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Customized LUTs on Red One Mx

Luca Travaglini

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Hi Luca,


1) You will have to grab a frame from the set with the Redone.


2) Open it up on Redcine X (I have REDCINE V.37 so I don't know if the menus are the same in previous versions)


3) In the "Looks" tab, change the settings to Redgamma / Redcine (exporting a lut will work just with those settings)


4) Adjust the colours, contrast, exposure, etc




6) Copy the look (it will have a .RLK extension) to a SD Card


7) Insert the SD Card in the Redone


8) Go to "AV MENU" > "VIDEO" > "LOOK" > "IMPORT"


And there you go!


Have a good day.

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