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  1. This. And in general, try to work on well resourced productions where you're not rushed for time, as you try to do multiple jobs at once. I know for myself when I'm doing jobs where I'm the entire sound department by myself, it is a LOT more physically draining than when I get to focus on being just the boom op or just the mixer.
  2. Completely agree, because one page equals (roughly) one minute on screen. And short films which are beyond 10 minutes don't really add proportionally more towards your progression/development/career for the effort it takes out of you.
  3. Look up the local youtuber groups? They usually skew very young. Almost in another couple of years I'd say you're "old enough" to go along and help out working on College Student Film Sets (and even indie "adult" sets).
  4. The large size (15.6"), high resolution (it is actually UHD! Not like these other "4K monitors" which merely mean it can take a 4K input, but are only a 1080 screen in reality), low-ish weight & power demands (2Kg & ≤18W), and various features (SDI / quadview / PIP / etc) all make it quite appealing for the low price of around US$600! http://www.seetec.cn/ShowInfo.aspx?id=190&py=SEETEC-15-6-4K-Broadcast-Monitor-with-IPS-UHD-3840x2160-4xHDMI-Quad-Split-Display-4K156-9HSD
  5. Prices of F3 bodies are going to be shooting through the roof on eBay now... :-/ Didn't they include the upgrade essential "for free" (they held the price of the body the same) with the F3L? As the original C300 put a lot of pressure on Sony to be price competitive.
  6. My GF too his an artist, we perhaps could make our place an art gallery too if I for once tied up the place and organized all my sound gear! oops
  7. It is expensive to properly store and maintain a film archive.
  8. If you're wanting a frugal IFB/Comtek alternative for small shoots, then this from Leicozic is surprisingly good and extremely affordable:
  9. I'm not disagreeing about the F5 being a better camera! Is why I keep on being tempted back to the dark side, to buy a new camera such as the F5 to upgrade from my F3 However, most people don't see the point in an F5 over and FS7 and won't pay extra for an F5. Thus why we're seeing a situation where an F5 can sell for very similar prices (or just slightly more) to a FS7 secondhand. Yes, I've got a friend who is an F5 owner and just got the FX9. We're doing a shoot together for an advert this monday. BTW, totally random factoid: I just heard about a Sony F5 that had been modded to have a Lemo timecode input instead of BNC!! :-o
  10. Prores Pro??? Do you mean ProRes RAW?
  11. Cheers for your contribution Tyler, I'd just add as well that the editor and his assistants are just a small part of the total post production team! Like you said, there is also color grading, but also an entire post production sound team, plus the VFX, and much much more.
  12. Just look at the credits of any blockbuster. The answer is clearly: YES
  13. Where are the 160K+ deaths in Sweden? The proof is lacking. While we're certain to experience economic devastation. We're on the fast track to double digit unemployment. (if we're not there already) Based on a discredited model. That article was from March, don't think anybody can say with a straight face now in May that we'd have got 80K deaths without a nationwide lockdown.
  14. Do you only make music videos?? What about boom ops.... Nope, I simply don't buy the claim our PM made that 80K kiwis will die unless we got put under pretty much house arrest. That was a total over the top reaction our government did, we could have taken a more moderate balanced approach instead.
  15. No, my point was we were sold lies as the basis for our lockdown in NZ. (80K deaths in NZ, which is ridiculous. A total lie, no way that would have happened. That number for instance is far higher than in Sweden. Which has double the population of NZ, and not to mention is in a very different situation: is closely connected to the rest of Europe, vs a very isolated island nation)
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