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Sankyo Super CME 660 missing battery holder

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I have just bought my first Super 8 camera. Took a risk and got it on eBay without asking any questions (as it was cheap and the seller didn't know anything about the camera so I thought if it doesn't work out it isn't the end of the world, and hey, the worst that can happen is that it looks nice sitting on a shelf, ha).


I've discovered that there should be a skeleton battery holder in the battery compartment in the handle to place four AA batteries. Unfortunately it is missing.


Thought I'd check on here for some expert advice. Is this a no go now or is there any way to find these battery holders without buying a whole new Sankyo for parts/repairs and hoping to use the battery holder from it? Not something I want to do just to check if this one is even working!


Any help is much appreciated.









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Is it like this one?


If so you just need one of these


preferably one with two male studs rather than one female clip as in that example, although that will probably do.

If you have a Maplins, or even a proper radio shop, you may be able to pop in and try one out.

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