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  1. Hi Norman, email me bvw@vidgear.com Lori Carson
  2. Arri Alexa Mini LF package $63,990 Hours:110 LPL Lens MountPL-to-LPL-Adapter 3x Codex Compact Drive 1TB Codex Compact Drive Reader (USB-C) Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 (K2.0020916) 3x Viewfinder Cable VF 1.15ft 2x Viewfinder Cable VF 1.5ft Adapter Plate MAP-2A Viewfinder Bracket MVB-1 Center Camera Handle Side Bracket MSB-3 Side Bracket MSB-2 Compact Bridge Plate CBP-1 Rear Accessory Bracket RAB-1 RAB-1 Clamp 2 Gold Mount Power Splitting Box Mk II Bottom Plate 12" (300mm) ( Power Cable Straight KC-50 2m Lori Carson bvw@vidgear.com
  3. I also have LOMO lenses, yes located in Europe. bvw@vidgear.com
  4. Interested in this lens Stephen. Can you email me bvw@vidgear.com
  5. Sony Venice Camera package, in stock $55,500 Hours:207 AXS -R7 Full Frame Anamorphic Hardware upgrade 4.0 Camera body Dvf-el viewfinder Wooden camera D box power plate w top distribution Wooden Camera A Box CAC-12 Mic holder Power Supply Wooden camera top handle with extensions 6x blueshape 140wh mini v- mounts 2x AXSM M48512gb cards 4x SXS 256gb cards AXS-AR1 card reader Shape Revolt VCT universal baseplate with Camera shoulder mount Arri 15mm baseplate Case bvw@vidgear.com
  6. 14,20,24,28,35,40,50,85,105,135. $35,500 Mint Condition, a couple of the lenses have never been used. In Stock. email me for pic's. bvw@vidgear.com
  7. We have a beautiful Canon 50-1000 Cine Servo $63,500 Master case Support Rods Support Plate Support Bracket Riser bvw@vidgear.com
  8. Looking to buy a Fujinon 14-35 Cabrio. Please email me bvw@vidgear.com
  9. Looking to buy an Angenieux Optimo 25-250 Style Please email me if you have. bvw@vidgear.com
  10. Sigma Cine Prime Full Frame lenses 14,20,24,35,50,85,135 $20,950 excellent condition, case bvw@vidgear.com
  11. Cooke Speed Panchro TLS rehoused 18,25,32,40,50,75 $33,500 Cooke Speed Panchro TLS rehoused 18,25,32,40,50,75 $37,500 bvw@vidgear.com
  12. 4x Alexa Mini camera packages Alexa LF camera package $73,950 Warranty December, 2019 Hours:205 1 All Included Hardware 1 EVF Electronic Viewfinder for Alexa 1 EVF Eyecup 1 EVF Extension Bracket 1 EVF Bracket VMB-3 1 Top Handle 1 Leveling Block 1 BP8-2 1 WA-1 1 Shoulder Pad 1 Arri LUT Library MEDIA 1 SxR Adapter for Alexa 1 SxS Adapter for Alexa 2 SXR Capture Drives 2TB w/ Cases 1 SXR Card Reader Codex 1 Cable: Thunderbolt 1 Cable: Card Reader to AC Power 1 Cable: OSHA 1 SD Card 16GB CABLES 1 EVF Cables 2ft 1 EVF Cables 2.1ft 1 XLR 4pin Female to Fischer 2pin 1x Alexa LF to Ethernet 1x KC-20 Power Cable Camera 2pin to XLR 3pin AC POWER 1 XLR 3pin to AC Power Box Cameo 1 OSHA Cable PL LENS ADAPTER 1 Lens Adapter LPL to PL Mount 1 Set of Shims for PL Mount ARRI WIRELESS RECEIVER 1 Arri WVR-1 Rx 1 Arri MIA-1 Bracket 1 Cable: USB to Micro USB 1 Cable: Power Box to 3pin female 1 Cable: 2pin to Edison 10 Antenna Rx TX for Alexa LF & Receiver FSND FILTER SET 1 Hard Case 1 FSND 0 1 FSND 0.3 1 FSND 0.6 1 FSND 0.9 1 FSND 1.2 1 FSND 1.5 1 FSND 1.8 1 FSND 2.1 1 FSND 2.4 1 Tool for Filter 1 DG-1 Depth Gauge Extender 1 Shim 1 Cleaning Cloth 16 Micro Shims Also Included for Free $0 ($4,000 total value) BATTERIES 6 Batteries 26v V-Mount 2 Single Chargers for 26v V-Mount Batteries 1 Cable: OSHA BATTERY ADAPTERS 1 Hawk-Woods V-Mount 26v Battery Adapter 1 Wooden Camera Sharkfin Dual 14v Battery Adapter bvw@vidgear.com
  13. Kowa Cine Prominar set 15,20,25,32,40,50,75 rehoused by David Cox. Beautiful Glass email for pics and price bvw@vidgear.com
  14. Looking for this camera! bvw@vidgear.com
  15. Looking to buy a Super Baltar Set bvw@vidgear.com
  16. Looking for Zeiss Super Speed MK1 and MK2 sets Please email me bvw@vidgear.com
  17. Zeiss Supreme Prime 25,29,35,50,85,100 Sony Venice $61,500 Hours:804 Ver 4 Firmware Anamorphic Full Frame High Speed License DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder Wooden Camera Accessory Kit AXS-R7 Portable memory recorder AXS-AR1 memory card reader 4x Sony 512gb AXSM S48 memory cards Sony Venice $61,500 Hours:1348 Ver 4 Firmware Anamorphic Full Frame High Speed DVF-L200 OLED Viewfinder Wooden Camera Accessory Kit AXS-F7 Portable Memory recorder AXS-AR1 memory card reader 4x Sony 512gb AXSM S48 memory cards bvw@vidgear.com
  18. Looking for MK1 or MK2 expanded scale super speed set, 360 rotation preferred. Also need a 25mm MK1 or MK2 single lens bvw@vidgear.com
  19. Alexa Mini $43,950 Hours:2145 RAW and 4:3 licenses. Pro package Wooden Camera Handheld equipment (Rosette arms and handle). A box Gold / V mount battery plate Bridgeplate and Dovetail Good as new. Comes with an Innerspace case. Titanium PL LDS Mount w/LBus connector MVF-1 Viewfinder Spare viewfinder cable 75cm Viewfinder mounting bracket BPA-4 bridge plate adapter Lightweight Adapter Plate Shoulder Pad MAP-2 w/LWS Rod support Side Bracket RMB-3 19mm Rod mounting bracket 15mm Reduction insert Center Camera Handle Support Rods 340mm (13.4"), 15mm Battery adapter plate Ethernet cable KC-50 Straight power cable 3x CFast 2.0 Card - 128gb CFast 2.0 card Reader Alexa Mini $$45,500 Hours:1967.20 4:3 & ArriRaw Viewfinder 2xLightweight adapter plate MAP1 2x adapter plate w/rod support MAP2 2x Side bracket MSB-1 Bridge plate adapter BPA-4 2x RMB-3 rod mounting bracket 2x 15mm Reduction insert Viewfinder mounting bracket Center camera handle 2x 256gb Cfast Card Card reader Power cable straight Ethernet/RJ-45 cable EXT-RS adapter Battery adapter plate BAP-1 Bebob Vmount battery adapter Shoulder Pad Low Bracket 2xArri Tools Camera case bvw@vidgear.com
  20. Looking to buy immediately Cooke S4/i Mini 18,25,35,50,75,100 Please email if you have bvw@vidgear.com
  21. Cooke S5/i Lens set 18,25,32,40,50,65,75,100 $118,500 bvw@vidgear.com
  22. This first package was purchased for a job a few weeks ago, never used, brand new, full warranty Venice Camera package, Brand New $63,950 Full Warranty R7 Raw recorder Anamorphic software Full Frame software High Speed License DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED viewfinder Wooden Camera AKS kit with Gold mount 4x AXS512gb cards Thunderbolt Card Reader Sony Venice Demo $54,500. SOLD Demo unit Warranty till May 2020 Hours:33 AXS-R7 Raw recorder Anamorphic Full Frame DVF-EL200 OLED Viewfinder Sony Venice $52,950 Hours:600 DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED Viewfinder Raw Recorder 4:3 and Full Frame License
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