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  1. why do you need to light the whole area with soft light in the first place .. ? I would think an over cast day would be your friend .. if its pouring with rain its going to look weird to have strong light .. and soft light you are going to need a massive ,huge set up to make any difference .. huge effort for very little effect .. you could rig a load of practical lights (lanterns) in shot, for some effect to jazz up the shot if its towards the evening or early morning .. otherwise just light the close ups .. less is more ..
  2. Uli .. guns make society safe , its very obvious .. just look at the very low gun murder rate for the US compared to Europe .. oh hang on ... deaths from guns per 100,000 people .. US 12.21. UK 0.20 Sweden 1.31 Spain 0.57 Holland 0.42 Ireland 0.87 Belgium 1.4... JD do you see a trend here .. all those Americans with guns seem to be killing other folk, rather than protecting all the bleeding heart commie wimps without guns ..
  3. Yes but you guys are lucky that there is no car theft in the US.. it very seldom happens , sadly in Europe cars get stolen .. this is probably why guns are not allowed ..
  4. Roger Deakins break through film was 1984 .. way before Coen and Villeneuve.. I think its very true that all the big name DoP,s as well as obviously talent , all had that lucky moment .. a guy who shot some of Hand Maids tale was employed because one of the producers was sitting behind someone, playing one of his early small budget films, in a plane .. he asked what the film was , and they contacted him.. !! ..
  5. I think a good idea is to bring a spare bodies for each camera , when one over heats you can swap them over .. and if you have an external power supply it also helps to some extent ,as the batteries get hot .. sun umbrellas of course .. but its tough as those small camera,s over heat pretty easily .. the new canon has a big heat problem ..
  6. If 98WH gives only 20 mins .. how does 130WH give 1.5hrs ?... something wrong there I think ..
  7. But Movies are not reality , by definition almost they are the opposite ,.. they tell a story and the DoP makes the mood.. I guess thats the job at the most basic .. the early impressionist painters had the same criticism aimed at them.. for not being "real".. do you like Monets pictures of the Thames .. it didn't look like that when he was standing there painting it.. but it had that "mood" PS Film is dead , digital is better .. lets get back to discussing interesting stuff again.. 🙂
  8. #5 Is a short zoom bar .. and #7 obviously fuses
  9. Great thanks .. haven't seen that in many years .. still amazing ..
  10. "Whats the difference between high light and flare "... $1,000 a day on your rate ..
  11. True ,but lionization of the lowly IT department and its dowdy looking members ,rather than the suited alpha males, who it seems from the ad had been losing money.. until saved by the nerds ..and a women no less! who then claim, literally a chair at the table .. I means it is an ad but at least done well..
  12. Its great .. I think there will be more of these .. short story ads for online distribution .. Photography: Rodrigo Prieto !!
  13. There wasn't specifically a "lighting adviser ".. there was alot of people looking on .. but basically her manager was making the decisions about the lighting .. I prefer a ¾, one light soft source .. but that gives a shadow .. and they often don't want that .. they want a very on axis flat light .. I see the point .. but she didn't really have any wrinkles in the first place .. but the entourage get used to seeing that flat style and then thats all they know.. and its safe for them to give the go ahead .. if I was a world famous stills photographer they would all have being saying how great it was .. 🙂
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