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Which card reader for SxS?

David Peterson

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When I try to search for "SxS reader" they appear to be absolutely ridiculously expensive, to the point I might as well pick up a used old laptop for a hundred bucks or two hundred, and simply use it and its ExpressCard slot instead to read the SxS cards onto a portable harddrive for editing.

Then I thought, perhaps searching directly for ExpressCards could find cheaper alternatives than looking for SxS readers. Indeed, I turned up this for only three bucks:



Supports all USB-based express card/34 or express card

Express card /54 devices (Do not support PCL-express -based express card devices).

I guess this means it will *not* read SxS cards?

Because this device only works on ExpressCard devices that are actually USB devices in that formfactor. While SxS cards are using the PCI Express interface.

Please tell me I'm wrong! As at only three bucks this would be awesome. (as I don't want to spend too much on this, after all the bulk of my recording media is going to be SD cards inside SxS adapters. Thus I expect I'll only rarely need to read SxS media)

These are the other alternatives I've got my eye on, maybe one of them would work?
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What computer are you using to offload? If it's a Mac with Thunderbolt, then I highly recommend the Sonnet Echo Pro Expresscard adapter: http://www.sonnettech.com/product/echoexpresscard34thunderbolt.html


It will be way faster than any of those USB2 readers and everyone I know who owns one loves it.

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Nope, I'm a PC fan.

Plus I don't want to spend too much on this, as I suspect it will be rare when I offload SxS cards (even though I got given two 32gig SxS cards, considering if perhaps I should sell them?), because I'll mainly/only use SD cards in an SxS adapter. Thus maybe.... the best option for me is to just copy the clips over USB directly from the camera while the SxS cards are the F3?

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Do you lose any over-cranking ability by going to SD cards over adapter? If not, then that would probably be more efficient overall. But I would at least get a USB3 multi-reader, USB2 is so slow you'll grow old waiting for your footage to download!

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Over cranking doesn't matter, as you've got a max of 30fps internal. You need to use an external recorder to tap into 60fps.
But even if did 60fps internal I doubt using adapters would make a difference, because my SD cards are so fast (they're the ones I use in my BMPCC for raw).


I totally agree with your USB 3.0 comment! Been using it for ages now, would never ever want to go back to USB 2.0!

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