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DaVinci Resolve Color Flickering Issue

John W. King

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Hey guys,

I just installed DaVinci Resolve 12 (Lite Version) on my laptop, and I've noticed something when importing clips - on playback in the Edit and Color tabs, the clips have a flickering strobe of different colors.

Is this something to do with my graphics? And if so, is there anything I can change to get rid of this issue?

Here are my basic specs:

HP Envy Laptop

CPU: intel Core i5

Platform: Windows 10

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 520


Thanks a lot!

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I suspect your computer may be underpowered for Resolve 12, which has a quite demanding spec requirement, the graphics card seems to be entry level.


I don't know how well Resolve 12 works with integrated graphics cards card I know some NLEs don't work well with them.


What codec are you trying to edit?

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As Brian says, your computer us under-powered for Resolve. It should WORK, at least in theory, but you're going to experience issues, a lot of which arise from your Intel integrated graphics card.


Despite a free version of Resolve being available, that does not mean that Resolve is an easy program to use or run. It's basically one of the standard go-to programs for Hollywood color correction.


Best bet with your setup is to try something like Vegas movie studio or similar. Even Premiere and AE will crawl on that machine, and the intel graphics will not help with the playback engine or gpu-accelerated features.


I run Resolve on my editing workstation: 8-core 4.8GHz AMD FX, 64GB RAM, 2 x nVidia GTX1080, external RAID drives, etc. Resolve also works better with an external monitor that is color corrected for at least REC 709, but you'll need the $150 BM mini monitor at a minimum.


Really, unless you're running a fairly beefy setup, I'd avoid Resolve for now.

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