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For sale: Kinor 35H (9KCN-M2) Movie camera and full LOMO lens set

Stanislav Schubert

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Kinor 35H (9KCH-M2) - Russian professional 35 mm movie camera set

The camera have OCT-19 lens mount, synchro sound (-32db), full working, tested, excellent condition.
FULL SET! Original LOMO OKC lens, follow focus, magazines, matte box, power supply, support, accessories, cases!
The set included:
Camera body- Kinor 9KCH-M2, last series, made in 1992. Modified to "N" perforation (Kodak Negative), 4 perf. standart 1,37:1 gate. The motor controller upgraded to variable speeds: 4,6,8,12,16,18,24,26,28,32 fps and reverse speed! 24 and 25 fps- crystal synch speeds. Camera in excellent working condition, serviced.
S/N: 920117
LOMO OKC lens set, original, from one factory set. OCT-19 mount, follow focus rings. The Kinor series, made in 1988-1991, multi-coated.
Excellent+++ condition, no scratchers, no fungus, no oil spots, no durst inside, smooch mechanics.
18 mm f3.1 - LOMO OKC5-18-1, S/N: 910110
22 mm f2.3 - LOMO OKC3-22-1, S/N: 910010
28 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC7-28-1, S/N: 900259
35 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC11-35-1,S/N: 919158
50 mm f2.2 - LOMO OKC1-50-6, S/N: 900312
75 mm f1.6 - LOMO OKC14-75-1M (speed), S/N: 910006
100 mm f3.1 - LOMO OKC2-100-2, S/N: 880044
150 mm f3.1 LOMO OKC1-150-1 S/N:800098
Film magazines:
150 m (500ft)x 2,
300m (1000ft)x 1
Original Kinor plate and support
Matte box
short and long viewfinders
shot handle with remote control cable
220v AC power supply
Charger 12v
power cables
Repair kit (reflex shutter, film greifer mechanism, and other new parts)
Original aluminium and wood cases (included 5 cases: 1- camera body, 2- lens set, 3- 500ft mags, 4- 1000ft mag, 5- matter box, battery and accessories)
Worldwide shipping, email: schubert@ngs.ru
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