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  1. @Satsuki Murashige thank you for your reply. I do agree it may best assist me to have a monitor recorder in a small package for proxy viewing and perhaps my own footage files in case I am on a job where getting the RAW footage is difficult due to time restraints or location, etc. I currently have the Shinobi which is a great reference monitor for me but I have been frustrated that it has no HDMI out or does not allow cross conversion (this hindered me recently on a shoot). The 2 main monitors I have been trying to decide against our the Atomos Ninja V 5' & the Black Magic Video A
  2. Hi everyone, I wanted to get some opinions on what some of your favourite monitors to use on camera are? I am in the middle of researching which monitor would be best for future proofing and using on commercial sets and run and gun documentary type style projects while filming exteriors and interiors. There are a few features I am looking for: Above 1,000 Nits (for using on bright exterior days) HDMI & SDI input & output Colour accurate Offers Waveforms, false colour, histograms, selection of aspect ratios, etc Preferably between 5inch and 7 inch moni
  3. Thanks AJ, Robin. I think from you said I will go ahead with LED’s to avoid any heat issues. But from my calculations I if I go LED I will need to be at 1 meter from the subject to reach proper exposure. Will this still be less heat wise that the m18 bounced in? Also can I ask your opinion on 2 last things that have been pondering me. I need to decide how to film in the box. There’s either poking the lens through a rubber slit in to the box and covering the front of the glass with a UV filter fir protection, OR another idea is to use acrylic or polycarbonate sheet on the end of the box an
  4. Hi Stephen! Yes I think you are right, my test shot I did is on Red Helium 8K FF, instead of Red Helium 4K FF (@120 FPS). Going by the crop ratio that would mean my 32mm test will actually need to be a 25mm! This is great as the wider focal length should help with the wider DOF. Perhaps F11 even F8 is a possibility now aha. I’ll be in a studio and the rudest in a dark box with only the light coming from the top. I really wanted a dual native ISO cinema camera it’s just rentals here in the UAE it’s harder to come by. Red Gemeni was first one my mind but it looks like it will have to b
  5. Hi AJ, Thanks so much for your reply it is very helpful. The Venice is near impossible to rent here at the moment (I’m in the UAE), so my only shot really is the Red Gemeni, although that is quite difficult to find in rental houses here, it’s mostly the Helium or Monstro they have in stock. If all fails I will most likely be in the Helium and push the ISO to 2000. You don’t happen to know from experience how high to push the Helium before the noise becomes an issue? Almost tempted to use my BMPCC4K as that has dual native ISO, but production I don’t feel will be happy aha. I w
  6. Robin I most likely will be shooting on the Red Helium 8K. Do you know what is the max I should bring the ISO up to with your experience in RED cameras? I was thinking about the GEMINI for this due to the dual native ISO but it would be hard to get in to the studio in time.
  7. Giray thanks for your comments they are helpful. Although it is only 1 shot I'm doing on sticks so its not too much of an issue the build of the camera. But I certainly will keep everything you said in mind!
  8. Hi again everyone. I'm trying to recreate this look in the image provided below. Its's only this 1 shot needed. How do you reckon they did this and what lens do you think it was on? (reference image is at 1:26 minute: I have done my own test using my directors viewfinder app (red helium 8k lens on a 32mm Master Prime). Using a DOF calculator I recorded the following info: *NOTE: These results are all factored off an F16 F-stop (results will vary if we have to open up obviously but I hope this gives everyone an idea). · 32mm le
  9. Hi Giray, Thanks for your response. What would the benefit of an ENG camera have say over the Red Helium if you don't mind me asking? I think I may be able to up the budge for a focus puller but if i can get the area all in focus then great.
  10. As always thank to anyone in advance who reads this and your generosity with sharing your opinions and experience. I am in the process of prepping for a particular shoot, one of which that I do not have any experience in the type of shooting, although I'm eager to learn. Basically, the job requires me to 1 shot of a small rodent being shipped in from abroad on a closed set in a studio. We are to film it inside a box with 30cm width and 100cm length; interior walls fully blacked out, and the box is filled with sand and a few elements of grass. In this box it will be able to move arou
  11. Hi people, Would very much appreciate if anyone could shed some light on how this shot was achieved (in production and in post production). I can see its on a periscope camera lens for this shot, but is this just because they are shooting on a large film camera? Could this be achieved without the periscope if say using an alexa mini? If so what type of lens is ideal for this? And I assume the point of view digital tunnel is added in post with rotoscoping around the interior of the goggles first before coming in to full screen. If this is indeed the case can anyone tell me what they are ra
  12. This is what I was thinking. I think I saw someone actually show a build recently when doing my research. If I complete a build I'll post it on here for sure so you all can critique my shoddy carpentry skills aha
  13. Skypanel S-60C is a heavy beast and requires a heavy-duty stand for it, of course it can't really be used in 1 man band situations so that is one negative if you ever get jobs like that on or very minimum crew. Also, it's pretty hard to rig up high due to the weight. The litegear 4x4 I imagine is more versatile so I would agree that seems like a better buy (Although admittedly I haven't used it.... yet aha). If the RGB control is the selling point for you then you could wait to see Aputures new RBG light should be releasing soon. I believe it is comparable to a Skypanel 30-c just a lot cheaper
  14. Thanks aapo! solid advice on the blinders will see if I can source them for next time if I have a problem obtaining LED fixture replica brutes or building them. Phil thanks for sharing the lightstar luxed! I'm sure this would be very hard to find in the UAE rental houses but will remember this as an option for future reference.
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