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Eclair ACL French 400' S16 mags for sale.

Gregg MacPherson

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Two S16 French ACL mags for sale. They look quite well maintained. The rollers feel lubricated and the drive spindles feel good. Doors fit perfectly. One has a small chip off the top step of the light seal on the take-up side. Not a problem if you always tape your mags (you should anyway).


Both are the late model type with separate pressure plate over the gate.


They may be Visual products conversions. Can't tell for sure. The camera was a VP conversion and the mags have a S16 badge that I think VP used to use. I just scratch tested them and they looked good.


Two mags....$230.

Shipping to USA or Europe..$104

Australia..shipping is less. Ask me.


I can send pictures. PM me.

Let me know if you just want one. I'll work out something.


I also have two spare ACL S16 camera bodies and I just want to keep one. Will sell quite cheap (no motor or VF).





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