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  1. If you have the money I guess Alexa Mini ,or a camera more budget friendly something like an fs7.. without the back V mount attachment its pretty small ,and uses small consumer type batteries ... audio is really the draw back on the Mirror less cameras.. or having to have ext recorder anyway.. as Im sure you know..
  2. Its a common LUT in most Sony cameras .. or MLUT as they call them.. the M being Monitor.. its a gamma curve .. used for monitoring slog .. useful in the EVF and to monitors .. is that where you are seeing it..
  3. No really I don't .. Ive never even been close to saying that.. in fact totally the opposite .. just to totally dispel that.. obviously I didn't get the point over.. thats the whole thing.. I think BOTH are fine, fantastic .... totally agnostic .. but yes I do believe digital can look every bit as good as film.. and yes hate to go on about it .. but Roger Deakins has displayed this many times.. I use his name as basically he is one of the best DP,s in the world and thats its very very hard to refute he has made amazing images in both mediums.. and that he lights them the same .. Im not praising digital,.. show one example .. but to say its inherently inferior I just cant let that go by without some argument ...
  4. Here it is from Manu .. .."Perhaps but if the film itself doesn't look visually appealing, that's all it takes."... (to not go and see it ).. this is what I mean exactly .. write off the film if it doesn't look good .. in this case because its shot digitally and looks "cheap" I believe was the term.. again I rest my case your honor.. and to my learned colleague across the court.. please verify and fact check your claims sir.. Often very agitated .,.. ?.. I haven't made many posts at all considering the time Ive been on this forum ..I have had to defend the Sony f5/55 more than a few times due to people having no idea what they are talking about re these cameras and the codec .. but apart from that I believe Ive been pretty mellow.. you have some examples.. Im intrigued .. have malignant forces hacked my account.. while I have relaxing by the pool with a G&T.. please enlighten ..
  5. No it's not.. Im not anti film.. Ive said a few times already I love film.. you can read I said this about 4 times already .. the blinkered idea is just dismissing a while film as "ruined" by being shot in Digital .. that's my gripe ..
  6. I have no axe to grind .. I think film is great ,I have never said anything against film..as much as digital is too in the right hands .. I dont care about anyone's preference .. of course thats their business..some people even wear flared trousers .. I say nothing ..but what is annoying, is the evangelist furor, blinkered view that some people have against digital .. talk about defensive behaviour !..most of them are not even camera people.. or some with very limited experience .. its some sort of knee jerk, coffee shop film maker thing.. and I rise to be the noble defender of digital .. guilty as charged sir ..Roger and I will stand firm together as fans of digital .. and I see a long fruitful career ahead for him..
  7. Sure agreed.. but really a trailer on the inter web ,compressed to shite.. you can really tell between a film shot sharp ,or digital soft.. seems the personal preference of film fans is they don't like "sharpness".. rather than fundamentally film over digital.. as we agreed film can be shot as sharp as any digital .. they are then post produced in digital anyway.. and projected in digital.. I just wouldn't let the pixel peeping get in the way of not watching a film ,especially based on a 30 second trailer on the inter web .. I wouldn't judge a film just by what its shot on.. I rest my case your honor..
  8. Thats a shame .. but also its a very compressed image on the inter web.. Im sure it looks different on the big screen.. actually in this form / compression you probably really couldn't tell if this is film or video in a million years .. film can be shot to look very sharp.. and digital to be very soft..
  9. I was using him as an example to back up what I said .. the thread is not "who is the best DP in the world "..? Did I say film is not as good as digital.. this is always the defensive argument of the film fanboy.. no ?.. he says that he lights the same .. he is a top DP who is working with both mediums .. if your question is, would I follow his words rather than arm chair pixel peeps on the inter web.. then yes ..a resounding yes..
  10. we arnt talking about personal opinions .. I stated that even very high end DP,s have been known not to be able to tell the difference. you claimed otherwise.. I put forward Roger Deakins as an example .. and a pretty heavy weight one at that .. I rest my case your honor
  11. Your words.".Iam sure even the best DP,s can tell".. well Roger Deakins is probably the best living DP.. certainly one of the biggest back catalogue s in film and digital with many different looks .. so Im making that point .. in a lucid, logical .. even masterly way..
  12. Roger Deakins has said this when being interviewed a few times..he couldn't tell if a film he was watching was film or digital .. he's also not afraid of using it.. and lights exactly the same .. thats what he says .. and really I do think he knows what he's talking about .. yes its a forum about camera work.. thats what Im saying .. people are not seeing the woods for the tress .. getting obsessed with Digital meaning a film is ruined by using it.. its like saying the only "good" films are in BW.. Im sure this would have been hot topic at the time if they had the inter web ..
  13. Roger Deakins has said this .. you want better than that .. same way a whole lot of ASC DP,s chose the Canon 5D on a blind camera test ..
  14. Agreed ! lets not put that chestnut back in the fire 🙂 .. everyone has their own preferences .. my point is only that I think if a film is strong enough in the more important ,basic points of script /acting /direction.. the medium shouldn't matter at all.. I hate 48p visually .. but I would, hopefully, not actually even notice it after 5 minutes if the film was good.. you would be in the story completely .. the whole Digital /film debate shouldn't even exist these days.. where the difference visually is pretty much non existent .. even top DP,s can't tell.. its like saying the flavor of the pop corn in the cinema is ruining the film..
  15. we used to put them in cool boxes .. like for beer on a picnic .. those insulated ones.. you can put ice packs in the side inserts.. but yes as Tyler says .. dont try and freeze the film ! but I wouldn't worry too much unless your getting to 40C + locations ..
  16. The story ,script and acting should mean alot more to you than the camera .. not seeing the woods for the trees sir.. digital doesn't make a film bad the same as film doesn't make a film good.. take off the pixel peeping hat and just go and see a film with an open mind.. this film looked fantastic visually to me.. . 🙂
  17. Fair point.. maybe Im just bitter after one of my early probation officers told me there was no Father Christmas ..
  18. But this could be a good thing too.. non ?.. plenty film reviews mention there is a twist .. it probably makes more people want to see it..
  19. Au contraire ...This will entice the prospective viewer even more.. a twist is just a twist till it's known.. a film has an ending ,thats a known.. if you tell someone the ending is good ..without telling them how it ends .. you have just whet their appetite .. nes par..
  20. No their actual EVF,s.. like the Eye..
  21. Great film... loved the twist at the end .. didn't see that coming at all..
  22. If your in the USA.. which seems you are .. I would use 1/60th shutter .. as you have a 60Hz system.. this should get rid of any fluorescent light flicker .. there is no difference to the eye between 1/50th and 1/60th image wise.. but its by far the safer shutter speed in the US.. Hand held with those cameras is pretty hard to to do..with inanimate subject matter.. I would go with the gimbal myself..
  23. My 2 cents.. if possible.. set up an interview area in the store .. bring the people to you.. maybe a a few decent backgrounds with depth.... Definitely battery operated lights.. TBH I would just go with one LED 1x1 light you can put a decent sized soft box on .. eg Astra with a DoP soft box or similar .. or LED Mat light.. a small light will be a hard light.. small light with a decent sized soft box will be a soft light .. whats your frame rate.. check for an flicker from the practicals .. if you shoot FF it will be easy to get the background soft .. which will probably work in this best in this situation .. get any music turned off.. or it will kill you in the edit ..
  24. Seems a few like too.. Arguably the most famous living DP,..or at least with the greatest body of work..Roger Deakins does and so does Barry Ackroyd .. they both come from a doc background which might have some influence..
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