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Cleaning my Krasnogorsk K-3

NOT-Nicholas Lee-Shield

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Hey Guys,


Firstly, just wanted to say hey as this is my first post on here!


Right, basically I received my Krasnogorsk K-3 yesterday from an ebay seller. Whilst the description did not note anything regarding my issue, i found as I looked through the viewfinder that there appears to be a fair few marks/hair/dust etc.


Now, is this something that will affect my picture at all, or is it something thats purely on the glass of the view finder? ( I can learn to live with it if so)


Failing that, how easy is it to take apart and clean said effected area, and which tools would be best for the job?


Sorry i couldn't really supply any decent photos as the viewfinder is terribly dim and I can barely see through it, let alone my poor iPhone camera, but you might get the jist!


Thanks in advance,




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It's in the viewfinder. It's not between the lens and the film.

I would live with it. The position of the ground glass is critical for focussing so you wouldn't want to risk dislodging it.


Hi Mark,


Wow, thank you so much for the speedy reply!


Brill, thats not a problem i can defiantly live with it, I thought it was the lens at first, but both camera and lens were in tip top shape for its age, aside from this little problem.


I'm looking forward's to shooting my first roll of 16mm soon!

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