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Eumig C16R

John Clere

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I recently encountered a Eumig C16R that was cheaper than it usually is, which is already pretty cheap. I'm looking for a camera that is somewhere between my Keystones, which I would throw off a cliff and not feel bad, and a Bolex, which is staying locked on a tripod or in a shoulder mount. The Eumig seems pretty appealing, but I have a few questions before I jump on it.


I was told that it's not a reflex camera (even though it has an R in its name. Slightly decieving, I think), but it does seem to have a decent viewing system. How well can one frame with this camera? Is pulling focus an attainable thing? It's not reflex, so by pulling focus I mean previewing through the finder and translating my focus marks during filming. About as effective as getting out a tape measure, which I do anyway, but it would be fine to be able to have some semblance of focusing ability.


How reliable is it? I haven't heard much about its functionality.


Is it a single or double perf camera?


How loud is it? It's clockwork so it can't be too quiet so my question is is it loud or quiet compared to, say a bolex or a keystone.


Lastly, as I hinted before, I want this to be kind of somewhere between an A and a B cam. Something I would feel good strapping to the hood of a car or running through a field with. Pretty much what I'm asking is is it a good enough camera that I can ask that of it?


Your input is infinitely appreciated! Thanks.

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John, I know the camera. I can’t say at the moment what the R stands for.


The C 16 has a positively driven claw positioning the film according to DIN-ISO 69 (in the +3 perforation hole). Sprockets have teeth on one side only, so both perforation types are feasible, one row and two rows.


Mechanically very rugged, a tad more complex to service than most other amateur cams but that doesn’t bother you. Well serviced this is perhaps the most reliable camera there is. Eumig purchased the concept from Bell & Howell Co. Only minor contributions have been given to it in Vienna.


It’s got a four-element lens giving decent sharp images beyond f/4. The viewfinder is of the tube type, corrected for parallax. It is not possible to judge on focus with that finder. On the other hand it is a bright finder still offering a view in dim light.


The selenium cell produces the energy for the instrument the needle of which is visible in the finder. No cell needed. One could modernise the C 16 with a silicon cell. Setting the needle center of the frame, the lens iris is correctly adjusted to an Exposure Index and a fps value given. The EI is set by a slotted screw under the full spool.


It’s a loud camera. Too bad the lens can’t be exchanged. I have tried to find a way to give it a C mount but gave it up. The conversion would become too expensive. The Eumig C 16 is a go-getter’s camera.

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I had no idea about the meter in the finder, that's really neat. I think I'll get one. That's too bad about the lenses, I was hoping they'd be swappable, but there are always workarounds. After all, it wouldn't be my A cam. Thanks for all the info!

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