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Bolex Filter Slide Confusion

John Clere

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Hello all! Just got a Bolex Rex-2, great machine! I bought it on the Internet which almost without fail 50% of the time means it won't show up complete or shows up with some issue or is filled to the brim with dust after sitting in an attic for decades on end. Turns out that this camera doesn't come with one of those filter slides (you know, the black slide with the chrome handle that slides in behind the lens and in front of the prism). Just to test it out and keep light from leaking in I put a little square of black gaff tape over the hole. Obviously depending on a square of tape to prevent film from being ruined is less than ideal. I'd like to buy a filter but I'm a little confused.


There appear to be two type of bolex filter slides: the ones with the rounded end and ones with the flat end. I've seen both types for sale online and I have no idea which one is appropriate for my Rex-2. Would they both fit? The one with the rounded end seems to be larger, I don't know if that would interfere with the reflex prism system or if either one will fit and be functionally identical. Also, if they would both fit is one or the other easier to use or does one provide a better light seal than the other?


Your input is much appreciated! Thanks.

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Hello John,


I have a Rex 2 and mine has the squared filter holder. I think these can be picked up pretty reasonable online in a set (which is what I did).

Did you double check your serial number to be sure you have a Rex 2? www.bolexcollector.com is a great source of information. I may be mistaken but

I think the rounded holders are for the bayonet lens mount cameras. I would only use the proper holder. The proper holder will slide in and then click when it is locked in place.

As you have probably read the filter holder itself must be in the slot even if you are not using a gelatin filter in the holder.

Have fun and make sure to invest in a good light meter if you don't have one already. It is part of the key to great images.



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There were three different types of filter slides with the H-16.


The early one had been an after-sale conversion done by Paillard and their service people.

In 1954 came the big thin slide which continued to be used with the Reflex models (from 1956 on).

A thicker but less high slide, the one with the semi-circle end, is known with the younger standard models (later H-16 S). That one can be slid in in only one orientation.

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