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  1. they just screened it at Discovery Warners in NYC during NAB
  2. I also have a konvas 2 perf being serviced by Daniil Nevsky
  3. I have several two perf kinors, which are russian copies of the moviecam
  4. in italy and hk they used to use 2c all the time, they shoot MOS, and eveything is dubed. NOw there is new software like vocalalign, you record a scratch track with one of these new little 32 bit float recorders or something similar scheme, and then in post you sync the ADR dialogue via software, saves a ton of time. Remember if you are shooting MOS, you dont have to lock up the set, no need for big crew of PA's.
  5. Hey Tyler, what do you think of a movicam super america compared to a Arri BL4s converted to two perf. I found a guy with has them, but for some reason I remember were there issues with movicam super america electronics., or movie cam electonics in general?
  6. i have two perf kinors cameras. converted by bruce at aranda camera
  7. Andree Martin at AM Camera is still doing BL4 to Two perf, I had my camera done two years ago.
  8. Yah, The most difficult thing about re manufacturing a movement, is that there has to be a large demand for it, because the tooling and the time it takes to make one , makes no economic sense. How many LT owners will spend big bucks for a 2 perf movement, how many productions have a demand for it? Arri doesnt do anything in a small way, it will have to be a big commitment for them to start up a production line for two perf.There are so few shoots that need a two perf camera, that the existing stock of 2 perf movements at arri, and Still functioning Penelope's to cover the demand. If an owner operator wanted a two perf camera, converting an arri BL4 is the way to go, since the cost of conversion is reasonable , compared to a more complicated modern movement like the movie cam and the LT's.
  9. Arri only made a limited number of two perf movements', I have seen movements for 235 on ebay, but rarely are they ever sold by itself. and the price of that movement was over over 20k
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