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  1. Absolutely.. you have alot more than most people .. we all have pride in our work of course .. but its only a job.. we are not nurses or surgeons or landing planes,saving people from death row.. etc.. we try our best with what we are given on shoots.. writing I guess is a bit different ..let someone else have a read .. we are always are most harsh critic.. which is good up to a point .. all the great actors and directors have made total turkeys .. they just get forgotten quickly !!
  2. I just had the opposite .. charging nano 2 FXLION mini V mounts on an iDX charger .. praying it would work.. and seems to have done so.. phew !.. but iDX do make a big deal of only using their chargers for their batts.. marketing I guess.. but it also voids the warranty ..!! according to the fine print ..
  3. Matt black Mercedes SUV is a must have accessory for the Arri LF mini.. this will justify the new high rates ..
  4. .. all their literature says only use with iDX charger .. and the warranty doesn't cover 3rd party chargers .. very good batteries ,Ive used them for many years .. and always had iDX chargers .. and presumed their insistence of iDX chargers was just to make to buy them.. but maybe thats not the only reason and they really don't work well on other chargers ..?
  5. Surely its a better business bet to make alot of small-mid budget films , spread the risk, throw it at the wall and see what sticks .. there will be at least a few that make a ton of money on a very small out lay.. why put all the eggs in one basket ..especially as history shows the biggest ever money making films were turned down many times for years by studio executives.. they have no clue what will work or not.. well maybe nobody does .. hence make alot of them cheaper .. genius yes I know..
  6. Yes the current Sony ,fly by wire ,FF .. 28-135 is not a cine zoom.. I mean you could do alot worse than shoot a low budget film on the 6K sensor of the fx9 with this lens .. the new ones they are making they claim to be "Cine" lenses .. but incorporating AF functions with Sony camera,s anyway so far.... I was the first to shoot down any idea of AF.. but I have to say .. I think as its getting so much better for some shots, it will actually be more accurate (if thats what you want ) than a focus puller working wide aperture FF sensor ..these things can hold someone running at the camera !.. but wont of course take there place totally of a FP.. https://briansmith.com/sony-teases-2-more-cine-lenses-fe-c-16-35mm-t3-1-g-lens-video/
  7. I just bought a Sony fx9 and the kit lens that comes with it .. 28-135.. (Phil the 18-110 is s35 only).. the kit lens is what it is .. but for the price its very good.. the AF in the fx9 is also very good, taken from the Alpha series .. but only to be used in situations where is pretty much unbreakable .. interviews .. presenters etc.. but for Sony camera,s anyway .. the new 3 x FF cine zooms Sony are releasing will be the lens of choice. the first is due in spring 16-35mm.. people seem to think around $5K.. which is still very cheap for a "real" cine lens, Sony claims they will be ..
  8. Oh bummer .. your sure its the exact same camera that recorded to that card .. has to be the same camera .. sorry then I think your best bet is to send them off to Sony ..
  9. If you put the cards back in the same camera they were recorded on, usually you would be a "restore media" if there is a card problem .. which is totally safe to do and doesn't delete files.. are you sure you put the cards back in the same camera they were recorded with .. You can also send cards to Sony for recovery .. not cheap .. but mostly will work it seems Have you also tried a different reader .. ..
  10. That was holiday sir.. based in Tokyo .. but now on a shoot in Cambodia ..
  11. How weird .. I just read this sitting by the Mekong river in Cambodia !
  12. Fs5 to fx9 is a big leap in camera .. you should read up about the fx9.. it has its negatives .. but for the price its un beatable for what you get.. its 90% of a Venice at a fraction the price ..
  13. Justin.. I know exactly how you feel.. I thought it was meant to get less stressful .. you learn some tricks to get out of hairy situations of course .. but thats it really .. but its also sort of part of the thrill .. for camera we have new gear also to master or at least know about .. dont worry about it .. from what I've read even the greats like Roger Deakins are a bundle of nerves on every new shoot ..
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