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  1. The real problem that has led this thread, although interesting, down the rabbit hole ,is their is no answer to the OP,s question.. everyone in this industry has a different story how they got there.. sometimes its totally by accident ..or in my case a young offenders prison program.. just go out and shoot something.. knock on doors .. the usual stuff.. there is no magic first step..
  2. If you never find one.. These Vocas handles are very similar ..with or without Rec switch ..
  3. No Dave, doesn't work like that .. they have the affair and realize that the boring colleague ,who has been after them for years.. is in fact ,a boring colleague after all.. who talks about their BMW in bed.. and leaves their black credit card on the table in restaurants on purpose for all to see .. the better half realize their massive mistake and love your selfish arty mood swings all the more .. and buy you an Austin Healey 3000...
  4. Ah just realized something.. he's sitting crossed leg..the hand with the watch is resting on his leg.. which accounts for the "slumped" posture .. in that case I would frame wider to see he is sitting crossed legged ,and so not an up tight lawyer 🙂 and the whole leaning thing will make sense and not be an issue ..
  5. Marry a lawyer or dentist .. problem solved.. you are the struggling creative to be admired for your grit and tenacity .. they pay the bills.. and can feel they are supporting the arts .. also get them to buy you an E type Jag as that will inspire you..
  6. A7III is newer and cheaper ,plus it has better features for video/AF than the more expensive older r and s models.. and the large battery same as the A9.. this is crucial as the smaller batts are rubbish... its almost an industry standard B or C camera for docs /corprate/ low budget drama..and has FF sensor.. wide lens choice etc.. BM is good not not often requested in the freelance world .. (if shooting your own stuff disregard this sage advise and buy anything you want, if the idea is to pursue a career as a freelance Camera person you need to have the gear thats requested )
  7. And the beauty of it all is Im always right too..
  8. Now hear this .. ... here is the empirical answer to this whole thread ..cease this idle chatter... A7III to learn a bit.. then 2nd hand fs7.. cheap as chips and best bang for the buck in the whole camera universe .. you can shoot a Netflix show with it .. there you have it Sam.. go forth and shoot...
  9. In your diagram.. you have two lights on the sides, right and left.. on the same axis as the cameras there.. for the over shoulder shots.. I would put the lights on the other side of the line, of the two actors.. each actor will then be "looking towards the light"..for the over shoulder cameras..giving a "nice" modeling light.. rather than a very flat on same axis of camera light.. ie classic interview lighting .. which can also probably give a bit of backlight for your central wide shot on each subject .. if you want it
  10. Yes its reassuring the guy is working in the industry and clearly knows what he's talking about ..as with the easy rig .. which was basically invented for hand held interviews rather than actual "hand holding " camera work ..I guess as this one isn't attached at the top and is just resting on a foam plate.. or so it seems.. you can actually counter any sway to some extent ..Im sure its good.. but yeah if possible Idol want to give one a quick try before buying.. my easy rig has served its purpose but now gathers dust.. as I use lighter lenses
  11. I believe it is now illegal to use an iPhone instead of a real camera..
  12. Yes thats was my worry too.. I think I would try one before buying as I have an easy rig already.. although gathering dust as the solution for me was just to use lighter lenses .. and just shoot hand held ..
  13. Yes looks good.. seems you can operate as you would .. although for something like walking /shooting I wonder if it also introduces some sort of sidewards "sway"..
  14. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/04/11/ergorig-the-handheld-back-saver/ Saw this a month ago and had completely forgotten about it !.. agreed it looks exactly what needed.. although unlike the easy rig you cant check your phone when you use it ...
  15. Trouble with easy rig is the sway movement due to weight being on the hips.. small moves great.. but any walking its NG.. and well its not designed for that anyway .. good for many things but not really a general hand held alternative .. As to the OP.. its an impossible question as it totally down to the look/feel you want .. for the subject matter you are shooting .. eg a reconstruction of a riot or a classic Italian garden with refined gents and ladies strolling around ..no rules but its most likely then down to what "look" your director wants to to create ..
  16. Phil.. why does he do that..
  17. Yeah I very rarely get to shoot a test before the shoot day .. HFR is the killer for me.. as of course you only see it on playback ..but Im rarely over 120.. so easy to do a quick test.. Phantoms yeah thats a different league ..
  18. Nice one .. your on your way !
  19. Shooting on Digital ,I think the only safe way is to shoot a test before hand .. or just shoot off a quick shot and play back.. doesn't take that long.. and certainly is quicker than a re shoot .. I do for any HFR shot.. takes seconds and can save arse big time.. there are quite a few apps on line for "safe" frame rates etc.. I use FLICKERfree..
  20. Looks good.. nice lighting.. the only things I would say, is if its a centre framed subject I would put them right in the centre .. not just a bit off.. watch out for the subject "slouching".. its ok for a "relaxed " look.. but often on corp shoots its not a look they want.. personally I think there is just a tad too much head room.. and I would probably go for a slightly tighter shot and try to get the back ground more out of focus as its quite busy.. all small things the lighting is really good.. this more naturalist style in in vogue at the moment ..
  21. I believe its all gone over to Fs7... for the Sony "Look".. David can confirm of course ..
  22. "Fake" slow mo can be made in post.. adding frames I believe .. but it never looks exactly the same.. TBH if might be time to up grade your camera to one that can over crank up to 50/60/100/120 frames.. eg A7III is not that expensive and has good video features .. or fs5/C100 video cameras.. your going to have to do it sooner than later ..
  23. Phil... you don't need lights anymore .. Im like Duh.. .. .. we got like 100,000 ISO on the Black magic now.. its awesomely sick bro..
  24. Yes I agree this genius thing is BS.. maybe Im getting old.. but there should also be some respect for people who have achieved a certain level in their field.. Ive just noticed on this forum in the last few years.. you have younger people with next to no experience or see able talent .. dissing world renowned DoP,s and directors .. its just something that my generation would not do, amongst peers in the same industry .. you would be seen to be a total idiot .. and laughed out off the room.. even if you were really drunk it would be a really embarrassing thing to do.. you may not like there style but you would appreciate their knowledge and that they had the balls to get out and become a feature film DoP of some renown.. when you are still a clapper loader.... now we have folk on this forum who have barely directed traffic , or shot their school play on a 5D.. dissing all sorts of well known people in our industry .. I find it very annoying ..
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