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  1. Hi, Yah I have a similar quest. I recently had a oct19 mount made by Steve Morton, from a left over last batch of Oct.19 mounts to Classic Alexa's. C7 offers Oct.19 mounts for Alexa mini and Amira. I have a full sets of Oct.19 superspeed and standard lens. The cost to convert to PL @$500 each, but with the Russian/Ukraine war, has made it a moot point. I too am waiting for the mini to come down, but Amira prices are dropping, so I can wait.In the mean time prices of Classic Alexa's are dropping below 6k, so when they get below 5k, maybe I will bite,lol. Good luck on the Oct.18 mounts, if you had the dough I would just rehouse them, Moscow workshop is working on new design, and GL optics in china can do rehouse conversions, @$3k each. Big decisions, but these are the options at the moment. Victor
  2. I am looking for OEM kevlar main belts for the ARRI BL4 The part numbers are K5.35055.0
  3. Hi, I h ave several Russian KINOR 35 2 perf cameras for sale
  4. I am looking for OEM main belts for the ARRI BL4 The part numbers are K5.35055. If anyone knows where I can find these belts, arri is out of stock.
  5. Hi I am looking for 50mm Optika Elite super speed lens. I have some lomo super speed lens I can trade if anyone is intersted?I hae a 18,20,35,75 elite so i am looking for additonal lens to round out the set.
  6. I have several two perf KInor for sale , I am also based in NYC
  7. Any one selling single optika elite super speed lens?
  8. I have several Russian Kinor 35h two perf cameras for sale!
  9. additional pictures, the camera was totally rebuilt by Bruce, new paint, new electronics, two perf gate and movement
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