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  1. Top Boy Netflix.. but check out the first 2 seasons made by ch4 in the uk on YouTube .. 2011/2013..
  2. For SxS cards Sony has an app.. memory media utility .. not sure if there is an XQD version.. but this app has a format function.. Ive never used it but at least its Sony software ..I always format in the camera .. but Im never in that much of a rush.. or have enough cards to get you through the day.. then re format in camera end of the day.. ?
  3. Thanks sir ..just a temporary break .. don't want to say stuff I could regret .. a constitutional walk around the aft deck ,and a large medicinal Port should do the trick..
  4. I think Im going to have a little break from the forum.. no.. hold your tears ..I,ll be back .. but Tyler is doing my head in.. no one really wants to say the actual truth ,.. and I don't want to say anything I will regret later .. so its good night from him and good night from me.. Im going to take a stroll by the pool with a Margarita .. and look out over the ocean..
  5. F3 is a very old camera .. you could argue the f5/55 are too !.. but really you want to go with Slog3 these days .. Im no expert but Im sure the f55 or also the 5 is as "good" or better that the f3...much more would depend on the lenses you are using .. depends your final goals .. if you want to be out there freelancing the f5/55 is 100% the better choice IMHO..
  6. With the fx9 coming out .. there are alot and will be more f5/55,s for sale at very reasonable prices .. IMHO thats a better road to go than an F3... unless the f3 is really dirt cheap..
  7. The thing is its not a one off .. its a one man, mine of totally and utterly false information .. on just about any subject that comes up.. that some of us feel we have to flag up.. obviously there are other issues at play.. but its very detrimental to the forum .. we know its rubbish ,but other people coming to this forum will either have a laugh and quit after reading one Tyler post , presuming its a forum of idiots .. or worse they will make, possibly important decisions about their shoot or camera purchase etc.. based on totally wrong information posted by Walter Mitty .. and its never going to end.. no embarrassment.. not one inch of standing down and accepting being wrong.. there is only one solution..
  8. Tyler isn't one for letting reality stand in the way of a good story.. "friends who shoot 65mm on a regular basis" becomes a website and the"source" says the exact opposite of the claim.. is there a moderator on this forum anymore .. one guy is making the forum a mockery ..
  9. Anyone posting that great suggestion on a forum for film crew,s has to except some come back .. although Im sure it would be fine fodder on the producer s forums.. 🙂
  10. wow those lighting problems would fry my mind.. !..
  11. Film crews should pay for meals and their travel... Yaaaawwwwn ... just couldn't let this oft suggested gem go without comment .. its usually from far less experienced, first time producers .. seriously I don't think any "real" crew would put up with that .. and you most likely have to shoot the film yourself 🙂 and save money !
  12. Full time employment .. or contract .. regular pay check ..same location each day.. same commute..subsidized canteen.. restaurants close by.. film crew ..not the same working environment, employment conditions.. my next shoot is in Cambodia .. from Tokyo.. I should pay the airfare ..? .. if I have to pay for my own lunch, I will find a restaurant I want , or can afford in that area.. might take me 3 hours to get back to the location.. .. so you would not supply catering if you had a choice .. and make crews pay their commute to set .. you will have to do even more crew positions than now sir ..I doubt anyone will turn up.. 🙂
  13. Dennis.. there are many known issues with the Master Primes.. .. mainly being they render the image upside down !..duh.. known to cause camera jam.. and expose the power boards to rain through small holes in the side ..I was the first person to see this glaring mistake.... Ive had endless problems with them shooting big features here in Hollywerid .. I pointed out the problem to my AC but he didn't even see it as flaw .. fools.. I studied optic's at the Sorbonne in Paris for 15 years ..so trust me ..I know what I'm talking about its just pure laziness and contempt for the end user .. Zeis /Arri have been crap for years now.. I dont use them anymore and instruct my students not to either .. anyway they only work on Digital camera,s now.. which uses different light . GGrrr...dont get me started !!
  14. Yes no buff guys and gals in tight fitting costumes ... with magic powers .. and lighting up eyes.. the lame idea of making a film from a book, instead of a comic.. fools.. first and last film for this Martin dude.and OK boomer DoP... and the sync problem ..!! wasted some good film stock there.. and supply is running out .. for the love of god lets not give film to these clowns ever again. ..
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