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  1. I have been trying to configure a 2 perf Konvas on a clone steadicam, but i am at the weight limit of the arm?
  2. i have the exact same lens, but original OCT.19 mount, i have adapters for it, but since the rear sticks so far into the camera body, i wonder if it's worth to have mount switched to PL mount. How much did it cost you and where did you have it done?
  3. how much? I am thinking if I should send it to a lens tech, and invest in converting to pl mount and collimate the lens. Is Olex still working, I know he was out of it for a while. how much did he charge you to convert? I have to weight investing in the OPF18-1, of getting rid of it, since the lens is so fragile and hard to service. Victor
  4. or just buy a two perf camera, lol......takes a while to find them but they are out there!
  5. I own the same lens, and would like to have ole service and change mount. When did you have the lens done by olex, i thought he retired?
  6. Could you send me pictures of the LOMO lens, are the 35mm format lens? Oct.19 mount?
  7. Hi can you tell me more about your service? do you have any pictures?
  8. sorry, but i am based in NYC
  9. Hi I bought a weaver steadman fluid head at the clairmount auction, however the tie down knob for the handle was missing. Does anyone know where spare parts can be found?
  10. here is a knor with video tap optics installed, any of these cameras can have a tap installed at a later time. All these cameras are sync sound, crystal controlled, and have oct.19 mount which are relatively cheap cinema lens can be found on ebay.
  11. Hi, I have several russian Kinor 35H converted to two perf.. camera packages. I am looking between 4-5000 depending on tap or no tap. These are sync camera's converted by aranda in austrialia.
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