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  1. So finall testing all those short ends i have been saving for years off shoots! lol
  2. finally back from conversion by master camera tech Andree Martin, Arri BL4s converted to two perf ARRI BL4!
  3. additional russian museum pieces Konvas 2 perf
  4. lol.I went down the russian rabbit hole too, first buying LOMO super speeds on the cheap, then buying Konvas Bodies before shifting to rebuilt KINOR 35h from Anders Banke and then converting the camera to two perf at Aranda! Just as the RED Digital Craze hit, and the SAG threatened strike caused a shift in production to Digital and a big move to the east coast. As the Film demand decreased so did the labs, until the last lab in NYC closed. That was the absolute bottom, and the price of Movie cameras dropped to nothing. All of the sudden what i paid for one Kinor 2 perf camera I was able to buy four more....lol. At that point i had all these KINOR camera's that where hard to service and no one wanted to use. SO i have a nice museum of KINOR 2 perf sync cameras lol! However once the hollywood heavies came to the rescue and Kodak emerged from bankruptcy and opened a new lab in new york, the price of my movie cameras started to sky rocket, lol. Maybe i should open a 2 perf camera store, lol!. Anyway after all that, i finally decided i needed cameras that can be serviced and are built to last, so now i have 2 perf ARRI bl4's and an ARRI III. Finally doing test, until COVID hit and closed down the lab, lol. I can still look at my russian two perf museum lol!
  5. streaks and tips, talk to the hairdresser on set they have a whole range of colors that can be used to create sepia look!
  6. I am looking for a 50mm optica elite super speed S35 lens, I am willing to trade I have a 50mm lomo super speed lens in PLmount.
  7. I have been trying to configure a 2 perf Konvas on a clone steadicam, but i am at the weight limit of the arm?
  8. i have the exact same lens, but original OCT.19 mount, i have adapters for it, but since the rear sticks so far into the camera body, i wonder if it's worth to have mount switched to PL mount. How much did it cost you and where did you have it done?
  9. how much? I am thinking if I should send it to a lens tech, and invest in converting to pl mount and collimate the lens. Is Olex still working, I know he was out of it for a while. how much did he charge you to convert? I have to weight investing in the OPF18-1, of getting rid of it, since the lens is so fragile and hard to service. Victor
  10. or just buy a two perf camera, lol......takes a while to find them but they are out there!
  11. I own the same lens, and would like to have ole service and change mount. When did you have the lens done by olex, i thought he retired?
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