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  1. Oh yes much lighter.. it really seems to weight nothing .. I just got one specifically to be as light weight as possible.. I had a Bright Tangerine atom.. but didnt like the rubber hood.. this one is all solid.. Sorry Im not 100% sure .. better check with Sigma / Rental house.. but def PL mount version.. thats what I have..not sure your rig but personally I don't want a follow focus on board if Im doing my own focus hand held.. the cine primes will be impossible to focus by hand only..with super long travel .. but thats just down to taste .. Just to add.. the flag is removable .. they dont mention in the video ..
  2. If you wanted to able to zoom a bit Sigma 18-35 cine zoom .. just over 3 lbs..but pretty small.. good for HH.. 180 degree focus.. very close near focus.. T2.. doesn't have the breathing of the 50-100.. and should be around £3K .. I have this lens and you can HH it for ages .. if you need a very light weight Mattbox.. Wooden Camera have a new one ..Zip Box Pro.. just out .. about $500.. I have the swing away version.. super light.. takes filters etc.... its a very light weight and cheap combo..
  3. when I say artist I mean it in the more traditional way.. the guy laying bricks can be an artist too.. but thats sort of a dead end as far as the debate goes wouldn't you agree.. how can the process be the same.. live action and animation .. not even close .. they go on location ?.. they work 16 hours in the desert.. they get dope from the caterers :).. the crew is pissed off in the heat/cold.. the light is going and the dir is getting rattled .. have to drop some takes..the ,location has changed since the scout shots.. the airbase starts touch and go practice .. its nothing like the same .. "there is no difference in the process " come on man.. your being very defense .. no one is taking anything away from animators .. they are amazing .. but they are not actors .. that is a very different job .. Edit for spelling
  4. But Tim.. really ..animators are artists no..? very skilled Im sure.. they are not actors though .. surely there is a difference ..many of the great actors will improvise.. with movements and /or lines ..they can have an idea a few minutes before the take.. talk with the dir just before camera ,s roll.. are there animators who claim to be actors.. ? its a very different process ..
  5. Yes exactly.. my point only was that I wouldn't advise buying an over priced florrie bulb Kino.. JD seemed to object and that I had a stilted view, not sure why.. he didn't answer to my rather obvious reply.. its pretty obvious lights of that type are going LED ..
  6. Phil Im also available and willing to fly economy ..but would require a corner room..
  7. I think opposite I have to say.. gold mount is an Aaton Bauer mount.. and you will pretty much only find it in the US.. and Bauer now is also going over to V mount it seems.. the few times Ive used Gold Mount it seemed loose to me ,the battery had play in the mount.. and a heavy bulky design in the first place.. V mount is pretty much the world standard now.. I believe Sony came up with the design.. . I doubt gold mount will be around for much longer..
  8. But if its a zoom lens with the back focus slightly out .. can you not get soft focus shots.. ?
  9. Might be lens mount/back focus problem.. ?? maybe worth having it checked out by a techie
  10. Phil.. you can use a ⅔ ENG zoom on many s35mm sensor cameras .. just go into crop mode with an adaptor ...I did a shoot for BBC Nat history of a night time festival with the Panasonic LT varicam.. one of the lenses was an ENG telephoto zoom.. worked very well.. and the Varicam has dual ISO 800 and 5000.. the 5,000 is very good not noisy we even shot slo mo 50fps in the night ! I think the LT will go to 240.. but not 100% sure.. could be a good contender..
  11. Looks ok to me.. I like you get a notification if someone replies .. the recent posts thing is back.. what's not to love.. ?
  12. haha !.. there are pretty cheap second hand f5,s around now.. even f55,s for that matter.. as far as SxS cameras go..
  13. I don't shoot Pro Res but I would recommend the 128GB cards .. I have 5 to be super safe.. and to be able to shoot a couple of "normal" days, if I cant for some reason down load one day..or want to keep footage on the card.. in XAVC 4K 24/25p I get 63 mins per card and 130 mins in HD.. Pro Res is more data heavy .. so if your shooting 4K and have to do say long interviews only 2 cards might be dangerous.. depends on your work really.. or have a couple of XQD and SxS adaptors as a safety back up .. what camera will you be using BTW..?
  14. Not sure I would ever want to trust SD cards for a paying job.. but there are SxS to XQD adaptors .. although on the Sony forums there have been die hard adaptor uses get burnt with "spanned clips" not working.. and the first /second part somehow disappearing into cosmic dust.. and these guys vowing to never use adapters again.. the expense of SxS cards is for a reason.. they are the most robust in the universe..they have an internal controller.. the new ones have a 10 year warranty .. personally I would never use an adaptor .. just pay out for the cards.. put your rate up a bit and sleep easy..
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