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  1. LOMO OKS (OKC1-50-1) prime cine lens 50 mm f\2, OCT-19 mount for Russian professional movie camera Konvas, Kinor, can be used on digital cameras with adapters have follow focus metal ring 0.8 mm. Excellent++ working condition, lens clean and clear, no fungus, no scratches, no durst and oil inside, aperture and focus is smooch. F= 50 mm T2.2 OCT-19 mount, S\N: 770916 Made in USSR in 1977 Included lens with focus Arri standard ring 0.8, rear and front lens cap. The price: 550 usd+ shipping email: schubert@ngs.ru or ebay price: https://www.ebay.com/itm/164377511043?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Worldwide shipping.
  2. Thanks, this is automatic youtube subtitles)
  3. What filmed the WW II? German Arriflex 35 movie camera VS Soviet camera Eyemo copy KC-50 - review Germany against USSR and USA in WW2... On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory, we restored two military movie cameras - the German Arriflex 35 and the Soviet KC-50 - a copy of the USA 35 mm Bell & Howell Eyemo movie camera. In the review of the "Panorama Camera" we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our and enemy cinema equipment, and recall the Soviet front-line cameramen and their feat. English subtitle included.
  4. English subtitle available in my videos. New video about my Kinor 35H
  5. Happy Victory Day! We present an overview of WWII movie cameras by American Bell & Hovell Eyemo (Soviet copy name KC-50) and German Arriflex 35. English subtitles are included. Enjoy watching!
  6. Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K vs RED Epic Mysterium-X tests and Siberian REVIEW . English subtitles included
  7. Thank you, there will be more tests with URSA Pro, RED old and film strip. Subscribe to the channel!
  8. Hello! I present our video comparison of the RED Epic Mysterium-X and Blackmagic URSA Mini 4.6K cameras in Siberian winter conditions. English subtitle included.
  9. Movie cameras WW II times- Bell&Howell Eyemo (USA) vs Askania - Germany 1930s REVIEW and war tests A comparison of World War II movie cameras is the American Bell&Howell Eyemo, which was shot by Soviet front-line cameramens and the German Askania Z, which shot the pre-war and military newsreels of the Third Reich, in conditions close to combat. Retro movie cameras are fully operational; they are shot on 35 mm film. Agfa Aviafot 200 film. Manual processing. Digitization in 2K resolution. Reconstruction of hostilities in Berdsk, Siberia, on May 9, 2019. #askania #eyemo #бердск #handcrankcamera #bellhowell #askaniaz #ww2 #wwII
  10. Kinor 35H 9KSN Russian professional 35 mm movie camera. New review and TEST shot on film #кинор #kinor #lomolens #konvas #anamorphic #lomo #moviecamera #35mm #filmcamera #oldcamera #camerareview #кинокамера #кинопленка #конвас #сибирьнаэкране #кинопленка #ретротехника #motionpicturefilm #shotonkodakfilm #35mm #documentary #camerareview #kinor35H #kodak #kodakvision #kodak5219
  11. I made a detailed video review of the Soviet Kinor 35H movie camera (model 9KSN-2M) in 3 parts. The first video is ready! This video is in Russian, but the video has English subtitles. Enjoy!
  12. We continue to restore the old movie cameras of the Second World War and shoot videos reminiscent of newsreels of the 1940s on them. We use the American Bell & Howell Eyemo cameras and the German hand crank camera Askania 1930s. We shoot 35 mm black-and-white Russian film Tasma and German AFFA aerial photograph. Soon we will repair the Arriflex 35 camera of the Third Reich and remove its historical reconstruction WWII. Watch our "military" video review
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