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Beaulieu 4008 ZM II problem !!!

Lee Heimberger

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Hello folks :) ,


I recently bought a beautiful Beaulieu 4008 ZM II from the german camera museum.

It´s in a great shape and was also tested by the seller, but now everytime i look in the viewfinder i see the lower half very milky and the upper half very dark, almost black. I have read in an other forum that its maybe a shutter problem , but I can open and close the shutter on the lens so thats strange.´But on the other hand i havent bought an external battery yet so i couldnt run the motor actually. And also When i look into the viewfinder theres a crooked stroke coming out of the right hand side, which also looks quite wrong for me.


I´m quite a newbie in S8 cameras so any help would be SO great !!! Thank you in advance !!!


Here some pictures of my beauty. ( I just removed the auto diaphragm on the lens)








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It could just be that the shutter is half closed, although you should see an image in the bottom half rather than milkiness.


The shutter is in the camera, visible through the lens port if you unscrew the lens. There is no shutter in the lens, that is the iris or aperture.


The shutter is a sliding "guillotine" type that oscillates back and forth and also has the mirror attached. When the camera is powered, the mirror/shutter automatically goes to a position that covers the film behind and reflects the image from the lens to the viewfinder. You can manually advance the camera movement and change the mirror/shutter position by using a screwdriver in the slotted shaft at the bottom left of the operator side. A screw plug usually covers the access hole to this shaft.


If turning the shaft doesn't alter the viewfinder image, it could be a prism or something in the viewfinder has dislodged, which would require a repair job.


The crooked line in the viewfinder is just the light meter needle. If you download a manual you can familiarise yourself with parts of the camera like this.

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Thank you VERY much for your great reply.


I downloaded the manuak and will study it. Now i moved the shutter manually as yiou sait and i could see the full image. Also the milkiness went away. Now when i look into the viewfinder there are two small dots, which i believ is just dirt. But everything seems fiine with that thing. Can you recommend any good external batteries with a good value? They all seem kinda 200 bucks and up.

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