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Kinoptik VF, diopter range with AZSpec' video assist.

Gregg MacPherson

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I have found that the big Kioptik VF has a gross shift in the diopter range with vs without the AZ Spectrum video assist. Does anyone know the simplest way to fix that so that the diopter range is the same with/without the video assist. Anticipating that a spacer or extra optical element may be required.


I emailed Andrew at AZSpec who just said that a spacer was often required with the video assist. Just a 3-5mm thick spacer between the video assist and the VF mount. But I found that adding or removing spacers was not enough.


I emailed Paul Scaglione at Visual Products and he refered to adjustments to one of the optical elements in The VF, but couldn't remember details.


Has anyone done this, or had their cameratech do it and can offer some advice.

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