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  1. There are 3 new Sony G series compact primes coming out end of the month, with manual un clicked Iris and advertised as " linear" like response manual focus, and of course AF capabilities.. 24 f2.8 and 40/50 f2.5. metal body and look too be well made .. only $600 each ! all the same physical dimensions .. they are in my sights !
  2. Base Low ISO for the fx9 , in S Cinetone is only 320..
  3. If its just for something like interviews / closer shots, the far easier way is to use a large soft box ,with a grid , on your light ..they will really work to control spill with minimum effort and gear.. a book light is not intrinsically making the light softer , its just evening out the spread of light from the source ,hitting the diffusion .. soft box with an internal baffle will do the same with a much easier set up .. the actual "softness " is based on the size of the source to the object , nothing else ..
  4. Talk the director into doing a long lens shot off sticks, slo mo .. or use a Gopro 9 on a gimbal .. seriously .. 🙂
  5. Hi Miguel .. wow great many thanks .. I just listened to the Chris Menges , Roger Deakins podcast and they mentioned my dad quite alot ,as Menges was his assistant on Poor Cow and I think the first few shoots Chris Menges worked on .. anyway thank you again sir !
  6. Yeah re spill , I would light the screen 1 stop lower or at least make it lower than your subjects .. false color if you have it is handy for checking your GS.. but these days its all a lot easier than it used to be .. they will junk matt around the subject too , so you don't have to worry about a corner of the scree being dark / wrinkled .. the whole screen doesn't have to be evenly lit.. just the area behind your subject .. green spill is a pain with blond hair ,and seeing your in Byron Bay Im sure you will have some blonde models .. 🙂 .. keep the action a decent way in front of th
  7. Sure the variable would have to start from zero not 2 stops ,or at least one stop .. and maybe up another stop on top .. but it will happen Im sure .. Venice ,yes great ND but it always has to be a group of 2 filters , even if one is clear .. one LCD screen with an electric current .. smaller , quicker , and cheaper ..I guess Sony will put this and AF in the Venice first, to try to get a lead in the high end .. but presumably Arri are working on the same in some secret dungeon in Munich ..
  8. Can they get worse than the tent pole ,escapist super hero bollocks thats being knocked out now ?
  9. I here by predict .. Probyn's Criteria .. within 3 years .. all the usual suspect high end cameras will have as standard ,dual ISO or triple ISO .. variable ND .. either Sony sell the patent rights or the others get around it .. and the big one AF.. yes Auto Focus .. not for every shot.. but for singles extreme shallow DoF (god knows what size sensors in 3 years !) , running at / away from camera etc .. it just saves time = money = thats why it will happen 100% ..
  10. Shameless boast .. Roger Deakins and Chris Menges talking about my dear departed old man ,on the latest pod cast about Chris ..
  11. So Roger Deakins is not a DoP when he shoots on an Alexa .. or you are joking yes ? please say you are ..
  12. Careful don't let scientific truth get in the way of film being better for everything .. 🙂
  13. The said deceased actors could then give out the prizes at the AI Oscars !. known as the Big Al,s ... I think we are onto something here sir ..
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