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Where to find an Infrared Modified Epic


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Hey there, I'm wondering if anyone on here knows where to find a infrared modified red epic. I have a video idea I'd like to try that would require infrared photography, but I can't find a rental house that has this camera. I've seen a few videos online that where shot with a modified red epic, but they are seemingly all personally owned cameras.


Here are some examples of the effect:


Hopefully someone on here "knows a guy".



Alan Gwiz



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I worked on a commercial in Spain years ago where we shot on an IR modified Epic which came from Panavision in The States.

I don't remember what Panavision but I'm rather sure that if you give them a call they will be able to point you out where you can find an IR modified Epic.

Alternatively, you could go to reduser.net and ask over there (if you have not done that yet) as it is the main RED forum.



Have a lovely day.



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