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  1. Zeiss Supreme Prime 25,29,35,50,85,100 Sony Venice $61,500 Hours:804 Ver 4 Firmware Anamorphic Full Frame High Speed License DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder Wooden Camera Accessory Kit AXS-R7 Portable memory recorder AXS-AR1 memory card reader 4x Sony 512gb AXSM S48 memory cards Sony Venice $61,500 Hours:1348 Ver 4 Firmware Anamorphic Full Frame High Speed DVF-L200 OLED Viewfinder Wooden Camera Accessory Kit AXS-F7 Portable Memory recorder AXS-AR1 memory card reader 4x Sony 512gb AXSM S48 memory cards bvw@vidgear.com
  2. Looking for MK1 or MK2 expanded scale super speed set, 360 rotation preferred. Also need a 25mm MK1 or MK2 single lens bvw@vidgear.com
  3. Alexa Mini $43,950 Hours:2145 RAW and 4:3 licenses. Pro package Wooden Camera Handheld equipment (Rosette arms and handle). A box Gold / V mount battery plate Bridgeplate and Dovetail Good as new. Comes with an Innerspace case. Titanium PL LDS Mount w/LBus connector MVF-1 Viewfinder Spare viewfinder cable 75cm Viewfinder mounting bracket BPA-4 bridge plate adapter Lightweight Adapter Plate Shoulder Pad MAP-2 w/LWS Rod support Side Bracket RMB-3 19mm Rod mounting bracket 15mm Reduction insert Center Camera Handle Support Rods 340mm (13.4"), 15mm Battery adapter plate Ethernet cable KC-50 Straight power cable 3x CFast 2.0 Card - 128gb CFast 2.0 card Reader Alexa Mini $$45,500 Hours:1967.20 4:3 & ArriRaw Viewfinder 2xLightweight adapter plate MAP1 2x adapter plate w/rod support MAP2 2x Side bracket MSB-1 Bridge plate adapter BPA-4 2x RMB-3 rod mounting bracket 2x 15mm Reduction insert Viewfinder mounting bracket Center camera handle 2x 256gb Cfast Card Card reader Power cable straight Ethernet/RJ-45 cable EXT-RS adapter Battery adapter plate BAP-1 Bebob Vmount battery adapter Shoulder Pad Low Bracket 2xArri Tools Camera case bvw@vidgear.com
  4. Looking to buy immediately Cooke S4/i Mini 18,25,35,50,75,100 Please email if you have bvw@vidgear.com
  5. Cooke S5/i Lens set 18,25,32,40,50,65,75,100 $118,500 bvw@vidgear.com
  6. This first package was purchased for a job a few weeks ago, never used, brand new, full warranty Venice Camera package, Brand New $63,950 Full Warranty R7 Raw recorder Anamorphic software Full Frame software High Speed License DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED viewfinder Wooden Camera AKS kit with Gold mount 4x AXS512gb cards Thunderbolt Card Reader Sony Venice Demo $54,500. SOLD Demo unit Warranty till May 2020 Hours:33 AXS-R7 Raw recorder Anamorphic Full Frame DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder Sony Venice $52,950 Hours:600 DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED Viewfinder Raw Recorder 4:3 and Full Frame License
  7. Cooke Anamorphic 25,32,50,75,100 with Flare Excellent Condition, new in Dec 2018 $124,500 bvw@vidgear.com
  8. Kowa Anamorphic Evolution 40,50,75,100 $71,990 New in Oct 2018 so still under warranty Cooke S5/i 18,25,32,40,50,65,75,100 $116,000 2.5 years new, 2 cases bvw@vidgear.com
  9. Canon K35 35mm for 9 weeks, starting now bvw@vidgear.com
  10. Here is a list of what we need to buy immediately: 2 x Full ND sets (4x5.6) (TIFFEN ideally) - 2 x BP9 or similar (wooden camera could work) - 1 x Ronfrd Baker Standards (with spreaders) - 1 x Ronfrd Baker Baby (with spreaders) - 2 x O’Connor 2575 Fluid Heads - 2 x LMB-15/25 sets - 1 x Flanders BM210 - 2 x Rota Pola (4x5.6) Please email me: bvw@vidgear.com
  11. Looking to purchase Cineovision Anamorphics bvw@vidgear.com
  12. Cooke Anamorphic 25,32,40,50,75,135 Special Flare about 11 months new, mint $162,500 bvw@vidgear.com
  13. Alexa Mini 50 hours with warranty, both Licenses $49,950 Alexa Mini Hours:1923 both licenses $42,500 Alexa Mini Hours:2138 both licenses, Arri Inspection $41,990 bvw@vidgear.com
  14. Leica Summicron 18,25,35,50,75,100 excellent condition $59,000 Zeiss CP3 15,25,35,50,85 PL Mount, mint condition $20,500 Kowa Anamorphic 40,50,75 excellent condition $73,950 Fujinon 19-90 Version 2, excellent condition $16,950 Arri 18-80 Alura zoom, very nice condiiton , about a year new $17,500 bvw@vidgear.com
  15. Looking to purchase 3x Varicam LT packages Please email me bvw@vidgear.com
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