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FS: Sony PMW-F5 and AXS-R5 Complete Kit

Mark Kenfield

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Hi guys,


I’m putting my F5/R5 Raw Recorder kit up for sale. It’s a complete, ready-to-shoot package, in excellent condition and has served me extremely well on commercial, narrative and documentary content, it's a camera that does it all.


Package includes the following:
- Sony PMW-F5 with 4k Internal Recording Upgrade
- Sony AXS-R5 Raw Recorder
- Sony DVF-EL100 OLED Viewfinder
- 4x 64GB SxS Cards (1x SxS, 3x XQD + Adapters)
- 2x 512GB AXS Raw Cards
- Sony USB3 SxS Card Reader
- Sony AXS Raw Card Reader
- Element Technica Top Plate
- Element Technica Side Plate
- Element Technica Micron Bridgeplate System for 15mm LW
- Element Technica Studio Riser (For Conventional Bridgeplates)
- 3x Element Technica Micron Dovetails
- Dovetailing Handheld Kit (Berkey System 15mm Handles + Micron Dovetailing Shoulder Pad)

- Berkey System 15mm Rails


Looking for $19,000 USD / $25,000 AUD for the whole lot, so you can save yourself a bundle.

Here's the camera:








The dovetailing shoulder pad:




And how the handheld kit works:






And, so you can see what the camera's capable of, my showreel (about 90% of which has been shot with the F5):



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Nothing for the moment. The last few shoots I've done have required quite a range of different cameras, so I think I'll just sit tight for the moment and rent camera bodies as needed (I still have all of my lights, lenses and support gear, so only need the bodies).


The big question to my mind is whether to just go for something super cheap; like an old F35, a used F3 or one of the new Blackmagics - where I'm not so fussed about squeezing a decent camera rental fee on top of my day rate. Or whether to step up, go the whole hog, and get an Alexa.

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Ok thanks.. I guess i would be concerned about 4K.. there a very good argument thats is a load of bollocks for corp/ tv work.. but more and more I get asked for it..(fortunately I did the upgrade on my F5 when it came out.. thank you Paul Ream !)..


I have a fairly simple corp shoot for Netflix, and they have requested 4K.. had I paid out for an Amira/Alexa.. I might be worried.. it has the up res but Im not sure how long prod co,s will buy that.. even though we know its looks fantastic.. when they are ticking off box,s on a piece of paper in an office..well its not really 4K..

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I used to worry about 4k too, but not so much anymore. If I'm fortunate enough to get called up to shoot a Netflix show in 4k , I doubt I'd be bringing along a personal camera anyway.


For the narrative stuff that's the bulk of my work, no one's doing 4k finishes anyway, and won't be for years yet from the looks of things. Not before all of the cinemas upgrade to 4k projectors at least, and vfx houses can more readily afford to quadruple their data and rendering.


I really like 4k (and higher), I like the added flexibility. But for the moment, resolution isn't too high on my list of needs for a camera.

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Yes ... Im not shooting drama,s for Netflix just a corp video.. ! and actually for my work its been the corp video,s that were the first to go 4K,never for delivery.. that 100% HD.. but for getting two shots on the interviews.. stabilizing ,zoom,pans etc.. but this "use" of 4K could become more wide spread into broadcast.. but sure if you dont need it .. an Amira would be nice :)

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