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Wanted Anamorphic Viewfinder Moviecam Compact MKII

Colin McGuire

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Hey everyone,


I'm looking to rent an anamorphic viewfinder for my Moviecam Compact MKII. I've been asking around but can't seem to find one! I believe the Arricam viewfinder extensions work with the Compact MKII as well.


If you have access to one or know where to rent one, I would love to know.



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HI , i just got a set of lomo round front anamorphics on a sub rental basis, and was primarily using it in the digital world. I have been acquiring 2 perf cameras using spherical lomo lens for the wide screen look. I had bought a movie cam compact to convert to 2 perf but the cost was too much. So i was going to sell the body, when this chance to get these anamorphic lens came about. Its a four perf version, and i am in the same boat, i don't know much about anamorphic stuff i need to make it work. SO i assume that there was a switch for the viewfinder, but i didn't see one like the ones they have on panavison, Most of my AC friends are retired, and new digital ac have no clue. So what do i need to make it work, an anamorphic ground glass, Gate, viewfinder?



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