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  1. Kubrick is the go-to man for this, but his rig was very much more than just a wheelchair- there are plenty of photographs of it. In the absence of track, smoothness depends on the surface, not just the vehicle.
  2. You might thank someone if the film simply wouldn't have happened without them, but it'd have to be something more than a card table and a garage. Maybe if they lent you an airliner or a battleship or something.
  3. There's only one 2R stock left in the current catalogue and that's 500T short pitch, .2994, 7219, and only in 400' lengths, so you'd have to wind it down onto spools to use it. They no longer list a .3000 long-pitch stock, which must have been one of the last uses, for medium- and high-speed cameras. It's been the only one listed for a few years so I suspect they're running down the stock. https://www.kodak.com/motion/Products/Product_Information/index.htm All the 2R specs are still listed, though, so presumably they would do a special order. That would be about 480,000ft. of 16mm.
  4. It's a compliment- one sees too many overlong credits in which the director's dog's hairdresser's shampoo supplier gets a mention. Your co-contributors can just put a clip in their showreels.
  5. No mystery, it's German for adhesive tape. Maybe the locking mechanism just needs a clean so that it fits tighter. Something like brake cleaner or alcohol. The spring might just be bunged up with dirt.
  6. I mean that it doesn't appear to have any glass in it. I wonder if it removed for restoration at the time- this http://www.therosewindow.com/pilot/Paris-N-Dame/table.htm says only some is original anyway.
  7. Before the spire and the west rose window, I see......
  8. Sorry to jump in but there's a good thread on Alberto's service here http://8mmforum.film-tech.com/cgi-bin/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=011844 Minimum price only €30 for up to 300m, so about 3c/foot.
  9. It's a bit inelegant, but a lot of S8 cameras have the bush on the end of the grip, so it's manageable. Otherwise it wouldn't be too difficult to make up a battery holder with 6 AAs and solder on a lead and connector if you're handy with a soldering iron. Something like this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1Pcs-6-AA-Battery-9V-Diy-Clip-Holder-Box-Case-With-Wire-Leads-Black-DE/232034783705?hash=item360659d1d9:g:fegAAOSw~gRVnNSt Looks like that 9V connector is a bit unusual, though.
  10. Not before next Wednesday, anyway.
  11. Your starting point is that the emulsion side of unexposed b/w stock is usually greyish or blue-grey. Colour stock is usually some variation on buff, dull yellow or brown.
  12. Tape and Sharpie or chinagraph? I did it for 1.66 once on a 16BL. With a removable GG it would be even easier.
  13. It's the first result on Google, so, yes. He put the information there.
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