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Cinealta 25P

Wade Muller HKSC ACS

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Hi i am about to start shooting a feature in Hong Kong next month we will shoot at 25P and post will also be done in Hong Kong at 25P do you see any problems we will have doing a film out in the US for Theatrical release ???


No, I did this (25P HD) for a feature that was transferred to 35mm. It just gets projected at 24 fps, so it will be slightly slowed-down since you shot at 25 fps. Audio will have to be speed and pitch adjusted. It's only a real problem if your film is about music.

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No you won't have problems. Its a very well tested route here in the UK to project your 25FPS footage at 24FPS, with a soundtrack that runs at 96% of its original speed and pitch corrected accordingly. If your final output is only 24FPS, then you could just change the speed of your sync audio and then have that mixed with the music and effects elements for a duration that matches the 24FPS final print. This way, your music doesn't get "fiddled" with.


As a matter of interest, why are you not shooting at 24P? Is your primary output for the 25/50 market?




David Cox

Baraka Post Production


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