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  1. Hi I bought a weaver steadman fluid head at the clairmount auction, however the tie down knob for the handle was missing. Does anyone know where spare parts can be found?
  2. here is a knor with video tap optics installed, any of these cameras can have a tap installed at a later time. All these cameras are sync sound, crystal controlled, and have oct.19 mount which are relatively cheap cinema lens can be found on ebay.
  3. Hi, I have several russian Kinor 35H converted to two perf.. camera packages. I am looking between 4-5000 depending on tap or no tap. These are sync camera's converted by aranda in austrialia.
  4. wow i have some two perf KINOR sync camera's i was gonna sell instead i am planning to subrent them to duall, in nyc i was also going to do the same as you, but instead i am putting together some arri two perf cameras in the not too distant future, having a arri bl4s converting to two perf.
  5. Easy way to fix, is take a deep socket wrench and a long 3/8" threaded rod tighten the deep socket with a 3/8" nut in the socket, and then one on the outside effectively making a very long socket extension, i have used this many times to change out the busted spring on the matthews stands.
  6. how is the lomo conversion? I have a couple of jammed up lomo superspeed lens, they are basket cases, can they rehouse, if the elements are ok, bu the aperture or focus is jammed?
  7. I just bought a arri BL4s at the clairmont auction, however i discovered it should have bought a BL4 instead for conversion to 2 perf. If any one has an old BL4 sitting around who wants to sell or trade let me know!
  8. Has anybody ever used Powergems ballast for Kino flo bulbs?
  9. were these standard lomo's, i have a set of superspeed lomo's that i am thinking about rehousing. that is the focus range of the rehoused lomo's, how close focus can you get now?
  10. Arricam 2 perf movements alone go for $30k
  11. Anyone have any insights to the new black magic scanner 2? https://www.redsharknews.com/post/item/5422-blackmagic-s-cintel-scanner-2-makes-35mm-film-scanning-as-easy-as-a-photocopier
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