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BOLEX EL 16mm set - 850

Matej Pok

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I've got for sale standard 16mm camera set, including lenses, cables, filters... all fitted in Peli case.

Camera is in fully working condition, I have used in only occasionally. The last user, had it got serviced in Bolex, Switzerland (in 2009).

Camera is equipped with normal 16mm gate, bolex bayonet mount, in-camera filter holder and TTL exposure meter (till ASA 640)


What's in set:

Bolex EL 16mm camera mark.II


Kern Vario-Switar compact zoom 17-85mm T3,8

Angenieux 15mm f1,3


Bolex bayonet - C-mount adapter (2x)

C-mount - Arri Standard adapter

gelatine filter holder (4x)

battery cable 4pin XLR (2x)


Peli case


Price is €850 + shipping

I'm located in Slovak Republic, and ship to E.U. and U.S.A.





16mm footage:




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