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Chinon 612XL Internal Meter Question

Dan Warter

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So in this camera is the internal meter system, whereas if the meter is inbetween the "red" marks on either end it is good to shoot - basically. Now everything seems to work (I've shot 3 200 ASA Reversal rolls outside, and all are mostly dark) so it seems the meter system is not working. Now I have an external meter too, and the light is right so my question is if the light meter is not working in the Chinon, does that affect how much light it's getting to the film as well? It is a "TTL" meter system that is automatically setting the F-Stops with how much ambient light there is, meaning I cannot set the F-stops manually.

If this is the case does anyone know what to do about this besides getting a different camera with manual F-Stop adjustment?


Thanks for any help!!

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The meter controls the iris, which is not opening by the sound of it so all your shots are at minimum exposure- probably f22-32 (Super-8 camera irises don't necessarily close completely unless they have a fade-out setting).

Assuming the camera doesn't owe you very much it's likely to be a lot cheaper to buy a replacement than to have it repaired. And yes, make sure it has manual exposure. Which works.

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Hey Mark!

Thanks for the response, I was afraid of that. I took it apart and inspected the mechanism that controlled the Iris, it moves freely, but I couldn't see where the "eye" was that measured the light. I was kinda hoping there was a watch battery in there that was dead and I could replace. :O)

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