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  1. This is what we did some years ago for exactly the same effect. We added some arms to the head to be able to pan the light while traveling. It worked very well. In these pictures we have used our BarTruss since we did not want to see the lightshake when passing a connection. good luck, Onno
  2. The cables will not only slow down the speed at the end but the will also keep the rotation of the camera as minimum as possible. Best of all is that it will stop the camera at the desired position/ height.
  3. Hello Paul, Some years ago I did a pov of a falling raindrop hitting the windshield of a car while the camera not hitting the hood : - ) Building the rig is no rocket science. We had a cage for the camera, we had a condor. Underneath the condor we made a rig for 4 wires going down to the ground in a slight slope. The anchors for these 4 wires on the ground were positioned just outside the frame of the wide shot. When the cage was released from the top the wires got tightened as the cage approached the car. Due to this tightning the speed was decreasing slowely and the rotating of the cage was minimal. pictures and a short BTS can be found on http://www.solidgrip.nl/projects/carglass/ Good luck, Onno
  4. Hi Michael, Multiple manufactures do make the wider diameter curved tracks. JLFisher has a 30ft and a 70ft diameter. We make an 26ft (12 sections) and a 35ft (16 sections) curved track. I do not know your location but availabilty will be the issue. Good luck, Onno
  5. Hi Marz, My best bet would be a setup like Kim showed in his picture. We do manufacture our TwinDolly with Twintubes with a unsupported lenght of 10 ft, ready to be used underslung which could do the job easily. elseway a DanaDolly with 10ft tubes would do the job as well although it will have a lot of deflection and tordation while tracking. Good luck, Onno
  6. We've called it the bottle-rig which can be found here: http://www.solidgrip.nl/projects/amstel/ a very small camera since the romm was as tiny as you can see in the ad : - ) No room for anything more then the rig. Good luck, Onno
  7. Hi Tyler, If you can be more specific I might be of your assistance : - ) I have done 360's a lot, looking in, looking out, dslr's / Alexa's. Cheers, Onno
  8. Most commonly used for blackout unwanted gear in shot (out of focus). Sometimes used for productshots on black or replacement for greenscreen on mockups... folds small, quick win
  9. Hi Frya, I have my Fantasy-Truck just parked in my garage, loaded with odds and strange bits and ofcourse the usual suspects (tracks/ dolly/ rostrums/ scaffolding/ speedrail - Inside are frames and overheads in the odd sizes: 4*8ft, 10*12ft, 12*20ft with some silks and gridcloth. Most of the time you need them standing: the tops are mostly only catching wind : - ) - Inside also the black-wear: ninja-shirt, black gloves, also black hairspray to block the flares of shining equipment, and some very clean black velvet in 4*4ft For sure there is the TwinDolly with 18ft of Twintubes, breaking down in 2, 3, 4, 8ft sections. The in between a slider and a dolly with seamless extendable tracks. Then also as a 'always-come-in-handy' TrackJacks Already mentioned are the appleboxes. I do prefer the nested appleboxes with holes in them: small storage, in one hand 4 appleboxes in 8 heights. Another easy gadget: wooden plate with holes and a wallplate which fits into a ceiling-system. Holes are to be used for additional rigging or the powercable's. Small mirror (1*1ft-or smaller) comes in handy for aligning the camera fully square to the subject. Also comes in handy for highlighting. and much more useless gear (says my wife : - ) Good luck, Onno
  10. Hi Joris, Have you came across the Skater Scope? It is a lens which rotates the image inside the lens-system so you do not need to rotate te camera but the prism inside the lens will rotate. I have used it several times in the more shallow areas or where time was lacking to do a proper line-up on my rollover rig. http://www.pstechnik.de/en/skater-scope-pl-pl/a-1059/ good luck,, Onno Perdijk Keygrip, Amsterdam www.solidgripsystems.eu
  11. Hi Mikko, To find the best hardness of the wheels you can graduate on getting the balance between the amount of wheels and the most regular payload. To hard wheels result in noisy travels, bumpy rides on the joints of inferiour trackd. To soft wheels results in flat-spots and heavier pushing. Your suggestion of using 97 or 99A sounds in my ears to hard. These wheels I would use in a 32wheel sled for a heavy crane. My best bet would be in the range of 82A, 86A? However: trial and error works best in this case; it is also matter of taste and where your priorities are set... Good luck, Onno Perdijk Keygrip, Amsterdam Www.solidgripsystems.eu
  12. Hi James, This is a commercial from years ago (2006), shot with a round the world rig which I called the Pendule: http://youtu.be/z5O0XEoFJVM A link to some more pictures and a short clip of the move: http://www.solidgrip.nl/pendule/ Good luck,
  13. Hi All, As far as I know there is not a standard. Most sliders use RollOn or Igus profile while others just designed and pick a gauge which is mostly suiting their design. I have designed my TwinDolly and TwinTube based on regular stage/rigging truss with adjustable wheel to accommodate the use of the dolly on truss of most 29 cm (or 1 foot). Hopefully this answers your question. Regards, Onno Perdijk Amsterdam, keygrip/ manufacturer www.solidgripsystems.eu
  14. Hi Daniel, Most damages are cosmetic. All others will ruin your shot... You might have the soft dents which can be resolved by using thin tape, placed diagonal over the surface. The dolly will run on and of the tape very politely. The sharp dents with some waste sticking out of the tube can be best cut away with a sharp knife, Using sandingpaper will not suit you very well. A more permanent way is sanding around the dents until the alumium is visible, use a fluid alumium-component to fill it with (productlink available on request) and slightly flatten it using a spare blade or a knive. Hope this works, if not, buy new :-( Good luck, Onno Perdijk KeyGrip / Manufacturer Amsterdam www.solidgripsystems.eu
  15. Hi there, something like this you mean? http://www.solidgrip.nl/apparatuur_jix.htm regards, Onno Perdijk KeyGrip / manufacturer www.solidgripsystems.eu
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