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  1. https://noamkroll.com/building-a-more-affordable-alexa-with-arri-cpo-leica-r-lenses-the-leitax-mount/ Exactly what I've been talking about in the past! Arri Alexa Classic + Affordable Glass
  2. Go for Nikon Z6!! Not only is it already a great camera, it is also the only stills camera which can output raw video!
  3. Have coming up soon my first shoot with Super 35mm film, for which I will be the sound recordist for this film.And am wondering what should I do and recommend for ease of post for them afterwards? (of course there is always the slower manual way of lining up slate IDs for each take, and we'll of course do that as a back up resort but hoping we can use a better option?)I've been doing research myself, but it seems there are a fair few variations/opinions here. (and I should get in touch with their development house as well? To see if they can handle AatonCode or ArriCode or whatever it is that the camera has as an option, which I'll spend a tech day on next week to see the cameras in person so I can get a better feel of exactly what it is I am dealing with)I do know that of course the Arri 235 is a MOS camera, as it will be very very noisy. But they have to use the Arri 235 for all their indoor shots which will all be done on a steadicam, for which their Arri 35BL is too heavy. However I will still be recording audio throughout, so they've got a good reference track to do their ADR with. Very keen to hear from others any advice or experiences!
  4. Yeah but that is something the could/should have just given as a firmware update to the FS5 mk1!
  5. REDs are well built fans, if rather overly noisy. Oh, and they have a camera attached to their fan!
  6. If you just want "an ARRI" then buy a classic on eBay, they're selling for a song! But if you're getting paid work worth of an ARRI and have rentals lined up? Then this decision should be easy for you, and you should already know the answer yourself without needing to ask us!! (hint: it is the Mini) But the fact you're needing to ask which to buy, very strongly indicates to me that you should *NOT* be buying an Alexa. Get yourself a Panasonic EVA1 or URSA Mini Pro G2 or Sony FS7 instead.
  7. People are way too obsessed over if a camera is "global shutter" or not. Basically NO CAMERAS have this! (which are S35 & used on big budget modern films that is, with the possibly exception of the Sony F55 that is used on some) So clearly people are getting upset over something which 99% of us live with just fine. What is more important is to look at *how much* rolling shutter does it have? A Sony a7S has lots! While an Arri Alexa has very little. The latest URSA Mini Pro G2 has very very *very* little rolling shutter at best, is right up there with an Arri Alexa
  8. The Fujifilm is basically identical in price to the BMPCC4K, and the Panasonic GH5 is only a couple of hundred dollars more. And the Z6 & E2 are still sub $2K as well. Most importantly, these are all cameras you can buy TODAY if you wish
  9. We're spoiled for options! At around about that price point or a little higher (but still all sub $2K) we have: Fujifilm X-T3 (lovely Fujifilm colors! 10bit 4K internal) Panasonic GH5 / GH5S (rock solid workhorses that are packed with features) Z Cam E2 (4K 120fps!! And recently got a firmware update for ProRes) Nikon Z6 (4K raw output from a vistavision sensor!)
  10. Can you share more about how you can do affordable DIY development and digital scanning of Super 8mm film?
  11. I'll have my black paintbrush at the ready to upgrade my FS5mk1 to a mk2! ;-) The mk1 already has the variable ND built in.
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