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How Old Is This Mitchell?

Matt Butler

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I'm trying to find out the build date of a rack-over Mitchell #740.

I vaguely remember that a camera-buff had collected a list of these numbers.

I tried googling and found out more than I need to know about WW2 Mitchell bombers serial


Any help in pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated.




If you don't hear back from Joe Dutton, you can call or email Martin Hill, who is also very knowledgeable about Mitchell cameras. His website is martinhill.com and his email is wmartinhill@yahoo.com and he is usually good about replying to these kinds of inquiries. A good source for parts as well. Good luck.


Martin Hill & Associates

10100 Sam Black Rd. Midland, NC 28107

Phone: 704-455-8512 or 704-455-9345 Fax: 704-455-6095

Email: wmartinhill@yahoo.com

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