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Matching Compact Zooms (Angenieux 15-40 and Canon CN-E zooms)

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Preparing for a documentary shoot which will shoot in six locations, each with a different crew and DP. We're searching for a universal package that can get each unit matching as close as possible. Cameras are Sony FS7 across the board.


For the most part, we'll be renting the Canon 15.5-47 or the 14.5-60 along with the Canon 30-105.

However, in one of our locations, the only short zoom available is the Angenieux 15-40.


My gut says that the Ang won't mesh well with the CN-E zooms, but it's been a few years since I've shot with the Ang and wanted a second opinion.


Does anyone have experience matching the Angenieuxs to the CN-E zooms?

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