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Can the same paraphernalia for DSLRs be used for JVC's LS300?

Jack Foreman

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The main up-side to the DSLR is that it is small & light & so any paraphernalia (steady cam, jib, slider etc.) designed for DSLRs will be a lot cheaper than for bigger heavier camcorders. The JVC GY-LS300 seems like a pretty small, light camcorder. Is it small & light enough for cheap equipment usually reserved for DSLRs?

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You may run into some issues here and there. Like your lightweight tripod not staying in your assigned position. I used a Sony F3 on a DSLR shoulder rig and DSLR weighted tripod and it didn't feel the safest but I was still able to work with it. If the camera is only like 8 pounds it shouldn't be too difficult to find stuff on the cheaper end for it.


A chunk of the reason you buy support in the proper weight class is for safety though. Slap a 25 pounder on a 10 pound limit tripod and either the tripod will tip over and break the camera, or the tripod will break and then break the camera. May not happen instantly, but over the course of a 10 hour shoot, things have a good chance of going wrong.

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