them), that would be play on tv. but they (tv station) wanted to discuss the salary when he comes up with an idea they want to make.
basically they want to collaborate with him.
so his question is:

1) How much should he get paid if he works as a (writer/director/cinematographer), as the tv station want to discuss that with him. how much is the usual pay for ppl in that position? btw, he has graduated from university (he's experienced in making film etc, few of his films had gotten into festivals as well)

2) Do he need to sign a contract with the station for his idea? (e.g. if he wants to also put the show on his youtube account to help show his works)

3) and how to protect his idea so the tv station won't steal it from him, as he seems worried about that.

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I would recommend posing these questions to an entertainment attorney who handles contracts, copyright law etc. They can review any contracts handed to you by the network so that your concerns are addressed as well as draft non-disclosure agreements to protect your written material.

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Certainly he should write out his proposal in the form of a treatment, because it won't have any protection unless he does. How it works will depend on how the TV station does things, for example, they may require a production company to make the programme. He should be aware of the TV station's terms of business when working with film makers, because these can vary a bit.

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