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Negotiating Your Crew and Rates

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Hey just curious what peoples typical practices are for this. I am kinda mid level dp I guess ...All Non Union .... I do some work that pays a good commerical rate and also some stuff where its like high end corporate interview with just a couple crew members.


Generally speaking when I get called for a job I tell the producers I will reach out for my key crew members and I generally ask the producer what rate they have for given postions (gaffer, key grip, etc). The only reason I really get involved in my crews rate is because sometimes jobs pay more or less and I have 1st pick crew members that probably wouldnt work for $300/day on a lower end shoot or would be doing it as a favor if they did.


Anyways I'm just curious what others practices are for this. Do you always pick your own crew and do you tell the producer what their rate should be?

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