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  1. Hi guys, selling a bunch of eeColor 3D LUT boxes. The used ones are demo units which are very lightly used and in excellent condition. And we have brand new units currently available at a special promo deal. for the promo deal and for general info on the box, see here: https://displaycalibrationtools.com/store/eecolor-lut-box-65-cube-3d-lut-color-correction-processor/ For the used boxes PM me and/or if u have questions. This is a 65^3 LUT box (highest LUT resolution on the market), HDMI in/out only, 1080p (although some have confirmed up to 2K), 10 bit output, 16-bit processing, 6 LUT slots. Fully supported by Lightspace, Calman and Argyll. Thanks. - M
  2. 0.3 and 0.6 are SOLD... selling the rest of the set for US$1,500 will break up the set now and sell individual filters... PM me for those prices
  3. Hi, selling these items: > original Red EVF with mounting plate - price: US$650.00 OBO > full ET EVF mount kit - comes with screws - Retail: US$1,190 - Selling for: US$550.00 OBO > (optional) ET EVF Mount Extension (EL-VFM-EXT) - Retail: US$450 - Selling for: US$150.00 OBO Items are located in Los Angeles, CA. Local pick-up possible. Buyer pays shipping costs and Paypal fees (if applicable). Thanks. - Mike
  4. Hi guys, selling this Formatt Hitech HMIRND set... this is the best IR Cut / ND Filter set that u can use on the MX chip cameras: Epic-MX, Scarlet-MX, R1 MX... Filters are in MINT condition. All come with their filter pouches. Filters included in this set: Formatt ND 0.3 - 4x5.65 Formatt ND 0.6 - 4x5.65 Formatt Hot Mirror - 4x5.65 Formatt HMIRND 0.9 4x5.65 Formatt HMIRND 1.2 4x5.65 Formatt HMIRND 1.5 4x5.65 Formatt HMIRND 1.8 4x5.65 Formatt HMIRND 2.4 4x5.65 Paid US$2,650 - Selling for US$2,100 Items are located in Los Angeles, CA. Local pick-up possible. - M
  5. Hi, selling R1 / R1 MX accessories... 5 x BNC to DIN 1.0/2.3 - US$20.00 per cable / US$100.00 for all 4 x Mini XLR-to-XLR cable with XLR adapter - US$25.00 per cable / US$120.00 for all R1 Battery plate - taped but working perfectly - US$150.00 R1 DC Power Cable 10 ft for Red Charger - US$75.00 R1 Top Handle Extension (back part, you can use it with your existing top handle) - US$50.00 2 x R1 Side Handles - US$50.00 each / US$100.00 for all 3 x Red Universal Mount 19mm - 2 x US$75.00 (in perfect condition) / 1 x US$50.00 (has 3 holes adjusted to accommodate for Cinema Oxide battery back plate) - US$200.00 for all 2 x Steel Rods 24" - US$50.00 for all Red 128 GB SSD Mag 1.8" - US$700.00 All items are working perfectly and are in great condition, see pictures. Items are located in Los Angeles, CA - local pick-up possible. Buyer pays for shipping and PayPal fees (if applicable). Thanks. - M
  6. Hi, selling R1 MX w/ Side-SSD, PL Mount & AC adapter in case. Price: US$4,500 Serial #: 6391 Firmware: 32.0.3 (latest build) Hours: 184 Camera is in absolute perfect condition, all ports working, we just finished shooting a film on it - flawless performance. The R1 MX is an absolute workhorse and with the newest color science RC4 and/or DragonColor 1/2 it delivers stunning images - better than ever before. The R1 body also allows for fairly easy/convenient behind the lens net-filtration. Camera is located in Los Angeles, CA. Local pick-up possible. Buyer pays for shipping and/or Red transfer (if applicable). Accessories are available and will be sold separately. Thanks. - Mike
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