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  1. Price reduced - 1400USD included shipping and film 1000 ft Kodak
  2. BUMP With Kinor . i add free 1000 ft. Kodak 100T film (good condition, about 50 ISO) for test shots https://www.ebay.com/itm/164016827373
  3. The price reduced: 1500 USD included shipping, or eBay price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/163975503511
  4. Kinor 35N (9KCN) Russian movie camera (like MovieCam) SET for sale. For 35 mm film, with anamorphic film gate and viewfinder. Full working good condition. The SET included: 1. Movie camera body, model 9KCN-2M, S:/N: 920120 Made in Russia, 1992. Modified to negative "N" (barrel) perforation Kodak. Crystal synch motor 24\25 fps. 2. Two viewfinders: regular "H" and anamorphic "A" (VERY RARE) desanamorphic finder 3. Viewfinder extender tube 4. Two film gates - anamorphic and regular 5. Variable speed controller (2-32 fps) 6. Follow focus (original) 7. Matter box and support 8. Two film mags 1000ft (300m) 9. Two film mags 500ft (150 m) 10 Power supply with battery (old, but working) 11. Original battery charger 12. Plate for support for rods 13. Cables for power and extended handle controller 14. Original kit for repair Camera serviced and tested with film. The price- 1400USD + 200USD shipping email: schubert@ngs.ru
  5. LOMO OKC Prime Cine lens OKS, (F=50 mm f\2) for Russian professional 35 mm movie camera Konvas. This lens can be used with modern digital cameras: Sony NEX, RED, Blackmagic, Lumix GH5 and other thought OCT-18 adapters. Model: OKC 1-50-1 F=50 mm f/2.2 Mount: OCT-18 S\N: 723576 Made in LOMO, USSR in 1972 Lens in excellent++ condition, clean and clear, No scratches, No fungus, No oil spots to glass, focus and aperture is smooch working. Included original lens hood and lens cup. The Price: 250USD+ 30USD shipping or eBay price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LOMO-OKC-50-mm-f2-Prime-Cine-lens-OCT-18-mount-Konvas-Kinor-RED-Blackmagic-GH5/163931896478 email: schubert@ngs.ru Shipping worldwide by Air mail
  6. Bell&Howell Eyemo (KS-50B) field tests and war shoot review. Shot on Tasma AeroPhoto film stocks. Camera and image like World War II. February 2019.
  7. Bell&Howell Eyemo (KS-50B) field tests and war review. Shot on Tasma AeroPhoto film stocks. 2019. Reel like World War II
  8. ok. i will try). This video about manual film processing in 30m tank (b\w Svema M3-3 print film).
  9. Light on the sides frame passes somewhere in the camera, on a blank film that has not been exposed, there is no light leaks
  10. First video- review in Russian and test to black and white film stock Svema M3-3. Film made in Ukranine in 2003. I with friends in Russia was tasted old France 35 mm movie camera, Andre Debrie Le Parvo model L, 1930s. I make video with Debrie Parvo camera on 35 mm film, film stocks test scan full HD and backstage you can see. English subtitles included! Enjoy!
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