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  1. If your new camera gives you the option, I would change it shutter speed, if thats what your used to , I think thats easier to work out 180 degrees and to avoid flicker .. you don't have to work in angles .. I would agree with the above .. unless you want an effect, go with 180, or close if you need to factor in flicker .. also if you then want to ramp, you have the right motion blur ..
  2. Agreed .. the Astra Lite panels are a great work horse light .. the Redheads of today !..
  3. "That guy who puts a 2K open face as main source ".. haha .. Im only joking of course .. yeah if they cost nothing and work.. tungsten lights can look great .. Im old so I remember when there was only Red heads and Blondes .. and an HMI on a posh shoot !.... I just remembered a funny story, and I swear its true .. I was an AC in the 80,s on a BBC shoot ,made by an Independent prod co.. we were all freelancers .. anyway the shoot was in Greece on a small Island ,we had one light ..a Blonde ,one ext cable, one stand ,and a spare bulb .. but due to BBC regs, we had to have a spark with us !!.. seriously .. a guy came all the way form London to Greece ,to put one light on a stand and plug it into the wall.. and I think this was done twice in a couple of weeks .. and you tell kids these days !
  4. Throw them all away and use bi color LED,s.. its 2020..
  5. He is good at the Diamond Geeza , cockney London gangster thing.. . Lock stock was a great film.. but unfortunately, by far his best really .. bit like Quentin T.. their first big film was their best .. but there again .. Citizen Kane .. Badlands.. Dual.. so in good company there I guess.. but yeah there is that thing that cannot be ignored ..that error of judgement that is a smear on his character .. a gapping sore on the soft under belly of humanity .. he did marry Madonna .. and for that .. no he cannot be forgiven ..
  6. Its usually about $2m to $3m..for a typical 3 month feature...depending on their relationship with the director and DoP.. a little less than sound recordists .. this discrepancy being the fuel for much rancor at the local pub, after the 5 hr day.. post corona though, with the need for smaller crews and leaner budgets , editing will be done by the DIT.. you heard it here first .. I cant name names .. but from high up the Warner tree..
  7. Totally depends on the gamma curve you are using .. there is no set IRE for White or African .. as much as there is no "African" skin type either .. ?
  8. Yes listening to them now .. great .. very interesting ..
  9. Netflix/ HBO / Amazon etc are the Wal Mart of the film industry ..and studios and cinema chains are the Main Street ..that is in trouble.. Streaming companies will control production to distribution.. there are still some Ma & Pa shops around .. = Indie films .. anything actually shot on film , boutique cinemas .. probably have to serve food and have a bar .. this virus is just speeding up the time frame by 11..
  10. The Hurt Locker was the first ,and I believe, still the only film to win Best Film Oscar ,shot on super 16mm..Aaton.. By Barry Ackroyd BSC.. although nominated, the camera gong went to Avatar .. and not even the FX guy .. go figure .. I resigned from the academy the next day .. and crashed my Bentley into their building in disgust ..
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