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Question about Importing After Effects timeline into Premiere

John W. King

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Hello all,


For the current film I'm working on, I had to go through an odd process to do what I needed to it.


First, I imported the footage into Premiere so as to trim it down and piece it all together.

Then, I opened up After Effects, and imported the project from Premiere into AE so as to do some edits to it that I could only do in this program.

Then, after finishing these edits, I opened Premiere back up and imported this AE timeline that I had added the edits to into a timeline on Premiere.

Basically, I did all this without ever having to export from a program.

Just some specs: I use Windows 7 with 8gb of RAM. Also, the video files I used were ProRes HQ.


Everything turned out fine, but there is one inconvenience: when I play the final video in Premiere, it has extremely choppy playback (even on 1/4 quality). I did do some pretty heavy edits to it in After Effects, but my question is, is this the best way to go about doing something like this? Or should I have exported an H.264 file from AE, then import it into Premiere?


Thanks a lot!


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The Problem with Dynamic Link is that it requires a lot of rendering power. Even with my computer (16GB Ram with Geforce GTX680) I get some heavy drop frames.


Best workflow would be to do the After Effects work at the end, right before rendering the final project.

Or use proxy files instead of dynamic link, and replace the proxies with a high res DNxHD or Apple Prores at the end of th editing.


What is it that you are doing in AE? Motion Graphics, Color Gradin, Time remaping? Maybe there is another workaround?

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