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  1. Yes, we're getting really good at that lately, aren't we?😑
  2. As I listen to radio on the computer now, I consigned mine to the garage the other day. Yesterday I found some cassettes. I need to check them. So the radio cassette's coming back indoors. Last month a Steenbeck client asked if by any chance I had a VHS player- I had. We saved one last year after a clearout, and a CRT analogue TV with a SCART socket. Extra (very reasonable) rental fee of course. So it's now earned its keep after spending 7 years disused. Keep the flame alight.
  3. Remember you get a loading allowance for each daylight spool(I believe it's about 3' each end) , but only one for the 400' core. So unless you can measure accurately, one of your spools may be about 20' short.
  4. I don't see any spots because of the edge effects from the circles. Can you re-post without them? No reason for expired stock to be prone to flaking.
  5. If you shot neg, dust spots would be white. If they don't move between lenses, it must be on the prism. It would help a lot if you put up a sample of the footage, or even just a few frame grabs.
  6. Ah yes- the curved edges to make it look like a badly-projected home movie (I always cropped off the edges to get a nice clean rectangle) or a Kodachrome slide.
  7. That's just a toy. Real geared heads weigh as much as a sound recordist's wallet.
  8. Just work out the new shutter speed by taking the setting for 24 and multiplying it by 32/24 or 64/24.
  9. I know those boxes. They don't have a proper light trap and it would be all too easy for the top to pop open if mishandled. You've worked this through but it needs to be pointed out to a newcomer that extra precautions are needed. If there were space one could bag the film inside the box as well, but I suspect there isn't. BTW OP, if you're not using Kodak but another brand that still puts 100' spools in cans, 100' on a core definitely won't go in one of those. The core is fully 2cm. bigger than the daylight spool centre.
  10. This is useful to know, but the box isn't intended to be lightproof because it's not intended to take a core. Presumably your lab has been warned in advance, because a lab would not normally expect to open the box in darkness.
  11. Not a bad price for loading rolls or scratch tests, actually, if it goes no higher. I charge £25 for 400' of 16mm. junk processed neg. Great fun though.
  12. According to this https://www.handmadefilm.org/resources/technicalResources/processes/developing/ecp-ecnTable.html the only difference between the neg and print processes is the first developer temperature. So labs should be able to cope. D-97 as a print developer is more contrasty than a neg developer, but presumably you'll be able to deal with that in post if you're not printing. I have no experience with either BTW.
  13. +1 to running tape-spliced film. The camera might object and lose a loop, but lab splices are usually made with two beefy metal staples or heavy-duty waterproof tape for the very reason that splicing tape couldn't be trusted to survive at high temperatures in rather unpleasant chemicals.
  14. Well, yes, but.... As I commented on that item, Kodak's turnover is 2% of what it was in its best year, 1996.
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