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Studio Lighting for Moonlight with Tungsten Studio lights

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Hey everyone.


I have a week shoot coming up were the budget is quite tight for me. The cheapest option is to get tungsten lights for the film, however we have a few scenes interior day and a few night scenes were we want to show moonlight. There is possibilities I may be able to get my hands on 2x 1.2 HMI's and 1x 800 Joker however to help with this. Our last 2 days are in a studio I have to light for moonlight and daylight through the set bedroom. The studio will give me all of there lighting for free however it is all tungsten lights.


To give myself a bit more budget I was thinking of returning my lighting kit 2 days early before we shoot the studio bedroom scenes and just use there lights. Although this would mean me using only tungsten lights for moonlight. There strongest light is a 2k Fresnel and they have a wide variety of soft lgihts and hard lgihts between 300 to 2k around the studio.


Would this be a good idea or do you think I should bring HMI's to the studio for the moonlight scenes? Will I be losing to much light gelling the tungstens for moonlight?


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What ASA and f-stop do you plan on working at?


Are the moonlight scenes only in moonlight as the main source of light, or is it just some dim moonlight in the background on some windows, but the room has some lights on? How many windows are there? How big is the set?

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I will be shooting on the Sony FS7, native ISO I believe is 1600 to 200 so will keep it at this level. I want to be working around 2.8f-stop.


For one of the scenes the main source of light will be soft moonlight through the set window and some fill above set. The next scene I want harsh moonlight to be the main source of light with light coming through the set door representing the hallway lights. And the last scene I want to have the main source to be harsh moonlight again but with 2 practicals on in the room. This last scene is a fight scene so I was planning on having the practical fall to the floor and as the subjects fall to the ground that practical motivating the low angle light horror look on the attackers face at some stage. However I want to try to keep the consistent look of harsh moonlight shadows being made in the background.


It will be 1 window. Set dimensions will be...


Height: 9 feet

Width: 14 feet 1.291 inches

Length: 22 feet 11.591 inches

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