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  1. Not so much in camera LUT,s I guess ,as much as the whole sensor and color filters are different .. . but yes the green thing happens when applying s709 Venice LUT .. which is pretty close but not exactly the same .. to Fx9 slog footage .. and Sony should really make a specific fx9 one .. maybe they never will.. but this one from Alister Chapman is used by alot of the fx9 user group folks ..or just dial it out as you say .. its only a LUT .. but yes I think might as well send it to anyone editing your footage .. and Mr Chapman makes a bit of money for his efforts by donation .. especially as he's actually giving it away and not selling it .. which is quite noble of him I think ..
  2. http://www.xdcam-user.com/2020/01/new-s709-lut-for-the-fx9-thats-less-green-than-the-sony-lut/
  3. Yeah basically.. Sony LUT,s for fs7/f5/55 camera,s will not give the same results with the fx9 (or Venice) due to completely different sensor and color filters .. for slog 3 / S Gamut 3 (.cine).. Its why Sony made the s709 LUT specifically for the Venice .. fx9 is much more similar to the Venice in color science but its a different sensor and the Venice s709 LUT applied to fx9 footage also has a slight green tint .. go to Alister Chapmans site .. he has made a pretty good LUT specifically for the fx9 sensor Slog3 footage .. you can down load, buy him a PayPal coffee if you want .. last shoot I actually sent this LUT to the editors .. presumably one day Sony will come out with LUT,s for the fx9 .. or some how tweak the s709 Venice LUT
  4. More info here .. CO Alister Chapmans site .. tons of info on anything Sony here .. and some LUT,s he has made .. buy him coffee ! http://www.xdcam-user.com/2019/10/more-about-s-cinetone-and-the-so-called-venice-color-science/
  5. Sorry I don't really knew all the techie stuff.. but I believe there is a S cinetone white paper out there now .. they have changed the color filters and there is now a new matrix and gamma setting .. "Original / S cinetone " that combined ..( the camera comes as default this setting ).. is the "new" Rec709 color science .its basically a close copy of the Venice 709... known as S Cinetone .. it has a better high light roll off too.. you can see this just toggling between SC and the regulate Rec709 /STD 5 settings .. this new setting is a straight out of the can , no to minimal grading needed .. and it looks really good .. and very very close to the Venice 709 look.. of course its a custom setting only.. But if you are shooting Slog3 (no Slog2 like the Venice ).. the s709 LUT made for the Venice .. does have a green tint on fx9 footage.. the best 3rd part fx9 /Slog LUT is from Alister Chapmans site .. Sony should really make a LUT specifically for the fx9 .. as the sensor is not the same as the Venice .. 002 wow.. mine is 14 .. I don't think you have a bum unit .. but S cinetone shouldn't be really green .. if you check on the ACS (Australian Cinematography Society)..site ..they did a color test of this sensor and it was the best the testing guy had ever seen.. purely scientifically anyway .. the whole fx9 review is worth a look ..
  6. The subject of your post just says the Gov is bring in a $2T rescue package .. and my post is very pertinent to that .. you didn't say this was a thread only about freelance cinematographers .. ???
  7. They are printing this money out of thin air .. .. there will be repercussions.. have to be .. better spend that $1,200 quick before it only buys you an apple.. if this was the answer Zimbabwe would be top of the G7.. dollar might be saved only that everyone else is doing it and it might win the least ugly contest ..
  8. China has already made the mixed live animal/ wet markets illegal .. problem is its not enforced .. as you say its almost an impossible task .. but maybe their ruthless tactics re their own people .. would for once be a good thing .. and they will try to totally clamp down on them..
  9. Easy .. stop down .. 1.5 or so and its the same .. noise is less of worry large sensor .. and many cameras now have a dual ISO.. even less noise ..
  10. I think you can write off this year basically .. if a vaccine miraculously appears all good .. but that has to be a year anyway before the public get it .. life will go on .. I mean even the Spanish flu, with little to no medical scientific attention lasted only about 2 years .. even the Black Death petered out .. all virus mutate to do this.. if they kill everyone they also die .. but it will be another nasty virus that will be around .. and we will need to get a jab every year ..
  11. Funny you should bring that up.. Nick is always droning on about playing me in a Bio flick.. had to ban the guy from my parties .. always after my wife ..this Asian thing he has .. I see it more as a John Malkovich role.. Being Robin Probyn ..
  12. I hope the red arrow loser will be self isolating for the next 20 years .. as if we didn't have enough to deal with 🙂
  13. Its had limited theatrical release already sir .. was going to be shown with the next Bond .. but got pulled .. but interest from Netflix ..
  14. Oh no not the film V,s Digital thing again... I thought I already gave the definitive answer here .. Yes digital can look just as good as film .. or better.. if it suits the film .. and anyway who cares .. the lighting / sound track / directing / acting / and most of the script is what matters .. Why spoil ever single film you go to see.. when the most important thing to you is what its shot on.. its like going to a restaurant and being worried about the window frames .. chill Winston .. enjoy the damn film 🙂
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