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  1. I guess it will become a very niche industry.. the camera,s can be bought relatively cheaply .. but repairs will be a fortune.. like most classic cars .. it might be a good job for some youngsters to start training up for now !.. they will be making more than the DoP.s..
  2. DR is built into the sensor.. ND,s ISO,a fancy Mattbox.. doesn't change it ..
  3. NTSC /PAL are analog broadcast terms anyway.. but Hz wise .. Secam is also a 50 fields /25frame based system too.. . 60Hz is massively in the minority globally ..land size and population wise.. 29.97 is patently not the "most widely used frame rate in the world".. even though its used in America.. weird as that may seem 🙂 .. all the Natgeo /Discovery shoots I do, which will all air in the US.. 23.98p..
  4. Tyler.. there are only a hand full of countries that use 60 Hz.. look it up.. India/China/Europe, Asia except Korea,Japan has both.. all PAL .. 95% or more of the world population live in 50Hz locations.. Only the US and few small Islands are 60hz.. .. its a tiny minority .most widely used frame rate in the world.. ??. 30p is not a global standard at all.. if anything 23.98p is becoming one..easy for 50Hz and 60Hz.. yes no one wants to deal with 30p.. except local news and sports in there US.. non NSTC countries is basically the whole planet ..
  5. I think he is referring to the electronic focus.. I would second the opinion .. go for some better glass.. that one is sort of scrapping the barrel..
  6. Yes I flagged the over heating in a previous post.. its important.. there is an idea .. also put forward by the manufactures .. that these are video camera,s .. that can take stills 🙂 .. rather than the opposite.. Sony A series was notorious till a quite recent FW update that gave you an option to set the heat sensor to "high" .. which pretty much solved the whole problem over night.within reason... ! to stay that size I think they will always have heat problems .. just laws of physics .. yeah looks like the tax thing must be changing .. the a6400 has no limit.. or I wonder its only going to be a APS-C or smaller sensor thing.. A7III series has a big FW update next week but don't think there its continuous REC in it..
  7. Mark.. does it have the 30 min cut off thing.. it seems there is at last a move away from that.. Sony a6400 has no limit and so I presume all their camera,s will not, from now on..
  8. Canon camera,s.. dead in the water.... no starter.. sell all your EF lenses .. that what everyone else is doing ..
  9. I wouldn't worry too much about the Sony menus..(pain that they are).. like the video cameras .. A7III has a user menu.. when you have that setup its very simple.. they have made it a bit simpler with A7III that the video and stills functions are separated to some extent .. all these type of camera,s are a bit prone to over heating at some stage.. if your planning on shooting all day ..
  10. I have the A7III ,its pretty good in video mode.. and low price.. the HLG (hyper log gamma) curves probably best if your going to do much grading .. its only 8bit.. the fuji is only APS-C sensor if thats an issue for you..but might be 10 bit internal.. and there is the 30 min recording thing.. A6400 new APSC camera doesnt have this Rec limitation.. magically ..!
  11. Can't agree with you at all Jaan.. in Europe as a whole V mount is totally dominate .its only the US you find them these days...where in Europe are you..? belt and vest battery ? V mount batteries not sturdy..?? lighter weight .. Idx do a 198 WH battery its not light I assure you. 🙂 . V mount is only the mount .. it was invented by Sony.. there are many different battery manufacturers around the world.. iDX for example make very sturdy V mount batteries .. from small to huge..
  12. if I might quote the Bard.. "All the worlds a stage.. and all animators are merely players "
  13. Yes but the problem is even the paying one is only 20GB.. thats pretty useless for sending un edited footage.. esp 4K.. I could sent only a few minutes .. MASV is no limit .. you can send 2TB file if you want.. give it a try its really changed the work I can do.. I would never do any file sending FTP shoots before .. also this up loads to a cloud your not at the mercy of their down load speeds or lack there of .. they do the down loading
  14. The incredibly fantastic file sharing software ..MASV has a new feature .. you can limit the down loads to clients .. change the limit after the effect .. and copy and paste down load links.. there is NO size limit.. no software on either end.. and no monthly charge.. pay per download only.. highly recommended .. (I have no connection to this company ,except use their software).. there is nothing else on the market like it..
  15. Yes that was just one example in a list of the differences .. so is an author/screen writer an actor too.. they do the same as you list as attributes to being an actor.. or why not the DoP.. the lighting of a face can change the mood/feel..or the director then.. I mean it just wouldn't stop.. animators are artists, who by doing their job, make a moving picture.. what about animators who only do backgrounds.. or who animate a broom stick..? they are not actors then.. I don't know why you take it as some insult that animators are not actors .. I can't say Ive met many .. but my brother used to do animation may years ago and I never met a single one who claimed to be an actor .. actors are egomaniacal nutters.. why would an animator want to be an actor.. they just want to be very skilled animators .. darling 🙂
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