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  1. Pristine set of DZO Pictor zooms, $4200 + shipping. Love these lenses, but converting to full frame soon and won’t need them. https://www.sharegrid.com/newyork/l/229316-dzofilm-pictor-20-55mm-and-50-125mm
  2. Prestine set of DZO Pictor S35 zoom lenses. I used these lenses were used on two projects, but no longer need them. I've been really impressed with the IQ, they're a really good value. Comes with original shipping box. price includes insured ground shipping to CONUS https://www.sharegrid.com/newyork/l/229316-dzofilm-pictor-20-55mm-and-50-125mm
  3. LiteMat 4 Hybrid LED for sale. This is the original Litemat 4, very versatile light!Includes all original accessories, including three fabric diffusers, plastic grid attachment and yokeIn very clean condition, works flawlessly. https://newyork.craigslist.org/brk/pho/d/brooklyn-litemat-hybrid-led/7443020827.html NYC pickup preferred, but I'm open to shipping at owners expense.
  4. In my opinion, the most elegant option would be an on-camera monitor that can apply the LUT downstream. I use a smallHD503 which is handy because the downstream LUT can be controlled separately from the operator's LUT. obviously, replacing your monitor would be a significant cost but avoids adding another box to your rig!
  5. Does anyone have experience with these off-brand Egg Crates? Normally I'd be very dubious, but given the high cost of name-brand models and their relative simplicity, the temptation is great. Ebay 6x6 Egg Crate - $285 Alibaba 6x6 Egg Crate - $259
  6. Aapo, it's amazing to see those PCBs! That is certainly an intimidating number of pots. I did some superficial searches for a schematic to no avail. The tricky thing, at least in my case, is that the meter is inaccurate, and inconsistent. When I originally bought it I tried compensating for the error using a SkyPanel as a ref point but it was impossible to find a consistent error in the readings.
  7. I never did unfortunately, but seeing your post has given me renewed interest. I may give Quality Light Metric (mentioned above in this thread) a call, assuming they're still operating!
  8. Clearing out some equipment to free up shelf space. Everything is in good working order unless otherwise noted. I'm working on getting photos of everything and will update soon! Located in Brooklyn, NY. Happy to ship in the US at buyer's expense! --LENSES Etc- Leica R 50mm f2 - $425 Leica R 90mm f2.8 - $300 Zeiss Tevidon 16mm - $200 (c-mount, no front cap, 3D printed rear cap) EyeDirect Mk i - $300 --DRONES-- DJI Inspire 1 Drone - $850 includes X3 camera, three batteries, one controller, spare props and Pelican iM2875 custom case (The body has some cosmetic damage, but flies great!) DJI Osmo Pro - $750 includes X5 Camera, Olympus 14-42mm mft lens, tons of accessories including HPRC Custom Case (like new!) (Happy to re-arrange the DJI products if anyone is interested in different combinations, or $1500 for everything) 3DR Solo Drone -$275 (includes GoPro gimbal, but no camera, custom card case, several extra batteries. This drone is an old model, but this copy has very few hours on it. Great system with lots of "smart" features but be warned that 3DR no longer provides support) --LIGHTING-- Litepanels Sola 4 LED -$250 (this unit has a slight but noticeable magenta cast. I'm not sure if that's standard for these, but I've always been able to gel it out) Litepanels Inca 6 LED -$350 Rifa 66 -$125 Kino 4x4 (old model) -Two available, $225 each (These are the older ballast (non-select, just 2/4 bulb) and the older harnesses. The harnesses on these need to be replaced, but work in combination with a #1 spring clamp. Includes 6 each 3200 & 5500 bulbs with LOTS of life left. I also have some 2900k bulbs I'd be happy to throw in) Genaray Beacon -$75 (this is a weird light that I never quite found a use for, I'll happily include it free for anyone that buys something else!)
  9. I don't have extensive experience with DMX, but I have created a couple pelican-case build outs, and it seems like the majority of those exterior ports are pass-throughs for computer and peripheral I/O. Power obviously, and looks like two XLR ports for DMX, USB ports for the wireless TX. The threaded cap in the first photo is a mystery to me, maybe an open hole for the unexpected cable? Good luck with the project!
  10. Well, if we're really dreaming big, how about a light that is: bi-color, high output and a true hard source (ie. not a COB LED) So, think something that is nearly a point source, like an HMI filament but dimmable between 2700k and 6500k. If it's tint-adjustable too, even better! BUT still efficient enough to be on par with current LED tech.
  11. That looks like a Preston Light Ranger. It essentially works by making a bunch of different measurements, stacked horizontally across the screen. That way a focus puller can choose a focus distance based on the most relevant measurement. https://www.fdtimes.com/2017/01/17/the-gods-of-focus-speak-lr2/
  12. I agree with Phil. The shape of the sides as well as the curve at the bottom point to an ellipsoidal. Hard to say without anything else for reference, but it's possible it was a Jo-Leko, a Joker HMI attached to the barrel of a source four Leko.
  13. Hi David! I own an FS7 and unfortunately I don't think you'll have much luck using it with the Ronin M. The body is a little too big and it is over the max payload weight wise. One option worth looking at would be the FS5. It's similar in many ways to the FS7 but with a smaller form factor. It requires some special pieces, but people have had success with it:
  14. Hello! The info about QLM is still very helpful 8 years later, many thanks! I have one additional question. I picked up a Minolta Color Meter II on eBay. Knew the risks, and low and behold it's wayyyy off. metering 4k on a cloudy day. Does anyone know if the calibration happens in the head or in the meter itself? There are a few new heads available online. However, these heads are all labeled "Flash Color Receptor" as opposed to "Minolta Color Meter II" (which is how mine is labeled) Does anyone have experience swapping out the head?
  15. You've probably already solved this, but.... If everything was working properly on it's own P-tap, the splitter won't do any harm. The only risk would be if you pulled more amperage than the battery could provide, but that wont be an issue with the a7s and the shogun. I've used that exact splitter, it works great.
  16. Preparing for a documentary shoot which will shoot in six locations, each with a different crew and DP. We're searching for a universal package that can get each unit matching as close as possible. Cameras are Sony FS7 across the board. For the most part, we'll be renting the Canon 15.5-47 or the 14.5-60 along with the Canon 30-105. However, in one of our locations, the only short zoom available is the Angenieux 15-40. My gut says that the Ang won't mesh well with the CN-E zooms, but it's been a few years since I've shot with the Ang and wanted a second opinion. Does anyone have experience matching the Angenieuxs to the CN-E zooms?
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