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1st shoot w/ RED Raven: "Allure" high-fashion beauty commercial


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A few days ago, I did my first "real" test on my Raven with a victoria secret-esque beauty shoot as a personal project. Though I'm a director, I also wanted to showcase my DP abilities for hire as well as the slowmo capabilities of the camera. I shot the whole project at 4.5k at 60fps with some at 95 and 120fps, ISOs ranged from 640-1600 (and some at 2000). I really am impressed with the skin tones, lighting started to fall apart in the splashing scenes but the rest of it I'm happy with. Please let me know what you think and if you have critiques!

Please connect with me via Facebook & Instagram!



P.S. - off topic, I was not impressed at all with the test video that came from the new 8k helium sensor "Underdog". It didn't look much different from footage I have been getting from the Raven which is the entry level camera of the brand. I would expect the highest level unit of the brand (that costs a million times more) to blow the Raven away but I did not see that at all. Now who's ready to fight me? lol






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