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How to tell if PMW-F3 is RGB 4.4.4 enabled

tony powell

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Hi all, wondering if anyone can tell me how to tell if a Sony PMW-F3 tat I'm inn the verge of buying has the RGB 4.4.4 S-Log upgrade installed on it ? I can't see the camera, but the technicians where it is based have told me the following they got from going through the menus.


1. They accessed the VIDEO SET Icon from the Camera Menu. VIDEO SET options were then listed on the LCD menu screen

2. They scrolled to the option " SDI/HDMI/iLink I/O Select " and selected that option and from the secondary menu selected HD-SDI.

3. They then scrolled down further in the VIDEO SET options and selected the " Dual-Link & Gamma Select " option

4. From the secondary menu, they scrolled down, to see if there was an option to select, and activate, the " 3G RGB444 & S-Log option ".


Apparently there was, ( please see attached photo ), and when selected, the camera rebooted ( sort of ). However, they also looked in the " Others " menu, where it said ' RGB ', but this wasn't something you could select in that menu.


​Can someone please confirm for me asap, whether what they have gleaned from the VIDEO SET menu means that this does have the 4.4.4 S-Log upgrade installed on it ? as I need to pay for it today if I want it. Many thanks


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