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  1. What handheld cameras did they have with BNC outs back then?
  2. I was watching an old re upload of the Disney Summer Jam 1999 concert and there was a shot where I think it was a flawless barrel roll spin of the camera on one of the backup singers. Here is a link providing all necessary samples: https://imgur.com/a/rJ5xYGZ Was this done with just an ENG camera and nice hands? Is there a rig I'm unaware of? The fact they did this in a broadcast workflow astounds me. All answers appreciated!
  3. I bought an Alexa classic last summer because someone was selling it ridiculously low and did a couple shoots with it. You will not find a better looking camera in terms of skin tones and color science period (unless it's another Arri product). Also doesn't overheat like RED. Far more suited for a studio setting than anything else. Hit me up if you want to buy, I might need spare cash this month.
  4. I went to a machinist last week to invent a little baby pin with a 5/8 27 threading at the end of it to easier integrate my microphone clips into my lighting rigs for overheads. I googled for months and couldn't find a piece exactly like that. Anyone else have little quick tools custom made for their specific workflows?
  5. No what I'm saying is, let's say you're correct about a couple schools here and there. They are still massively outweighed by the bad schools which have far more money for advertising. Hence why I graded my accuracy. You being from the UK and me being from USA might have a big part in our disagreement. In USA kids exit secondary school at 18 and are forced to go to a University straight out of the gate. Secondary education ends for you guys at 16? Then there's some college thing that's 16-18? Then you go to Universities? That difference there probably leads to a very different way higher education is marketed. The American University system is not only ineffective for creating competent set workers, but also exploitative by coming into high schools and advertising that they're the only route to kids as young as 15. I say they're ineffective because the staggering majority of media/film schools here teach film theory, only providing education for producers/directors/screenwriters, when we both know the number of jobs for those positions is minuscule compared to camera department, grips, gaffers, set builders, etc. Kids going to film school in the NYC area told me that NYU owns the rights to your picture if you shoot using their gear? Like maybe the NFTS doesn't do that? But I don't think most kids here have the money to study abroad.
  6. If I'm only right about 98% of them being a joke then that's still an A grade, no?
  7. Fun little story on that. I was teaching a workshop to a guy currently attending film school and he wanted me to go over how exposure, stops, and dynamic range worked like essential knowledge within the technical end of cinematography. I asked why his school wasn't teaching it and he said they only did that end of education for the advanced students. Film school is a joke.
  8. I'm not an engineer by any means but essentially he routes something directly from the sensor to an internetal chip/converter thing, then runs that to the SxS slots.
  9. It's because the orange and teal thing has become a color grading trope at this point. Artists are always looking for the new new thing.
  10. 7Q would be overkill unless you have the SLOG 444 upgrade. Make sure they're promising that upgrade in the listing!
  11. There's so many things like flaring, flange distance, focus breathing, etc that comes with learning about lenses. Does anyone have a link to a video that goes from the ground up on how camera lenses work? To the point of explaining the physics of how all these different problems come to be? I know about a few problems here and there but I feel like knowing the basis of how it works will help me react to new problems down the line.
  12. I think F3L was a marketing model, same camera but just came with the Sony cine prime lenses. I know a guy in New York who can modify F3s to record 4:4:4 internal to SxS Pro+ cards if you were trying to find a better version of the camera.
  13. I mean I've hammered nails with these and they still work well. I prefer them to Matthews gripheads because the tightening handle is ergonomic for my big hands. How many years do we need our grip heads to last here?
  14. Damn Indy Mogul keeps giving me flashbacks to those 2009 tutorial videos showing how to digitally blow your arm off in Sony Vegas.
  15. Thanks.. yeah these bitcoin miner people are upsetting me for hiking these prices. The cards are 2-3 years old now and still demanding retail level prices.
  16. Yeah, I'm a big fan of free food provided to me while working.
  17. What have you been catering your sets with lately?
  18. Of the 4 graphics cards mentioned in the title, which of these GTX cards are the best bang for buck for 4k NLE playback? Some of the features that vary in size seem to exclusively be for 3D shaders or something. I'm finding it difficult to find something that squares all 4 off for video editing. Any help would be much appreciated!
  19. So I currently have 2 130wh gold mount batteries which have served well for my older cameras, but the newer more high powered stuff chews through each of them in only 40 minutes. I scroll through B&H looking for the best replacement but the variety of brands, watthours, and prices leave me scrambled and confused as to which is the best buy. Then I considered the used market but came to the conclusion that the cheaper prices might lead to charge times below what's advertised. Let's say you have to purchase enough batteries to power an Alexa for the day, how would you tackle it?
  20. I like the threads where I feel like an expert. Been using tons of copyrighted tracks in my Youtube shorts for as long as I can remember. First off, 0% of a pre-recorded label published track is allowed in a short film without permission, people made up the 15% law because people like to make up pretend laws to feel justified for breaking real ones. Now that statement goes out the window if you have gone out of your way to make contact with the track's original publisher. FAIR USE is a defense, not a right. The best argument for fair use is if the short is a documentary on the song itself. Now the law, an owner choosing to pursue an infringement, and Youtube's automatic content ID system are 3 entirely separate entities ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS. That being said, unless you're making tons of bank or the original publisher has an issue with you, no one is hitting you with a lawsuit. You aren't worth the time and money in legal fees. They like to say they pursue everything, but that's because scaring people from doing something is a lot cheaper than suing people. Youtube will usually hit you with a content ID strike, where they take the profits of your ad revenue and keep the video up. An old punk song from a dead label probably won't have their song submitted to the copyrighted media database, so my guess is you'd get away with it.
  21. A couple years ago I learned about Inverse Square Theory from this forum and it's really helped me get down the math of setting up my lighting. Does anyone have a list or link to other little mathematical tricks like that used in cinema everyday? Thanks!
  22. Would you not consider Vine/TikTok/Youtube sources for film analysis/inspiration? I believe in technical education wholeheartedly but we're just speaking in terms of film theory right now.
  23. The mid tones and some shadows look raised, thus creating somewhat of a desaturated low contrast look. Also some of the blue channel in the highlights/mids has definitely been chopped down for this very yellowish-green spring garden sort of look.
  24. So I think the new RGB LED bulbs with programmable colors are insanely cool, but just not bright enough for any of my applications. Is there some kind of thing that will take 9 different E26 LED bulbs (combining to almost 1kw) as a directional fixture? Thanks for any tips.
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