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We shot a feature using 2 cameras - BMCC 4K and Canon 100. Sound mixer has provided 4 tracks for each take. I laid down both videos on FCPX timeline and synced audio files below. In short, I have 2 video tracks and 4 audio tracks for each track that I know plan to edit. Question: When I render, .mov file consolidates footage and audio into 1 mov file. How do I provide my Sound designer raw 4 dialogue tracks that he can use for miXing? Is there a way I can output 4 audio tracks from final picture lock that Sound designer can use along with a timecoded Video track?

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You can export multiple audio tracks out of FINAL CUT PRO X :




You will have to change the audio channel configuration. Set it up as 5.1 or 7.1 audio channel configuration and export those audio channels as stereo or mono.


Important: If you subsequently change the channel configuration, all custom audio component names are reset to the original name.

You can also choose a channel configuration when exporting roles as audio stems for mixing or post-production.

For more info check this out :



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What about roles? Saw youtube video that explains how to label each of the audio tracks as role and set each audio track as mono before you export as QT file. It retains all those audio tracks that can be sent to sound designer. Anyone else done that?

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