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Selling my NIKON R10, which is top shelf

Matt Stevens

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Gents, I bought the R10 from Super8arena for this project and it performed exactly as I had hoped and prayed. What a brilliant camera. But I did go over budget. And it hurt. So I am going to sell it.


It includes the original R10 case, which is in superb condition (no mold smell, smoke smell, etc). There are four filters, the wired remote control and I'll throw in a roll of Kodak Vision3 200T.


We shot some test rolls prior to the shoot and all came out as expected. The light meter is damn good and like many R10's you need to go over a stop to have it right (we shot two full stops over for the entire shoot).


Motor is butter smooth, as is the zoom.


So PM me if interested. I leave for China in nine days so I want to unload it now. I paid $625 for the camera and $50 for the case. I'm looking to get close to that. This is absolutely reasonable. I sold my Canon 1014 XL-S for much much more than that earlier this year and in my view the Canon is a vastly inferior camera. I've shot the R10 in near insanely dark conditions and STILL had a decent image. The optics are insane.

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