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  1. I thought an eye light as the main lighting is very soft , and the refection looks so small .
  2. Its an eye light done for effect , ie the reflection of a small light in the eye, personally I think its pretty much over done and a bit of a legacy technique , like strong un motivated rim lights , I saw an interview from a doc recently, with a really strong eye light and it was very distracting ,
  3. Used to go to the Cricklewood lane place in the 60,s ,early 70,s as a kid with my old man , Sammys used to send us a xmas hamper from Harrods back in the day ! also remember the Sydney one in Artamon ? North Ryde or somewhere like that near the ABC, in the early 80,s ..
  4. Shutter angle I dont care about , its often easier to calculate non flicker shutter by speed , and it all looks the same anyway , what I what is variable shutter , like the larger cameras have had for many years , it can really save the day . Its a risk for anyone shooting with fx3 as their only camera on an un recced location ..
  5. A big plus for the new Cine EI in the fx3 V2 , is you can use LUT,s , before you couldn't , only Gamma assist in the EVF , you can also out put the LUT over HDMI. And the base ISO has gone to 800 (like the fx6/9) from 640 (in the cine EI modes anyway) .. you can still shoot slog3 in the PP mode and add actual gain as before , or just over expose it , but Cine EI is just a much better way of setting an exposure off set (over or under ) .. and I agree with the previous poster , its to bring the fx3 better inline to working with the fx6/9 as they very often are used as a B / gimbal camera . I use mine with an fx9 like this, and very happy for the introduction of Cine EI, V2 also gives you a much clearer EVF in movie mode , which might actually be the biggest advantage .. now all we need is variable shutter ..!
  6. According to always correct Probyn's Criteria Its pretty simple if your freelance gun for hire , depending on the market you want to get into , there are only a few in each category these days .Doc / Corp Sony fx9 / fx6 ( rarer than a Ferrari GTO garage find) /fx3 B / gimbal OR Canon C300III / C500 II / C70 B camera gimbal , these will cover any shoot in that market for a jobbing freelancer and will be the only cameras ever requested . High end, Arri Alexa or Venice or the higher end RED,s .. this is not a judgement on any camera just what you will be asked for at the moment . No further questions your honor
  7. The fx6 has become such a unicorn , you could sell it for $100K and buy the Arri s35 ready to go ..
  8. You shouldn't get flicker off your own lights , 1/50th is the safe shutter speed for Europe or any 50hz country, re practical lights , fluorescent ,s etc .. but now they're a lot of LED lights that don't play by the rules .. but general rule 1/50th . Power is also 220v ..most pro gear is multi voltage , but in the old days you had to change out the bulbs in lights and plugs are different of course .. if your driving take care ! French drivers possibly the most aggressive on the planet ..
  9. Im shooting 23.98 almost always in a 50Hz location , 172.8 / 1/50th .. and not had any problems .. but watch out for LED / Neon / Sodium lights , they don't always play to the Hz / shutter rules . and any slo mo, bang off a quick test and play back for sure .. some light in the back of the shot can flicker and ruin everything ..
  10. Yes , he started young and had a lot of success very quickly ...
  11. Not sure if its been mentioned , but acclaimed Aussie DoP and director Jeff Darling is sadly no longer with us. He died while paddle boarding off the coast in Palm Beach SYD .Age 60 .he certainly shot a lot of great footage in a short space of time ..
  12. After my repeated requests ,at the garden parties , at last its happened .. arise Sir Roger .. maybe there is some use for this Windsor family after all ..
  13. Keep one camera on the gimbal , and the other for normal use , no way round the time to re set from one mode to the other , classic diseconomy by production , cheaper to have 2 set ups than waste the time changing between the two.
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