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  1. Phil... you don't need lights anymore .. Im like Duh.. .. .. we got like 100,000 ISO on the Black magic now.. its awesomely sick bro..
  2. Yes I agree this genius thing is BS.. maybe Im getting old.. but there should also be some respect for people who have achieved a certain level in their field.. Ive just noticed on this forum in the last few years.. you have younger people with next to no experience or see able talent .. dissing world renowned DoP,s and directors .. its just something that my generation would not do, amongst peers in the same industry .. you would be seen to be a total idiot .. and laughed out off the room.. even if you were really drunk it would be a really embarrassing thing to do.. you may not like there style but you would appreciate their knowledge and that they had the balls to get out and become a feature film DoP of some renown.. when you are still a clapper loader.... now we have folk on this forum who have barely directed traffic , or shot their school play on a 5D.. dissing all sorts of well known people in our industry .. I find it very annoying ..
  3. Just go with what looks best.. you don't have to follow any set manual .. or ratio.. many are very old fashioned "you should do this when you shoot this" ratio,s... very often you don't need any fill or a tiny bounce.. your better off reading up about some of the DP,s who dont follow any rules.. like Roger Deakins.. technical knowledge is of course important.. but "how to light manuals "..from donkeys years ago.. chuck them.. 🙂
  4. Also depends on what "look" you like.. I prefer 23.98 to 29.97.. but as freelancer usually have little voice in the matter.. I think 50/60p looks terrible.. but other people love that look.. they are different.. so maybe see what you think looks best for your content.. nothing is wrong or right really.. but some frame rates you might not like the look of.. and some will problematic depending on work flow / distribution..
  5. No you can change the frame rate.. usually 24/25/30/50/60p.. even 100/120 at certain REC settings.. ie HD not 4K.. the A7III also has S&Q (slow and Quick) to "burn in " slo mo or time lapse .. 30p is not" normal" for the rest of the world .. only the US.. and the few other 60Hz countries ..
  6. Agreed... didnt care for Hollywood parties .. took huge risks .. and this sort of joke Oscar at the end of his career .. maybe the best ones get the most nominations and least gongs .. !..
  7. At the end of the day I wouldn't be too worried about any formulas.. a lot of those books are very outdated by todays standards / technical advancements / tastes in lighting ... I mean you don't have too use any fill .. I almost never do.. how it looks to your eye is alot more important ..
  8. stick with camera.. you know your friends are real.. and not just after your money..
  9. I have always thought it was ratio of key to fill.. not key + fill to fill... ? could be wrong..
  10. Its money from home Dan... your only problem will be spending it all.. you will have to learn everything about tax evasion .. cladding water pipes .growing Roses.and have an encyclopaedian knowledge of all expensive restaurants in any given area..
  11. yes I believe is correct sir.. and notice the director supervising the camera move.. small chap with the hat centre frame..
  12. Dan.. it is an empirical fact that sound recordists are all loaded.. and this is easy to confirm.. observe any studio or location car park.. the most expensive cars will always belong to sound dept... their gear is relatively in expensive .. they have a huge amount of time each working day to hone their financial skills.. and each and everyone is at least at professional accountant standard, in all forms of tax evasion.. Ive yet to meet one that doesn't have a yacht or cruiser of some dimension .. and you will often hear them talking about pool maintenance .. Its the life of Riley.. ones only concern being access to donuts .. and having to actually walk to afore mentioned .. BMW/ Mercedes / Audio / Bentley / Roller.. from nicely upholstered "sound chair"
  13. I have found a very rare picture in the BBC vaults .. now semi retired, I often spend afternoons at Ealing with a nice cup of tea down in the vaults.. Ronnie is an old mate and has given me a key.. in 1954 the the head of outside broadcast .. Sir Norman Moncrief - Sackville.. decided upon the radical plan, that sound recordists should be able to stand up.. and these early rigs were made in the BBc,s own workshops in Wolverhampton .. the idea was quickly given the Spanish Archer under strong protest from the Imperial Sound Recordists Guild .. intriguing non the less Im sure you will agree..
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