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  1. Oh it is film vs digital again? It should not matter at all anymore in 2023 when we have so many great camera systems and formats and workflows available. Except, of course, that it is really boring to shoot with digital cameras. Takes all the "magic" away. Not fun to shoot anything then. Maybe it is why digital people try to find some meaning in all it by endlessly comparing their gear and nitpicking about their current gear being so obsolete that they can't shoot anything before getting more pixels and ten trillion iso sensitivity 😄
  2. I can make a batch of the 1-speed CP16 crystal sync kits in the Summer if there is someone needing them. I need to know in June2023 if anyone would need these kits and they need to be fully paid for beforehand so that I can reserve all the materials for them and the final kits will be shipped in August. Price is 400usd + shipping for a single kit and 700usd +shipping for two kits. I have a possibility to make external 12-speed crystal generators too if someone would need more crystal speeds with the 1-speed kit. A simple 12-speed generator like this is typically a little over 200usd depending on how many similar devices will be assembled in the batch and what kind of casing it has. Same thing than with the 1-speed kit, the 12-speed generators need to be ordered in June2023 latest and fully paid for beforehand. Shipping in August like with the other gear. It is possible to order the separate footage counter boards too. I have couple of them assembled but haven't written the firmware yet so will need to know in May2023 if you need internal footage counters for the CP16R. They need to be fully paid for in early June so that I can ship in August so let me know early on if needing a internal footage counter board for the CP16R. Let me know if wanting to order a 1-speed kit for your camera or any of these accessories. Will need to know in June latest and preferably contact me early on if interested in these
  3. MOTOR SOLD NOW. If someone needs a similar motor like this, I still have possibility to assemble one or two of them in July2023 and can deliver them in August2023. After that, no more motors of this type will be made. They need to be fully paid for in early June2023 for it being possible to reserve one for you and assemble it. DM me if interested. Price for the remaining two motors still possible to order for August delivery: 1000usd+shipping with the "Chinese" motor drive, 1200usd + shipping with the "German" motor drive. As mentioned, they need to be fully paid for in the start of June for me to be able to assemble them in the Summer. The time limit for order+payment is pretty strict and it may not be possible to make anything later if missing out the June deadline so if someone is still wanting one, please DM me to discuss about details
  4. MOTOR SOLD. It is still possible to make one or two of them in July2023 which can be delivered in August2023. Need to be fully paid for in May/June23 so that I can reserve one for you and start assembling it. DM me if interested
  5. Personally I think this kind of diy projects are not cost effective and take way too much time and resources compared to purchasing a readily made solution made by someone else, even if the readily made solution is really expensive. Additionally the features will inevitably be lacking as well. But as a hobby project it should be ok if the main goal is mainly about wanting to find out how things work instead of wanting to use them for real projects and needing to get them work right away. Otherwise all the time and money is used on the diy build instead of making anything useful end result with it. Personally I can say that I would have been much happier if just using the money for shooting short films instead of trying to make self designed camera accessories. But that is just one pov and hobbies are hobbies, they don't need to be explained :) Just wanted to mention this because people often think that diy is "cheaper" which it most often is not and that the diy is "better" which most often is not the case... So there has to be some other reason why diy approach is used. One could say that "they will sell the final devices to others to cover the costs and time" but that does not work either. For example I haven't got my money back or other reasonable compensation from ANY camera gear project I have made so far. For about 80 projects in a row that is pretty devastating and discouraging and tells that pretty much no one needs nor wants to purchase this gear... So either as a hobby project no hours and expense counted, OR just purchase a readily made device and go shooting film instead :)
  6. I have a spare Krasnogorsk1 or Krasnogorsk2 spring motor which I could sell. Don't know if it fits to the K3 but often this kind of parts stay similar through camera versions because making new part designs is impractical and costly unless it is absolutely mandatory
  7. I haven't tested it yet so you will have to test it by your own with the LTR camera to figure out how it works (and take the risk if something goes wrong). Be extra careful with connections because the connector has power output pins too so there is higher potential of damaging stuff. The start-stop pin control was described somewhere either in the manual or in some forum posts I think. Normally that kind of controls work by a floating pin which is shorted to the gnd either through a resistor or directly but don't remember what I read on the LTR
  8. Hi! I haven't had possibility to test it yet and I decided not to build the 45-speed controller just yet because there were no one seriously interested in it and it was a bit too expensive to manufacture. Maybe making a slightly different product as a kickstarter project but it really needs to be pre ordered and fully pre paid to be possible to make in the first place, can't afford to throw 5k into a project if it's not guaranteed to get at least some of it back and the firmware is really difficult on the 45 speed design so frankly speaking don't have time to write it either before the Summer 😮 --- I don't see any reason why the frequency input of the LTR would not work so probably it is fine I believe. Should work fine as a hobby project if you have experience making precise frequency generators and have lots of spare time
  9. Static electricity can cause pretty similar very short and random flashy streaks which come from one side of the roll and are blue-ish, very localized and relatively small and defined. There is other possibilities too but because the flashes are very short and visually very similar than the ones I have got from static discharge it is possible that at least part of them were caused by static. Did you spool the film by yourself and if so, did you use some kind of gloves when doing that, possibly even touching the moving film roll to for example add tension to it? one of the easiest ways to get tons of static to the film is to use rubber gloves, for example nitrile gloves when winding the film to spool. Other possibilities too to get enough static to damage the film like this but rubber gloves are especially bad for starters...
  10. UHD / 4k is actually pretty useful for youtube videos and I think you should just calculate the higher costs to the quote by default. The client will pay the costs anyway so it differs a lot from personal projects. Hard drives are relatively cheap nowadays and the main difference will be that it may take longer to edit the higher resolution project which may affect schedules... that may matter in that kind of business where the videos need to be delivered quickly and regularly to keep the channel up and running. 1080p 50Mbps long gop was pretty fine 10 years ago but I don't see any commercial use for a format like that nowadays though it could still be usable for web videos. I used to handle a lot of C300 mk1 material shot in 1080/25p 50Mbps and it was pretty OK 8 years ago but definitely had visible compression which caused some issues every now and then. If the material amount is a serious issue for you I would probably try to shoot the higher quality uhd/4k intra 410Mbps for anything which benefits from the higher quality like intros, product shots etc and use the 1080p as a last resort storage saving option if needing to shoot tons of material for an episode like shooting 20 hours of footage quickly reality style etc. If you only shoot an hour or two of footage a day then using the better 4k format is a no brainer and 1080p not needed by my opinion
  11. It should be easily possible to use C-mount lenses on a D-mount camera with an adapter but finding such an adapter seems to be extremely difficult and I don't want to go through the hassle and expense of getting one custom made. It is weird nothing seems to be available for sale because this kind of adapter is very useful with 8mm cameras. The idea is to use C-mount lenses on a double8 camera for longer focal lengths and cover the wide angles with normal d-mount lenses so that I can avoid purchasing double lens sets for longer focal lengths and can make extreme telephoto shots with the 8mm cameras of very long telephoto focal lengths which are not available in d-mount. I remember seeing pictures of such adapters on old hobby camera books but cannot find anything available for sale right now. If you know some place selling them, can you link it here?
  12. Still for sale. If you want to purchase this item but have any questions or want to negotiate the price (possible if you for example make a video review about the system), please let me know 🙂
  13. looks like the takeup friction adjustment has issues. Likely too little friction causing it not having enough torque to spin the takeup spool. Assuming, of course, that nothing is obstructing the takeup spool... try to adjust the friction until getting it to takeup properly. it may be a good idea to test with a dummy roll that it can takeup the full 100ft of film without issues
  14. Yes something which is simple enough and common enough that there is possible to repair it if needed and would be even marginally possible to manufacture at least some new parts if absolutely necessary. For example, the BL is "simple enough" design that it might still make sense to develop new electronics for it if not possible to get replacement boards. Would be very costly but would still make sense because the camera body design and board placement and limited original features. I am sure I could use some of my designs as a base for bl electronics to speed up the design so that it could be made for reasonable price if having like 10 cameras or more to update. With something like arricam or penelope, would be absolutely insane to try to make any new electronics for it and the camera body would be effectively impossible to repair if original boards not available. Could cost hundreds of thousands to do and take years to make anything useful for it
  15. At some point there were 2perf modified Kinor 35N 's. I think Aranda film and someone else made those conversions
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