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  1. Go the the Local 479 office when you arrive in Atlanta. Introduce yourself and explain your plan to gain electrical on the local shows. There is someone there to help set you on the right trajectory.
  2. Contact Bruce McNaughton at The Aranda Film Group. The site is: www.arandafilm.com.au
  3. QLM is out of business. I called the number and spoke with the friendly business owner. He referred me to SPECTRA Cine Meters 818.954.9222 . He said they might be able to service Minolta color meters.
  4. I need to rent a LOMO 75mm Round Front Anamorphic Lens OCT19 mount for 1 week. I will pay $1200 for the 7 day rental. It is for a project that I am working on. I am located in Atlanta, GA.
  5. Rest In Power, Bernie. He made laugh every time that I spoke with him on the phone. His wisdom and candor lives on, beyond his passing.
  6. The processing issue may be lab dependant. 2 weeks ago, I processed FUJI 160T VIVID 35mm at Kodak Lab Atlanta with no issues.
  7. Now that's more like it, bubba. 😉
  8. Yes. To rid the lenses of any minute mold growth, take them outside on a sunny day at 12 noon. Place them on the ground with the front element facing the sky. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Reverse the lens so the rear element faces the sky for 15 minutes. This helps, but careful, dry storage is the best for keeping mold out. Contact Bernie at www.super16inc.com or cinemaengineering.com to have the camera bodies and magazines serviced.
  9. Hang on there, bubba. My list membership goes back to 2004. https://flic.kr/p/2kUHj1V
  10. Check out konvas.org, join the list serv. This is 20 years of Konvas/Kinor information in that group. It's run by Adam Frey. He is very helpful, can answer many Konvas questions for you.
  11. 3/8" to 1/4" Tripod Thread Adapter is what you need to use Konvas/Kinor cameras with standard tripods and camera baseplates.
  12. Dennis, Thanks for sharing this useful bit of information. I shoot with my film cameras in national parks and have been approached about permits by park personnel. This new court ruling should alleviate most of the unnecessary pestering.
  13. Wooden Camera Zip Box Mattebox Fits lenses with a 90-95mm front diameter. Never used. $52.00 shipping included for domestic U.S. addresses.
  14. The first theatrical application of this technique that I remember, us from the movie 'THE SCORE'(2001) directed by Frank Oz and photographed by Rob Hahn. There is an American Cinematographer issue from the summer 2001 covering the production. Hahn's motivation was the shadowy world of thievery the main characters occupied. The small mirror technique is used throughout the film, but is most obvious in the scene at the indoor swimming pool. https://flic.kr/p/2ka1Qfy https://flic.kr/p/2ka2d7W
  15. FUJI Eterna 35mm Panavision Primo Anamorphic Lenses https://vimeo.com/karandirects/hardhat 2perf 35mm KODAK 5219 https://vimeo.com/128531300 16mm KODAK high speed cameras NASA launch footage https://vimeo.com/4366695
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