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  1. Yes in the Desert Rats, captured at the siege of Tobruk .. being assigned "navigator" as a kid, on long car trips in the UK in the 70,s was not a walk in the park .. and quite similar to the movement of a tank battalion .. 🙂
  2. haha yes so true .. I did that job a few times, as well as doing the tea runs with the slate as a tray .. TBH I still think Badlands is Maliks best film to date .... the music is just so good ..
  3. I don't get it .. cant you permanently instal production lights ."for daily use" ...isn't that what a million studios around the world do ? thats why they cost more than LED lights from Walmart .. but you are talking about studios no ? they cant afford tv lights .. I would run from that job .. 🙂
  4. ok thanks ,so its totally an aesthetic choice , I thought the 4K resolution requirement was some problem ..thanks and good luck with the shoot ..
  5. But doesn't Venice have a 4K 4-3 mode .. cant you just shoot that and spherical lenses ..why shoot anamorphic but 4-3 final aspect ratio .. Im sure Ive missed something here .. but ..?
  6. .. why not just shoot 4-3 or anamorphic.. is there some reason to try to do both at the same time .. seriously question not knocking the idea .. just cant get my head around it .. 🙂
  7. Although equally you could argue , and Im sure its been done .. because you can have DIT,s , calibrated monitors , LUTs etc, you really can see what you are going to get with digital , you can get it very close to what you want the end look too be .. more so that film .. except maybe a few very experienced film folks .. but even Sir Roger had anxiety over the next days rushes .. 🙂
  8. Well most big shows are shooting raw or at least slog so there is bound to be alot done in post .. but film is also just the negative .. it will need quite a bit done in the lab and post .. its a bit if a generalization to say there is more in digital than film .. and anyway is it not better to have options in post ..
  9. Well I would disagree again.. almost every think looks good these days .. the average standard of "cinematography " has never been higher .. there is stuff on you tube shot with an A7s that looks way way better than "high end " commercials / feature films of 15 -10 years ago .. its a bit much to say young DP,s don't care what the image looks like !! .. they do and they are producing way better camera work that the generation before them across the board.. the evidence is just massively obvious ..
  10. Totally disagree .. its the opposite ... films / tv / commercials / docs are all looking so much better these days ,than ever before .. big budget films for the 80,s even 90,s look like shite in comparison to much small budget productions now .. the average level on all productions is massively better than 15 years ago, to say that younger generation DP,s don't care abut the final image ..is just totally wrong and insulting .. what is the evidence for this statement.. look at any recent show and it looks amazing .. whats going on here .. why this dissing of the younger generation of DP,s ..they are far better on average the. ever before .. there are quite big time DP,s of the 70,and 80,s who wouldn't get a days work these days .. the bar has never been higher ..Jesus.. have you not been watching Netflix / HBO etc .. everything looks good .. every feature film looks look ..
  11. Shooting anamorphic but then cropping 4-3 for delivery ..? are you sure he doesn't mean using a 4-3 crop on the sensor to shoot 2 x Anamorphic ..?
  12. But surely thats the same for film .. Ive been a lot of film sets that looked nothing like the finished graded shots .. you could see that all the time on the old DVD ,s that had the out takes after the film .. ungraded they looked quite ordinary alot of the time .. And video sets with DITs adding LUTs to calibrated monitors that looked great .. ?
  13. Simin .. this lens is over 8kgs .. !! its on a video camera .. what is your point sir .. ?
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