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Lenses for CP-16R

Peter Gilabert

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Don't know if this question belongs in Lenses or CP 16 category.


The good news is I just got a CP-16R for dirt cheap, it has at least one good battery and charger, seems to have been serviced recently, and the seller even included aa array b and arri s adapter. Pretty thrilled.


The bad news is I have no lens right now, can't even seem to "fit" the adapters into the CP mount just to see them in there (guess I'll need some tiny grub screws too), and I see how dismal the selection of affordable lens choices are out there (I know why, BMPCC buyers got to them first)


A little spooked by all the info re: backs of Arri lenses hitting mirrors, lenses not really working with cheaper adapters, etc. and wondering if I should just play it safe and wait for the right CP mount lens to show up on eBay, etc. I know I can carefully test an array s lens by using the inching nob.


Guess I'm wondering if there's something I'm missing?

I'll get an adapter part way in and then the other part won't go in. These were tested by Duall in NY so supposedly they're good.


If anyone has an idea what I'm doing wrong....


Also, any opinion on the Canon C 16 12-120 Fluorite (CP mount) lens?

Seems kind of a bargain and doesn't look bad on video tests.


Peter G.

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The big metal locking Arri B to CP mount does not go all the way in the lens mount.

It should have three flanges, one with guide pin cutout and should just sit on the hard lens mount surface, allowing you to lock it in place with the lock ring.


Apparently the later serial number Arri lenses do not interface with the mirror.

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Thanks Guys!

Adapters weren't fitting at first cause I just needed to bring the screws in a little with an Allen wrench. Got it figured out.

I really love this little camera although I suppose as all the integrated circuits slowly give out, the numbers of CP-16 warriors shall slowly dwindle.

I don't care, I got a freezer full of film I'm hoarding, gonna shoot a teaser and feature this year somehow anyway.

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