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Phantom Flex 4K

Lori Carson

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We have a Phantom Flex 4K package with a year warranty left on the package $115,900

Phanton Flex 4K Ultra Bundle
One year warranty left on package
64GB Flex4K 2x2TB CM + CS -
1 Phantom Flex, 64GB Color Camera W/ PL Mount
2-2TB CineMag IV
1-CineStation IV
Power supply and cable -
PL lens mount
Ethernet connection cable - 5 Meters
1 year warranty on parts and labor
Vision Research Camera Control Software
Glue Tools Software License
Pelican Camera Case - Printed Manual

VRI-VF-WBUNDLE* Phantom Viewfinder, OLED, with Bundle Purchase (Includes Bracket)

Camera Support
1-AB-PFL-C400 2 Cine-Style Riser for Phantom Flex

Basic Accessories
1 VRI-TRIG-PIC* Trigger Pickle Switch
1 AB-PWR-SUPPLY -221W-24V Power Supply
2-CO-BBD1505F-25B Premium Belden 1505F Digital Video BNC Cable w. Canare Conn. - 25' sdi
1-VRI-CBL-ETH-FIS -10M* 10 Meter CAT 5 Ethernet Cable for Phantom HD, 65, Miro
1-IC-3097-Flex 4K Hard Case w/wheels and handle

Necessary Accessory


1-AR-339860 Arri BP-8 435 Bridgeplate w. 19mm Rods (18” long) & 12” Dovetail
1-VRI-CBL-YPRPBP65-0R8* Phantom YPRPB Component Cable (as spare) -.8 Meters
2-AB-P4K-XLR3-24V Phantom Flex 4K 24V Pigtail
2-275.00 AB-P4K-XLR3-12V
2-AB-XLR3-10 XLR3 to XLR3 Power Cable - 10'
2-AB-XLR4-10 XLR3 to XLR4 Power Cable - 10'
2-Arri ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-SP-S
2-CC-TVL-ALEXA CineCoil 12' Coiled TVLogic to 2 pin Lemo 70.00 ea.
1-AN-QR-HOTSWAPAR* Anton Bauer QR HOTSWAP-AR Camera Mounted Gold Mount Accessory Hot Swap for Alexa
1-VRI-BATT-MNT-AB* Battery Mount, Standard Anton Bauer Gold Mount for Flex4K



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