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  1. Prores Pro??? Do you mean ProRes RAW?
  2. Cheers for your contribution Tyler, I'd just add as well that the editor and his assistants are just a small part of the total post production team! Like you said, there is also color grading, but also an entire post production sound team, plus the VFX, and much much more.
  3. Just look at the credits of any blockbuster. The answer is clearly: YES
  4. Where are the 160K+ deaths in Sweden? The proof is lacking. While we're certain to experience economic devastation. We're on the fast track to double digit unemployment. (if we're not there already) Based on a discredited model. That article was from March, don't think anybody can say with a straight face now in May that we'd have got 80K deaths without a nationwide lockdown.
  5. Do you only make music videos?? What about boom ops.... Nope, I simply don't buy the claim our PM made that 80K kiwis will die unless we got put under pretty much house arrest. That was a total over the top reaction our government did, we could have taken a more moderate balanced approach instead.
  6. No, my point was we were sold lies as the basis for our lockdown in NZ. (80K deaths in NZ, which is ridiculous. A total lie, no way that would have happened. That number for instance is far higher than in Sweden. Which has double the population of NZ, and not to mention is in a very different situation: is closely connected to the rest of Europe, vs a very isolated island nation)
  7. In our country we were told there could be eighty thousand deaths which is why we must shut down (the harshest lockdown in the western world!), that turned out to be total lies and nonsense. In future, if we know "nothing" then perhaps we shouldn't take actions which we know for 100% certainty will massively negatively impact millions of people's live? I hope we learn a lesson from this not to overreact on the basis of very shaky evidence, but I fear we won't and in only a few years from now we're going to repeat this entire mess all over again!
  8. An American friend of mine made this video about the film industry, and how shutting down our "non-essential" industry impacts jobs across the wider economy and not just us in the film industry.
  9. Don't think I've ever recently seen a product for the sound department get leaked so much before the manufacturer even says anything officially about it, there has been lots of chatter already about the Wisycom MCR54 on social media! As this a major new announcement, the first time ever that four channels of wireless has been squeezed into a SuperSlot receiver. (true diversity too, that's eight receiver boards crammed into there!! And all that only uses at max 2.5W) The pricing is cheaper than expected: https://www.raycom.co.uk/product/wisycom-mcr54-four-channel-slot-in-receiver/ £2,880.00 inc VAT (£2,400.00 exc VAT) Maaaybe this means it will come in just slightly under US$3K in the USA? https://www.raycom.co.uk/product/wisycom-mcr54-quad-4-channel-rx-with-4-x-tx-and-base/ £6,360.00 inc VAT (£5,300.00 exc VAT) for a kit.
  10. South Africa is open for business again: https://www.juicefilm.tv/news/south-africa-reopens-for-filming-2 Am sure the general economic crisis across the world will lead to many countries cutting support for the arts
  11. What about departments that need to work together, such as wardrobe and sound? Yup, I bet the first governor/PM/president that promises to not lockdown their state/country in the future will see a lot of productions flock to there. (welllll.... if insurance and production companies feel like they can trust a politician's word! Ha! Which of course nobody should do)
  12. Especially as a UMP vs Epic MX are not that far apart in price on eBay these days (well, a UMP is closer to a Scarlet MX really)
  13. The GH5 was a big leap forward over the GH4, at least as big a leap as the GH4 was over the GH3. I'd take a Panasonic G85/G80 over a GH4! Heck, I miiiiiiiight maaaaaybe even choose a G7 over a GH4
  14. My point was if insurance companies become less liquid and their balance books are strained, then we could see insurance hikes across the board. Nope, NZ screwed up heaps. Went too soft, and then when we did go hard went waaay over the top. Not only am I here living in NZ, but I'm following it closely too, watching live the Epidemic Response Committee for instance every time they're meeting. Our Minister of Health is woefully incompetent, for instance just today he's in the news that he was moving house during the lvl4 lockdown! (let's ignore the issues around him breaking the laws here, but what Minister of Health even has time to move house during a 1 in a 100 year health crisis??) This is the third time, he's been in the news during lvl4 too for ignoring his own ministry's advice! He's also driven (his campaigning van!! What an idiot, where is his common sense political skills?? If you're going to break the law, at least don't do it while driving a big vehicle with your face splashed over it!!) to go MTB-ing, and he drove his family to visit a beach a half hour away (again, breaking the law). And yet, our PM doesn't sack him! At this point, I'm half wondering if he is trying to get fired?? She simply can't keep her caucus in line, and I expect she'll once again do nothing about this just like all the other times (a few days ago another Labour MP, who is on the Epidemic Response Committee, blamed small business that it is their fault if they're suffering during lockdown!! Did our PM demand an apology from her key MP? Nope!) The major reason we managed to be "miraculous", is because we're the most remote nation in the world. (ignoring a few micro nations which are even more remote than us) To give an idea of just how remote: Auckland's nearest city (i.e. a place also with a million plus population) is Sydney, that's similar to the distance from London to Moscow across all of Europe! We however just have empty sea spanning that distance. Auckland is the most remote city in the world. (defined as the longest distance from one city to its nearest city, city defined as million plus population) I'm just saying the facts of what happened. Lord of the Rings suspended shooting well before our countrywide lockdown was announced in New Zealand. Clearly just simply the international travel restrictions already in place had a big enough impact they decided to suspend shooting. In 2010 and 2011 (& again in 2016) Christchurch (is where I was born, and is our second biggest city. After Auckland of course) suffered multiple major earthquake. Up until 2020, those were undoubtedly the biggest impacting events in NZ history during my life time (and I don't even live in Christchurch any longer! I left decades ago). That had hugely major impacts NZ across society. One of the changes was that most commercial lease agreements now have a clause that if the tenant can't access their property then they don't have to pay all their rent. As no company now wants to lease somewhere and risk having to pay their rent for months (maybe even years!) on end while neither they or their customers can access the premises. As this is the current situation in New Zealand, LOTS of people are not paying rent to their landlords while this gets figured out.
  15. We already had production of Lord of the Rings suspended before our lockdown was even announced! I expect because the hassle of anybody coming into NZ was becoming too much. So even if we technically "can" still film again in NZ at some point in the future, if any overseas cast / key crew need to be put into a two week plus quarantine (and even then, they still might not be available! If they don't get the clean bill of health), that could be too much of a risk / hassle / cost for the production to put up with. And they'll just suspend production rather than carry on with that burden. Tourism is a major major part of NZ, it is a biggest foreign dollar export earner in NZ. Towns like Queenstown exclusively exist thanks to Tourism dollars. Being a kiwi political geek who has for many many years perhaps too obsessively followed our local politics, I'd strongly disagree with that assessment. Jacinda has absolutely been seeking short term political gains, at the expense of the long term costs to New Zealand.
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