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Here is the Link to the Film:




I shot this with a Canon 7D mkII primarily with the stock lens, to film the scenes a little quicker and better at doing some guerrilla film in the city. Although at some point, the project was to be shot on 16mm film, but that didn't happen due to time constraints. Some shots are filmed with a Panasonic AG AF-100.

Some scenes were shot with the stockings at the back of the lens. However, I do not recommend unless there is a lot of testing prior to film, a lot of the footage are mushy and unusable.


I changed the story multiple times to accommodate the availability of the actors, my best friends actually, and the logistics of the making the film and getting the message across. Writing out 20 pages of materials and prose really helped a lot in the formation of the film.


I guess one of the major influences in this film is the camera movements and the aesthetics of music videos made in the mid 90s. Ridley Scott with the use of the step printing and the visuals of Michael Bay (not necessarily the story)


Post Production took another 3 months (on and off) afterwards, with lot's of special effects and major editing and story decision.



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I paused (perhaps stopped) watching at about 3 minutes.


I liked the way you were attempting to use words. I wished you pushed it further. Words as blured sounds, like the blured images of people walking. Recognizable as words, but transformed.


I really liked the blury images of people walking on the street.


I didn't like much the man with light bulb images. They felt a bit over constrained, over described without showing much. I was wishing you had instead dived into some macro ECUs exploring finger tips, finger prints, tungsten filament, eyelash etc.

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