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  1. The subject of your post just says the Gov is bring in a $2T rescue package .. and my post is very pertinent to that .. you didn't say this was a thread only about freelance cinematographers .. ???
  2. They are printing this money out of thin air .. .. there will be repercussions.. have to be .. better spend that $1,200 quick before it only buys you an apple.. if this was the answer Zimbabwe would be top of the G7.. dollar might be saved only that everyone else is doing it and it might win the least ugly contest ..
  3. China has already made the mixed live animal/ wet markets illegal .. problem is its not enforced .. as you say its almost an impossible task .. but maybe their ruthless tactics re their own people .. would for once be a good thing .. and they will try to totally clamp down on them..
  4. Easy .. stop down .. 1.5 or so and its the same .. noise is less of worry large sensor .. and many cameras now have a dual ISO.. even less noise ..
  5. I think you can write off this year basically .. if a vaccine miraculously appears all good .. but that has to be a year anyway before the public get it .. life will go on .. I mean even the Spanish flu, with little to no medical scientific attention lasted only about 2 years .. even the Black Death petered out .. all virus mutate to do this.. if they kill everyone they also die .. but it will be another nasty virus that will be around .. and we will need to get a jab every year ..
  6. Funny you should bring that up.. Nick is always droning on about playing me in a Bio flick.. had to ban the guy from my parties .. always after my wife ..this Asian thing he has .. I see it more as a John Malkovich role.. Being Robin Probyn ..
  7. I hope the red arrow loser will be self isolating for the next 20 years .. as if we didn't have enough to deal with 🙂
  8. Its had limited theatrical release already sir .. was going to be shown with the next Bond .. but got pulled .. but interest from Netflix ..
  9. Oh no not the film V,s Digital thing again... I thought I already gave the definitive answer here .. Yes digital can look just as good as film .. or better.. if it suits the film .. and anyway who cares .. the lighting / sound track / directing / acting / and most of the script is what matters .. Why spoil ever single film you go to see.. when the most important thing to you is what its shot on.. its like going to a restaurant and being worried about the window frames .. chill Winston .. enjoy the damn film 🙂
  10. Had two good shoots canceled .. one in Japan (home turf) and one in Palau ..Mmm could be a bad year for freelancers ..
  11. First reported case in the Spanish flu break out .. was in the US .. On 4 March 1918, company cook Albert Gitchell reported sick at Fort Riley, an American military facility that at the time was training American troops during World War I, making him the first recorded victim of the flu. Within days, 522 men at the camp had reported sick. Medicine was back in the Stone Age compared to now .. I dont think you can compare the 50 million that died to today.. .. and it was during WW1.. probably didnt help ..
  12. My reason for buying a FF camera was to get a down sampled 4K image from a 6K sensor .. and for interviews in confined spaces.. it makes it easier to get a blurred background .. as I don't have the space to move back and go on a longer APS-C sensor lens to achieve the same effect.. and I can always crop into s35.. (changing scan mode).. if I need to.. the down side is increased possibility of rolling shutter as slower read out time ..and reduced high frame rates in FF scan.. .. but there is, I think, a tangible different in the image between 4K after debayer from a 4K sensor .. and the down sampled 4K from a 6K sensor .. and for good or bad FF will become "the thing" to some extent ,it already has really in feature films ..and we see it trickle down to corps and docs..
  13. Ok thanks ..got it .. Ive never heard the term depth used in this way re lenses .. have say I would still call it a shallow depth of field look... I hope this inverse usage of the word never makes it to the fields of air traffic control or surgery 🙂
  14. But wouldn't the longer lenses needed for FF, for the same frame size .. same distance to object .. result in a shallower depth of field .. rather than "more depth".. or I just wasted my money buying a FF camera 🙂
  15. Hi Abdul.. I edited my first comment as I thought it might be seen as a bit condescending ... I now realize my edited comment could be seen as a bit rude .. even with the smiley face .. its a joke and not meant to be taking the piss..
  16. Dear Friend .. you cannot be more wrong .. 😉
  17. Sorry didnt want to come over as standing on a soap box.. and I don't have shares in Sony 🙂 .. but it really is a big misconception to think the fx9 is a slightly better fs7.. its a way, way better camera in many ways .. admittedly the fs7 bar is pretty low in alot of departments.. personally I never would have ,and didn't buy one .. but the fx9 is a totally different beast .. you should get your hands on one .. really bang for buck its quite amazing what Sony have come up with .. the new sensor is very good.. low light is just mind blowing .. and the S Cinetone REC709 .. is definitely the end of the dreaded "Sony look" out of the box..
  18. Maybe too late now.. but one thing to try .. if you put the card back in the camera, that was used to record the footage .. you should usually get a "restore media" message .. do this and everything is fine .. usually this happens when power is lost during recording and the clip isn't closed properly.. what type of card was it.. if it was Sony and new it will be under 5 year warranty .. and the camera was fine with all other cards ? .. You can also try copying the clips to another card in the other slot .. but thats very weird .. or some sort of screw up by the DIT.. unlikely but apparently it was fine till they got it .. I always like to down load myself for this reason .. but not always possible ..
  19. There is more chance of rolling shutter due to FF read out time as opposed to smaller APSC.. you have to be more aware of it .. if its a specific shot like a tip pan I would drop down to S35 crop mode to lessen the chance ..
  20. Just use the SDI for an on board monitor if you want to be able to put in anywhere ..? I have a little small HD 5 inch SDI focus.. works well .. but there are only 2 SDI puts on the fx9.. fs7 too I think but not sure..
  21. I think this is also a mis conception .. the fx9 is alot more than a slight improvement on the fs7 .. its a massive improvement in all ways.. brand new FF 6k back lit sensor..low light performance .. dual ISO.. much improved EVF LCD. better menu and at last TC in the camera body.. and better color science .. AF .. and buttons that need a deep press and have a light to tell you whats on or not.. weather sealing ,magnesium alloy body.. audio controls on camera body.. the list goes on .. its far more a Venice lite than an fs7 heavy ..
  22. Ive never had any problems with XAVC I so far ..but the 480 Mbps would be an advantage .. but haven't shoot XAVC L.. alot of people don't seem to get shooting S log with the set 2000 ISO level .. and preset WB.. the fx9 you can actually change the WB in Cine EI mode now like Arri .. the" problems " that have ever got back to me from post, banding etc have 100% ,so far anyway, been user error their end ..banding was their monitor setting ! but under exposed Log is going to give you problems with any codec.. just not much data down there .. Slog3 is exactly the same gamma curve as Arri LogC .. an advantage of the fx9 is you dont have to over expose Slog if your worried about noise .. its such a clean picture even at high ISO,s.. Drama your better off with raw of course.. which the fx9 doesn't have yet ,and will only be to external recorder as plans are now .. shame the haven't made a R7 type bolt on .. but its not really the target user for this camera .. unless it moves up the food chain ..
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