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Help/advice choosing a tripod and head

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Hello everyone,


So.. I have just bought an Arri SR3 super 16, it's 7kg with 400ft loaded mag. So including lens, video assist, and matte box it's looking like being 10kg.


I have about £500 for tripod and head, but I could poss pay a bit more for a real bargain. I've been looking at these below, but I it's difficult to make any decision when I can't find the specs of these and others..










So my questions:


Would you recommend any of these for an SR3?


When a tripod spec states it's max load, is that with some kind of built-in safe guard or is it's optimum use is with less weight than the stated maximum?


Would using a tripod at it's maximum load damage the tripod?


Do you tend to get better deals buying a tripod-head together or separate?



Obviously, if anyone has or knows of anyone with a suitable tripod and head for sale let me know.



Thanks a lot,












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A Cartoni Focus HD tripod kit is probably your best bet for your budget. They're pretty smooth operating heads with counterbalance with some plastic parts to cut down on cost. The latching mechanism for the plate used to be the weak point on the original Focus head (grey), but the newer HD seems to have fixed this. I would not trust a fully built SR on my version 1 Focus. The HD has a counterbalance limit of 28lbs I believe, so you're within spec there.


I would avoid buying an old tripod without trying it first, tripod heads need maintenance to operate properly. Fluid can leak, counterbalance springs can break, disc brakes can get worn.


I would avoid using a tripod at max load capacity if you can at all help it. First, you won't be able to properly counterbalance the camera, so gravity will force the camera to tilt up/down if you haven't locked the tilt brake. The tripod can then easily tip over. Second, you'll wear out the tilt brake. Third, the tripod will become top heavy and unstable, defeating the whole point of having a tripod in the first place. Also, be aware that as your rig get taller, the center of gravity also gets higher, and thus the max capacity of your head goes down. So you need to rate these heads conservatively.


My rule of thumb is to use no more than 1/2 the rated capacity of a head. So for a 10lbs rig, I use a Cartoni Focus. For a 10-20lbs rig, I use an OConnor 1030D. For 20-40lbs rig I use a Sachtler Cine 30. Anything bigger, I go with the OConnor 2575.

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Hello Greg,

I am an event photographer. I have bought my own first tripod year back from Dvshop. 23. The product is of great quality & can bear upto 15kf of weight. I use this pod with my Red One camera with a battery grip &variety of lenses.

No problems- this tripod holds everything fine, even in horizontal position.

Recommendations for you below:



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