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K3 in 50 hertz


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hi.. i'm considering use of a K3 on a film which will be shooting under 50 hertz street lamps (shanghai). from what i gather, i can dial the K3's framerate to 25fps by calibrating with a TV / CRT monitor. however, i've read that -because it's windup - the K3's framerate will drop slightly as it runs? will the framerate change significantly enough to cause flickering problems under street lamps? (has anyone run into street lamp flickering problems due to framerate variance with the K3 before in either 50 hertz or 60 hertz land?)


thanks very much!


note: i think the shutter angle is fixed, so i'm not looking at that as a solution. and i dont have a K3 to test, i would have to buy it and have a friend bring it here to china. or, if anyone knows where i can rent a s16 camera in china/hk please let me know!

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the shutter angle is something like 150 degrees so you'll need about 20.8 fps to be able to get 1/50 exposure.

and yes, all wind-up cameras have speed drop. It would be ideal if you could get a sync camera for the street scenes and shoot the rest of the scenes with K3 if necessary.

Of course if you could calibrate to the 20.8fps then you might be more or less ok with the K3

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