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  1. The lunatics have taken over the asylum .. its what I was saying last year .. they go off their meds too early and all sorts of weirdness erupts .. its a shame as its always the usual suspects .. but seems nothing to be done about I guess .. can be amusing.. but ultimelty sad ..
  2. BTW for the record .. nothing snarky, its a joke based on Tyler,s snarky comment that I'm a " videographer " and therefore excluded from the conversation ..
  3. Its an odd thing for an adult , even using the term loosely , to post .. and very far from the actual topic at hand .. but given the state of the place, under its current administration, its a very strange thing to say ...
  4. WTF !..And your a feature film DoP.. ?? alot of irony in you, of all people on this forum, posting this ... Im just stating my opinion that film days are numbered .. it wouldn't matter what job I did .. Im not basing it on my personal taste , I think its of little importance in the making of a good film, just purely as an economic observation .. Im not a stills photographer but it would have been simple to comment on the way film went in that job.. sorry if its bad news
  5. A reply of legendary proportions .. pure genius sir .. I prostrate myself at your feet ..
  6. Yes I agree .. but its a one way street ..some of the film enthusiasts have this blinkered, almost zealot view that any movie not shot on film, is fundamentally flawed .. regardless of anything else .. I try to save them but they are beyond help .. 🙂
  7. My point put a lot better .. but here is the problem ,there are some who insist that regardless of anything else ,using film is the most important factor above all, and that without its presence .. any project is destined to be fundamentally ,and without question, mediocre crap .. .... its lovely for enthusiasts to get misty eyed over film and my heart is with them.. young folk are gathering in their masses, wearing berets and clutching their bolex camera,s by the barricades .. film will rise .. music swells .. to take back its rightful place .. sadly in reality its a bunch of accountants who have decided 15 years ago film is going .. the lucky thing is that digital is now on a par and at least the accountants decision doesn't mean a drop in optical quality ..
  8. .. I spent a lot of money on women , drink , and cars... but wasted the rest of it ..
  9. Yes and all power to you ,clearly you are a man of passion and I admire you whole heartedly for going the indie film maker road .. making your own projects and the sacrifices to do so.. I wouldn't even call myself a film maker ..Im not .. Im a jobbing freelance cameraman .. its my job .. I have a passion for it but its still my way of enjoying a certain life style .. well till now anyway !.. Im not picking on the niche film makers at all.. as I said I have alot of admiration for them.. but still I think its inevitable that film will die in the main stream of this so called film /tv industry ....no industry stays the same and its obvious that film was the best option for close on 100 years .. but there has been rapid improvements in Digital capture .. I mean the bean counters would dictate Digital anyway because its cheaper .. thank god it also looks good at least ..
  10. By some weird alining of the stars I was talking g about this just yesterday with a mate .. neither of us could understand by the Maestro didn't like DoP.. you should try the fx9 sir .. all that new FF sensor loveliness ..
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