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Smooth and square trapeze rig?

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Thought I'd ask the pros here what they thought the best way to build a trapeze rig to drop a camera 50-75 feet straight down smoothly and "squarely".


I operated on a commercial shoot with a traditional 2 rope pulley trapeze, but it was not smooth and there was noticeable twisting and swaying in frame.


The shoot is in Chicago and we're looking for rentals locally or shipped or we just might build a rig. We'll be flying a relatively small camera but would be great if rig could hold up to 20 or so pounds.


Many thanks for any advice...







Paul Christopher Greene

Local 600 DP / Director







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Hello Paul,
Some years ago I did a pov of a falling raindrop hitting the windshield of a car while the camera not hitting the hood : - )
Building the rig is no rocket science.
We had a cage for the camera, we had a condor. Underneath the condor we made a rig for 4 wires going down to the ground in a slight slope. The anchors for these 4 wires on the ground were positioned just outside the frame of the wide shot. When the cage was released from the top the wires got tightened as the cage approached the car.
Due to this tightning the speed was decreasing slowely and the rotating of the cage was minimal.
pictures and a short BTS can be found on http://www.solidgrip.nl/projects/carglass/

Good luck,



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