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Formatt HMIRND Set 4x5.65 | 0.3 - 2.4 | Best IR/ND Filters for Epic-MX, Scarlet-MX, R1 MX

Mike Nagel

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Hi guys,

selling this Formatt Hitech HMIRND set... this is the best IR Cut / ND Filter set that u can use on the MX chip cameras: Epic-MX, Scarlet-MX, R1 MX...

Filters are in MINT condition. All come with their filter pouches.

Filters included in this set:

Formatt ND 0.3 - 4x5.65
Formatt ND 0.6 - 4x5.65
Formatt Hot Mirror - 4x5.65
Formatt HMIRND 0.9 4x5.65
Formatt HMIRND 1.2 4x5.65
Formatt HMIRND 1.5 4x5.65
Formatt HMIRND 1.8 4x5.65
Formatt HMIRND 2.4 4x5.65

Paid US$2,650 - Selling for US$2,100

Items are located in Los Angeles, CA. Local pick-up possible.

- M


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