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  1. The foundation of cinema is a good story... .. all this hand wringing and weeping into soy latte,s...really 🙂 people actually working full time in this business are just going ahead and shooting digital .. they have no choice..its their job.. as its taking over ..they don't have the luxury of the indie/ enthusiast.. they got to pay the bills.. any working DP who cant get a decent picture out of any of todays mid to high level camera,s ..is doing something very wrong..
  2. Greg you should give fight club a look for sure .. good film.. certainly looks great.. one of the first to have that look thats so popular today..
  3. NHK.. they usually have a crew of 20 for news !.. see them on the street..one guys job is holding the monitor.. and they will always have a guy with a sun gun blasting.. regardless if it s actually needed !.. Unfortunately I have all of the above except the mortgage .. and must toil in the salt mines at all times..
  4. The irony is some of the early digital tech came from Kodak.. the whole Bayer sensor was from Kodak and their telecine curve.. Cineon is pretty much Arri LogC with Sony joining the club a bit late with Slog3..
  5. Ok thanks for the in-depth run down.. my market the A7 on a gimbal has already become a must have.. I'd never used one till last year.. but now used it alot .. went from a Ronin S to much easier to work with Ronin SC... with A7III.. actually they are really good fun.. and the A7 III AF is quite amazing.. not as good as a steadicam of course.. but quick and easy to set up and operate after a bit of practice .. Also tote the Sony f5.. but the Fx9 is in my sites ..
  6. Sat.. what camera set up / gimbal you using for the corp shoots.. out of interest sir ..
  7. They are popular due the economic situation .. the same was seen during the Great Depression of the 30,s.. why was Shirley Temple the biggest,highest paid star in Hollywood age 10.. well ok those dimples were cute.. but think of the other talent out there.. people want to escape their lives .. just for a few hours.. they actively dont want to see real life.. not saying that wrong .. but its also stopping them thinking about the problems of today.. and what to do about it.. It also goes to show that Marty is on this forum and he agrees with everything I say..
  8. Ok but the quote was for 400ft..even 100ft for 22mins.. is going to be about $500..compared to any solid state media its massively more expensive ..let alone the fact SSM can be re used many hundreds of times.. Im not talking just feature films though .. where yes with a huge budget the film costs become less.. but alot are being forced to shoot digital for effects shots.. even the last Bourne movie they were..Barry Ackroyd didnt want to but was forced to.. if by no one else but the actual effects guys themselves who wanted it.. but for general production of any moving image.. even the expensive end of SxS cards.. is cheaper than film.. easy to backup.. re use etc.. its just an advance of technology.. that can now also pretty much match film aesthetically too.. so its going to take over .. trust me.. most shoots don't have a DIT either ..technical Darwinism 🙂
  9. But that 400ft is 5 mins or a bit less in the camera .. @ $220... does that include lab.. and transport costs .. the ,latest SxS 120GB Pro X card is about $1,000..just over ¥100,000.. and give you approx 1 hour in 4K 17-9 23.98p.. and then you can use it literally 1,000,s of times.. and down load in 10 mins with the new reader..to 4TB drives that cost $200... see what Im getting at.. The telling thing in your post is actually how cheap the film camera,s are to rent now.. because no one is using them..
  10. https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/marvel-martin-scorsese-theme-parks-avengers-endgame-robert-downey-jr-a9150396.html I said this on this forum and had my feet put to the fire .. but all the time Marty agreed with me... 🙂
  11. Sorry don't see the analogy there at all.. are you saying there is nothing crap shot on film.. ?.. newspapers last longer than digital .. not sure thats always true.. ? a box of your old photos will be precious in the future ?.. your last sentence .. dont get that all sir .. we are talking about film V Digital ..which is cheaper for production companies .. no..?
  12. My point exactly .. sort of stating the case for Digital in a nut shell.. if a horse could fly.. then we wouldn't have planes.. but... they cant .. so we have planes .. you can still tavel by horse .. but its inconvenient
  13. Don't be so precious Philip.. 🙂 it does come from the circus and a white sheet... my point is what ever the artistic endeavors of the crew.. obviously everyone is working at their best level to achieve a good product.. it is a product .. films are made to make money.. and if it were cheaper to use film.. the producers would insist on it.. the fact they 99% of the time insist on shooting digital .. is because .. drum roll.. its cheaper .. thats all Im saying ..
  14. haha yes a bit of blanket comment.. and slightly tongue in cheek.. but fact remains ..its indisputable that digital has "pretty much " taken over.. I work in TV land and really 99.99999% of all work is Digital ..sure there are maybe some actresses ,directors and even DoP,s with enough clout to demand film..(or some sort of bogus hipster backlash fad for film to show how groovy they are.. in the AD world.. that will last a few months).. but this is a very very small club of less then probably 10 people ..and really at the end of the day ..the concrete reason.. if film was cheaper.. well we would still be using it. its a business ...born from projecting images on a white sheet at the circus the goal is to make money..if film was cheaper we would be being forced to shoot on film..
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