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  1. " Draw a line from 2005 to the far end of this graph. Then do the math on inflation during that same time period. You'll see silver prices follow inflation (outside of recessions 2008 and 2011). So in 2005 the price was $6 and by 2015 it was $16. That's a $10 change in 10 years" But shifts in between that are huge in massive amounts .. Kodak are not buying silver to put under their bed as a hedge against inflation and Fiat currency Armageddon, they are buying futures , they are trying to / have to .. lock in prices for the future , its a gamble , they have to hedge these futures too.. mu
  2. Yes the v1 had some issues ..most you read online were user error , have been a couple of updates since then .. the green tone is only when applying the s709 LUT without any grading, not in the camera , I guess thats a toss up on whats more reliable .. new or old .. one thing I would recommend , ask the seller to replace the internal battery .. you can do it yourself but scary the first time and its bad on action .. I had this happen to me on location and had to do it in my hotel room under pressure .. a night I wont forget soon !
  3. Still a good camera , but pretty old now , AXS / SxS media is expensive .. but its in a different league to an fs7.. very different markets .. f5/55 both have XAVC I 480 too.. I think it depends if you really need raw or not , and what camera suits your work.. basically the closest thing to a Venice image wise, is now the fx9.. not the same sensor but FF and " Venice color space ".. the Venice s709 LUT for Slog3 is also what Sony recommend for the fx9 ( but its a bit green ).. but the fx9 is not good for raw , have to go to a 3rd party external recorder and its 12 bit recording , although
  4. Well any google search will tell you Silver is a very volatile commodity .. especially in gold / silver forums you will see this .. very easy to get burnt with silver .. my quote is from Wikipedia , its not just my personal opinion.. its simply wrong to say Silver is a stable commodity with no / not much price fluctuation over decades ... last post on silver from me .. lets hope there is a silver lining for 2021 .. 🙂
  5. Sorry but no way could silver ever be described as a non volatile commodity ..., its a very harsh mistress .. the Misses almost choked on her sushi at the mere thought .. "The price of silver is driven by speculation and supply and demand, like most commodities. The price of silver is notoriously volatile compared to that of gold because of the smaller market, lower market liquidity and demand fluctuations between industrial and store of value uses. At times, this can cause wide-ranging valuations in the market, creating volatility.[6]"
  6. Totally not true sir .. according to my wife , head of commodities trading Mitsui Banking Corporation , and not to be argued with , Silver was $50 an ounce in 2011.. !! its now $25.50.. its all over the place, same as copper .. its much more an industrial metal more than a store of wealth like gold ..
  7. Sure I wasn't trying to contradict what you were saying , Im sure he knew what he was doing way before CE.. he still seems to play down any "techie" knowledge .. my point is I think this is his image too.. he doest want to be seen at the guy who knows all the tech .he likes this spontaneous, fly by seat of the pants , type guy image .. but of course under all that he knows a lot ..
  8. Christopher Doyle I think likes to put over this image , of the wild artist , but actually sometimes he lets slip, or its very obvious , that he actually knows alot of the techie / lab stuff about film and Digital .. but it doesn't suit his image so he hides it .. he's quite clued in ,in relativity ..
  9. Ok thanks sir .. another thing to look out for ..Im beginning to wish it all stayed fluorescent!!
  10. Thanks for the follow up.. so worth paying attention when using practical LED,s .. but you say its only happened when the dancers were moving quickly .. or there all the time .. ?
  11. Seems more like a budget way to just get some sort of base level amount of illumination ,rather than anything fancy .. I would just pretend someone had left some lights on in the house.. 🙂 .. the documentary solution !
  12. Mmm interesting .. worth remembering..the perils of practical LEDS.. but what Tyler says is also true .. thousands of people are shooting with no film LED,s , Im sure I have many times on docs / corp shoots .. you would think this problem would be happening all the time ..
  13. Venice and alot of the Sony cameras have S&Q (slow and quick) mode .. its a way of baking in slower or quicker off speed frame rates ,into the base frame rate you have set in the camera ..
  14. But then wouldn't you see the source itself also flickering .. it would be over thew whole image the whole time ..? the OP says it only happens when they move quickly , maybe some shutter "thing".. ?
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